Photo Report | Calgary AX | Friday Night

By Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross series took place at the Agrium Western Event Centre at Stampede Park in downtown Calgary, Alberta, last night. After a rough, muddy start to the series 2 weeks ago in Abbotsford, BC, it was nice to race on more normal indoor Arenacross conditions. This is a double-header weekend and we’ll be back for more later today and tonight.

Carson Brown won round 1 but has taken a ride down south to race AMA Arenacross, so we knew we would have a new points leader in the 250 class when we left Friday night.

Colton Facciotti won the mudder in BC but there would be a couple new names in the 450 class with Josh Hill replaceing Carson Brown and veteran Mike Brown making an appearance in Calgary.

Here’s a look at how the night program went down Friday night.

Steven Anderson was hoping for some redemption in Calgary but a broken heal during practice in Florida will keep him out for a while. He still took part in the Pit Party.

Dylan Wright, Justin Petker, and Colton Facciotti.

Tyler Medaglia and Shawn Maffenbeier sign some autographs for the fans.

Josh Hill started things off at opening ceremonies.

Matt Goerke waves to the crowd.

Teammate Dillan Epstein does the same. The Arenacross was doing battle for fans with the Flames and the car show at the park.

Cole Thompson gets the spotlight treatment.

Colton was fresh off his run at the Daytona Supercross last weekend.

National Anthems time. He sang both American and Canadian.

Matt and Tyler get a good look at the 250 racing.

250 heat race.

620 Brad Nauditt made a rare Canadian appearance and got to know #66 Marco Cannella.

Dylan makes a pass on #27 Tanner Ward for the lead and heat win.

There was a full schedule of amateur mains throughout the night too. #25 Tristan Dares made a great run from behind to take a win.

Colton gets ready for a 450 heat.

#613 Nicholson was one close call after another Friday night. It was a bit of a rodeo for him!

Goerke game face.

Medaglia got caught up in the gate and was left charging from the back of the field. Here he makes a pass of fellow maritimer, Davey Fraser.

Facciotti would take the Heat 1 win.

450 Heat 2 heads out.

#22 Brock Leitner would lead the pack into turn 1.

Goerke worked his way up to 2nd at the flag behind winner, Cole Thompson. .

Brock slamming a Calgary berm.

Wright led the Clash early and had to contend with his 450 teammate Colton Facciotti who made this pass for the lead. They actually touched as they went through the whoops after this.

Thompson was next to hunt down Wright.

Same move, same corner. Thompson moves into 2nd.

Colton took the win with Cole breathing down his neck.

The Clash was good.

Cole and Chloe in the pits.

Thanks, Ross.

250 Main

#101 Ryan Lockhart was racing both classes and grabbed a great start in the 250 Main.

#477 Joey Parkes and #43 Jared Petruska found the ground in turn 1.

Ryan held Dylan off for a while out front.

Waddell and Nauditt had a nice battle.

Tanner tangled near the mechanics’ area and went down.

He was favouring his right arm but refused any medical treatment. Unfortunately, his night was over.

Maffenbeier worked his way forward and with this pass took the lead and held it.

Actually, these two like to race each other pretty rough and Dylan made an attempt to get the lead back that almost took them both down.

Shawn held on for the win.

The win and the points lead.

Nauditt found himself on the podium in 3rd.

Wright took 2nd.

Maff takes the stage.

25o podium.


1. 3 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW

2. 12 Dylan Wright HON

3. 620 Brad Nauditt HSK

4. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

5. 157 Wyatt Waddell HSK

6. 43 Jared Petruska HON

7. 202 Blake Osatchuk HSK

8. 517 Spencer Wilton KTM

9. 66 Marco Cannella YAM

10. 477 Joey Parkes YAM

11. 27 Tanner Ward KTM

450 Main

This is going to be a long series.

Ryan gets ready for main #2.

The full gate of 450’s takes off.

Medaglia was first to the turn.

Thompson used an inside line to take over.

#10 Keylan Meston was on the ground when the smoke cleared. He finished 10th.

Here’s how they looked after lap 1.

Facciotti chasing Goerke down.

When Matt messed up the finish line jump, Colton made his move. It was a hard move and Tyler Spikman got the shot.

Medaglia passes the mechanics’ area in 2nd place and charging.

Colton was in 3rd behind Thompson and Medaglia.

Goerke would end up 5th.

#75 Josh Hill said he was impressed with everyone’s speed and will improve for tonight as they get the bike dialed in for him. He finished 8th.

Leitner suffered some troubles and couldn’t finish the main.

Dillan Epstein would wind up in 4th spot.

Lockhart was 9th.

Mike Brown finished 6th ahead of Nauditt who raced both classes.

Teammates with a nice battle.

Thompson took the win.

He “discussed” things with Brown after the flag. Lapped traffic as always an issue in Arenacross. Everyone was fine.

Medaglia was solid in 2nd spot.

Cole talks about his win with in-house commentator, Ryan Gauld.

450 podium: Cole Thompson, Tyler Medaglia, Colton Facciotti. The top 3 were all within 3 seconds. | Tyler Spikman photo


1. 16 Cole Thompson KTM

2. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW

3. 45 Colton Facciotti HON

4. 7 Dillan Epstein YAM

5. 2 Matt Goerke YAM

6. 68 Mike Brown HSK

7. 620 Brad Nauditt HSK

8. 75 Josh Hill HON

9. 101 Ryan Lockhart KAW

10. 10 Keylan Meston HSK

11. 20 Davey Fraser HSK

12. 22 Brock Leitner KAW

Next round: Saturday, March 17 – Agrium West Event Centre, Calgary, AB

Kevin Tyler says, “Eat your greens, and see you at the races…”