Photo Report | 2019 Mini O’s | Thursday – Day 4

By Billy Rainford

#43 Noah Viney.

I slept in a little bit and made it to the track to catch #43 Noah Viney up in 2nd place in the first Div of 85 (12-13) Ltd. He was right on the rear wheel of #86 and was pressuring for the win but ran out of laps. Great ride for the young Ottawa native who now calls SoCal home.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

Div 2 had #2 Sebastien Racine in it. He grabbed 4th place off the start and then made a quick move up to 3rd and that’s where he stayed. He had #38 Haiden Deegan out front, followed by #27 Krystian Janik in 2nd. Sebastien is really hoping for some top 5’s he said in our interview yesterday, so he should be pretty happy with that result.

#25 Tristan Dares.

#25 Tristan Dares had 2nd gate pick for his 2nd of 3 250 C Ltd. Heat and chose about halfway between the inside gate and the doghouse.

I headed down to the first turn to get a start shot, turned around to set my shot and his gate was empty! I’m not sure what happened but will try to find out.

It turns out he got called out by an official for having an aftermarket silencer on his bike in the Limited class. It was never noticed in SX but an AMA official walked down the line before this race and narced him. Tristan was previously told by another official that silencers were allowed.

He raced back to his pits, changed it to a stock unit and headed out down a lap. Tough luck, Tristan, but good on you for still heading out there.

I heard that #95 Evan Stewart hurt his arm in his second practice on Wednesday and won’t be lining up on the MX track. I haven’t spoken to him to confirm what’s up though.

#138 Dylan Rempel.

I finally caught #138 Dylan Rempel in the 85 (9-11) Ltd. Class! I missed him all week in the SX portion and was happy to point my camera his way.

He was in around 13th in his Div 2 race and was looking pretty good, challenging with a good group of riders.

As the white flag came out, he was in 12th place and was on his way directly to the final moto when he dumped his bike in the tricky right-hand corner on the inside at the bottom of the gator pit. He struggled to pick his bike up and then dropped it again. It was pretty hard to watch as riders rode around him sending him to the LCQ.

#161 Justin Burge.

#161 Justin Burge was up next in his Supermini 1 Div 1 race. He was lined up about half way inside the dog house in a great spot.

He rounded turn 1 in around 20th place and needed to make a couple passes to move directly to the final moto (top 18 move on).

He was still 20th when they crossed the line to complete lap 1 and then made a couple passes to get himself where he needed to be, but with no room for error.

He moved up another couple places and came acros the line 16th to move on.

#18 Leith Ness.

#18 Leith Ness was in the 2nd Div of this class and was lined up just inside of the dog house. With so many fast kids in these classes, the start is more important than ever.

As he hit the first turn he got squeezed back a bunch of places and was almost at the back of the pack with lots of work to do.

He crossed the line in 19th and stayed there for a couple laps, needing to make a pass to move to the final moto.

He kept pushing and was either 16th or 17th at the flag. It didn’t matter because he made it in. His hands are a mess from the Supercross portion of the week and he’s got himself super glued together to be able to hang onto the bars.

#53 Bjorn Viney.

#53 Bjorn Viney was on the track in Collegeboy Div 2 and was in 7th place on lap 1. He came around again and had moved up a position to 6th. He was held up by a group of 4 riders and finally got by and took over 4th place. There was a big gap up to 3rd place, but he kept charging.

He was in a good battle with #124 Logan Boye and lost 4th to him on the final lap, taking 5th.

#43 Noah Viney.

His younger brother, #43 Noah Viney, was up next in 85 (9-13) Div 2 along with #2 Sebastien Racine.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

Racine was in 7th and Viney was 12th on the first lap. #38 Haiden Deegan passed for the lead and started to pull away.

Sebastien passed his way to 5th and Noah to 10th on lap 2.

Healing thoughts sent #38 Haiden Deegan’s way.

