Photo Report | A Day at the MMRS MX School | Husqvarna Canada

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Don Carr

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to be involved in the annual MMRS Motocross School. This year’s one-day school had an incredible 110 students, and featured some first-time riders all of the way up to some of the most seasoned vet riders (and I mean that in the nicest way).

As we are all aware, John and Jean Maguire and MMRS joined forces with Ryan Gauld and the AMO for 2017 and beyond. This newly-formed super-team is a much needed breath of fresh air for amateur racing in Ontario. With these two organizations teaming up, riders and racers can expect great tracks, properly trained flaggers, solid competition, and plenty of smiles.

This year’s school offered many stations that covered every aspect of racing. The riders moved from station to station, learning all of the ins and outs from a great group of instructors. 

Later on in the afternoon, the riders were offered a structured practice so they could apply all of their new techniques on the well prepped Cochrane’s track. It was a great day from start to finish. I would like to thank the AMO, MMRS and a very special thank you to Don Carr for taking all of the great pictures, and for really capturing a great day!

John Maguire loves talking to his riders, and giving them all of the information needed for a great day.

It started out a little chilly in the morning, but that didn’t stop a great turnout.

This year’s school attracted 110 riders. That is pretty impressive.

John Maguire briefs his instructors before the day begins.

The MMRS crew is very hands on. Here John leads a young rider to their next station.

AMO boss Ryan Gauld is one of the best instructors out there.

Gauldy has probably forgotten more about moto than most will ever know.

Legend George Jones shows the proper leg position to help you get around the corners better.

As always, safety is a huge priority at any MMRS/AMO event.

Instructor Dillon Murphy takes the time to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Young Dakota Yaskow took time to give back and help the next generation.

Fast local Pro, Donald Turner, loves being at the track more than anyone, and is one of those guys always willing to help out.

Myself and Ontario Pro, Drew Roberts, were in charge of the rut section.

Somebody had to teach the kids how to look fresh!

A young rider navigates a turn section.

If you haven’t seen Dawson Tracy ride, you probably should – style for days.

Dillon Murphy and Dawson Tracy show the kids that you still need to have fun.

If you aren’t falling down, you aren’t trying hard enough.

The Turner Family’s steeds waiting for some action.

If you’re looking for a great family atmosphere with some serious talent, look no further than the MMRS/AMO.

If you don’t think this is cute, something is wrong with you.

The DMX bikes (and rider) couldn’t have looked any better. Thanks for the great bikes Husqvarna Canada and Yamaha Canada.

All ages love motocross!

The Gauld family says, “See you at the races…”