Photo Report | Barrie Arenacross | Friday Night

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Here’s a look at the Pro racing action from Friday night at the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Tour in Barrie, ON.

With how fast the track was rutting up early in the night program, the crew threw down some bags of cement to help it dry out.

Daryl Murphy tried to force the riders in a certain direction.

Dillan Epstein acknowledges the fairly sizable crowd for a Friday night of a double-header with horrible weather.

Cole Thompson and his red plates get introduced.

Local boy, #415 Dario Zecca, gets a special intro for the crowd.

250 Class

One of the big questions of the night was how fast was #15 Jess Pettis going to be. Tanner Ward tried to hold him off in their heat but Jess took the win.

#101 Ryan Lockhart got to the first turn first and held the inside over Pettis. Ryan would end up 4th.

Wyatt Waddell actually had his shoulder pop out on him. I heard Cade Clason was the one who popped it back in. Wyatt took 8th.

#23 Jason Benny got out to a 6th place start and finished 5th.

#179 Westen Wrozyna was back from Supercross and finished 6th. His night was not without its adventures.

If you’re wondering why #27 Tanner Ward was back in 7th, he fell and had to charge from the back.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier was out front early and was looking good.

He fell as they hit lappers, allowing #15 Pettis to squeak by.

#66 Marco Cannella was up in the mix and also capitalized on Maff’s mistake and took 2nd place at the flag.

Things worked out nicely for #15 Pettis and he went on to take the win.

Marco gets the hug and kiss from his mom. Like I said before, never be too cool to accept this from your mother.

Shawn’s 3rd place was enough to clinch the 250 Pro Arenacross title.

The 250 podium: Jess Pettis, Marco Cannella, Shawn Maffenbeier.

1. 15 Jess Pettis YAM

2. 66 Marco Cannella YAM

3. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW (Clinched title)

4. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

5. 23 Jason Benny KAW

6. 179 Westen Wrozyna KAW

7. 27 Tanner Ward KTM

8. 157 Wyatt Waddell HSK

9. 415 Dario Zecca HON

10. 191 Ross Thirnbeck HSK

11. 411 Duncan MacLeod KTM

12. 751 Donald Turner YAM

450 Class

#45 Colton Facciotti grabs the holeshot from the inside gate ahead of Thompson and Medaglia.

Tyler Medaglia made this move to take the lead, heading into the whoops section.

Colton fought back into the next corner and they both went down.

Cole Thompson calmly cruised by and inherited the lead.

Kyle Keast’s bike was frying up but he made it and took 9th.

#20 Davey Fraser finished just ahead of him in 8th.

#7 Dillan Epstein would cross the line in 7th.

#10 Keylan Meston was up near the front early and finished in 5th.

Tyler Medaglia had the speed but also the troubles on this night. He found the dirt a couple times and ended up 10th.

Facciotti would regroup and finish 4th.

#2 Matt Goerke worked his way forward all main and found himself up in 3rd at the flag.

#9 Cade Clason was battling up front all night and it paid off with a solid 3nd place in the main.

That’s 4 wins in a row for #16 Cole Thompson.

He was pretty pumped with the win.

450 Podium: Cole Thompson, Cade Clason, Matt Goerke.

And then the crew got back to trying to dry the track for tomorrow night’s grand finale. It’s going to be another great night. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the races…

1. 16 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 9 Cade Clason HON

3. 2 Matt Goerke YAM

4. 45 Colton Facciotti HON

5. 10 Keylan Meston HSK

6. 733 Steve Mages KAW

7. 7 Dillan Epstein YAM

8. 20 Davey Fraser HSK

9. 72 Kyle Keast HSK

10. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW

11. 156 Cole Wilson HSK

12. 93 Zack Zager YAM