On the 4th lap, Deegan disappeared and I learned he’d crashed dropping down into the gator pit. He was taken away to get treated at the hospital and it looked like a left leg issue from what I saw. All the best, Haiden.

Racine got to 4th and Viney to 6th.

#2 found himself up to 3rd on the final lap but he had #35 Collin Allen all over him. 35 made the pass to steal 3rd and Sebastien would take 4th. Viney kept moving up and would take 5th at the flag making it a 4,5 for Canada in this one.

#53 Bjorn Viney.

In the 450 A first moto, #53 Bjorn Viney came around the first turn in 11th place. #628 Parker Mashburn was out front and would hold on for the win as #34 Jarrett Frye closed in on him throughout the moto.

Bjorn was 14th as they crossed the line to complete lap 1 but then messed up and dropped way back.

He didn’t give up and was back up to 16th at the half. He kept charging and took 11th at the flag.

#2 Sebastien Racine.

Sebastien Racine was back on the track in the Mini Sr. Div 1 race. He was 4 gates inside the dog house and didn’t like his chances for a good start.

He held the gas wide open around the first sweeper and actually came out up in 3rd place. He would drop a place to 4th on lap 2 and that’s where he’d finish after a really good battle with 4 other riders.

#43 Noah Viney and #161 Justin Burge were up in the second division. They were both lined up in the middle couple gates inside of the dog house.

#161 Justin Burge.

Burge got a great jump and came out of turn 1 up in 4th place. When they came around to complete the first lap Noah was 10th and Justin had dropped a few places to 11th.

Noah kept pushing forward and moved up to 5th at the flag and was pressuring 4th place. Justin crossed the line in 13th and both will head straight to moto 2.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove.

I kept walking to the fence to see which Division #158 Nathan Snelgrove was in; there were 3 in his 65 (7-9) Ltd. Class.

Of course, I missed the start of his race and then I hear them announce, “Holeshot to the Canadian, Nathan Snelgrove!” Figures.

He got passed on lap 2 and then was under fire from #58 Darren Pine who would make the pass with 2 laps to go.

He looked really good out there, taking 3rd in the race.

There were also 3 division races in the 450 C class. That’s where we found #421 Nick Zoratti. He needed to finish in the top 12 to skip the consi, and he got out to a 13th-place start.

He was in a dog fight right to the flag. He was 16th.

85 (12-13) had both Noah Viney and Sebastien Racine in it. Sebastien was forced to take the outside gate and tried the old slow down and then duck inside move. It worked, but not great.

The sun was setting and we were all getting hungry for the turkey dinners being served here. The sun was also getting low, so visibility was in issue.

#43 Noah Viney.

When they came around to complete a lap, Noah was 9th and Sebastien was 10th.

On lap 2 they were in a 6-way battle for 5th. It was intense out there!

At the flag, Noah was in a photo finish with #416 but I think he got it. I didn’t see Sebastien come around again. I spoke to them as they were on their way to the Thor turkey dinner and I guess he got a flat tire and headed to the pits.

#25 Tristan Dares.

#25 Tristan Dares was in the second last moto of the day, the 250 C Jr. Class. He had a good gate pick and was going to have to work hard on his 125.

When the gate dropped, he was in good position but then a pile-up took place and it claimed him. He got up quickly but was way at the back of the pack.

He didn’t give up and came across the line to complete lap 1 in 20th place, but moving up.

With 2 to go, he was 15th but with a big gap to the next group of riders. He got passed on the final lap and crossed the flag in 16th place. He makes it directly to the 2nd moto, but back in 16th is not where he wanted to be.

Now it was time to head to the MTF turkey dinner!

Thank you very much to Brianna and David for inviting me for a delicious meal! I took some ribbing from Connie Millsaps for my “liberal” beliefs, but I just bit my tongue and enjoyed my food. Good times in ‘Merica.

We’re back at it for some more first motos and then the consolations and then some finals.

Full results can be found here:

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