Photo Report | AMO/MMRS Madoc National

By Jeff McConkey

Photos by Randy Wiebe

This year’s annual AMO/MMRS Madoc National went off this past weekend. There were a few noticeable changes from years past. This year the biggest change was the addition of the 3-moto format, and racing starting Friday afternoon. I am a huge fan of both. I really like the 3-moto format, so each rider gets 3 chances to show their stuff in each class.

Like always, the event was run squeaky clean from top to bottom. Ryan Gauld, John and Jean Maguire and their staff had this event dialed. The grounds were immaculate, the track was challenging, and they absolutely killed it with the awards.

I haven’t been to a race yet this season, and I was blown away with how much talent I saw, and how stacked each class was. There is no shortage of talent in Southern Ontario, and the amateur scene is stronger than ever. Thanks for another great weekend. Also, a big thanks to Ryan and Randy Wiebe for the photos!

Austin Watling has had a great year, and I was expecting him to be battling for the lead in the Pro Cash Class. He rode well, but the non-technical Madoc track held him back and didn’t allow him to really show his stuff. Austin earned himself National #83 after his one race appearance at the Rockstar Energy Nationals, and will be a top guy next season, for sure.

Like always, the beautiful town of Madoc opened their arms to all of the racers and families for this great event. It’s not often that an entire town welcomes “dirt bike racers.” Heck, they even open their arena and community center for the people to shower. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tanner Ward has been coming to this event for years, and in his final race as an amateur, he was very close to being the top dog. I’ve said it over and over, this kid can be a champion. He’s for real!

Like always, the Junior class was the biggest. It’s amazing to see all of the raw talent and speed. The AMO has no lack of talent, and will be pumping out a ton of future Pros.

Working man / Family man / Professional racer, Eric Jeffery, showed up and used some great starts to get some very solid results. It’s always nice to see the National Pros show up at these fun family events. Eric was the plus 25 champ going 1-2-1.

Ben Kongmany and his skills at this young age blow me away every time I watch him ride. Kids his age are supposed to be playing in the sandbox, not killing it with style on the mx track. I can’t wait to see how good this kid gets.

Sebastien Racine looked great on the Madoc track. The nickname “The Rocket” is very fitting, as this kid has some serious wheels.

Evan Stewart had a great weekend, but was just a tad off of the pace of Racine. With a little luck and some hard work, he will be right there fighting for wins.

I love seeing Jason Burke at the races. This guy had a very good Pro career, and he just keeps on going. I don’t know what tires him out more, the motos or chasing his little guy around on a Strider. Burke went 2-1-2 for 2nd o/a in plus 25 and he went 6-6-7 for 6th o/s in the Pro Cash Class.

Wow, what do you say about Jake Tricco?! He has won his last 27 motos straight. I personally can’t wait to see Jake with the yellow plates on, and see how he fares. Jake has style and speed for days. Remember the name.

Seth McDowall looked very good all weekend long, but unfortunately he has to race a guy named Tricco. Any other year and Seth would be racking up the wins.

Mickeal Savard and fellow #114 Quinn Amyotte hang it out on the very fast Madoc circuit.

Cameron Wrozyna looks like a mini version of his brother Westen He’s got great style and will be one to watch in the future.

Quinn Amyotte is fun to watch. This year, Quinn has hopped on the 450 a fair bit and already looks really good. I think with his size and strength, his transition to the Intermediate class should go smoothly.

Sam Gaynor is our 2017 Direct Motocross Total Devotion Award winner. This kid works his ass off and never stops smiling. I’m really excited to see what Sam can do after spending some time at Club MX this coming winter. Congrats, Sam.

Can anyone touch Jake Tricco in 2018?

Nick Cryer was fast at Madoc. He wasn’t able to pick up any championships, but he was in the mix all weekend long.

Jeremy Medaglia and I decided to put the band back together for the Madoc race. J-Dags is finally getting his health back and is having fun racing a dirt bike again. He went 1-2-1 for the o/a in the Pro Cash Class. He put in an unreal ride in moto 2 after going down off of the gate and starting dead last. It would have been one heck of a finish after he cut Tanner Ward’s lead from 18 seconds to just 4 seconds in 3 laps, but someone decided that the moto should be cut short as they were “falling behind” at 9:45am…