Photo Report | Calgary National | Presented by OTSFF

By Billy Rainford

Presented by OTSFF.

Round 3 of the 2017 Rockstar Energy MX Nationals headed to Wild Rose MX Park in downtown Calgary, Alberta, this past weekend. This track is the only time you’re going to be able to get photos of riders with the city skyline in the background. Because of its closeness, the schedule was pushed back an hour to keep the locals happy with early morning noise levels.

The Calgary track historically get rough and tough and forces riders to use smart line choice. It also has some of the biggest jumps they’ll see all summer, so it also favours riders who’ve got some Supercross experience or at least are comfortable in the air.

There was a shakedown in the MX1 points and a rider has established himself as the guy to beat in the MX2 class. Here’s a look at some of the racing action.


Australian #614 Geran Stapleton was hoping for top 10 finishes this summer in MX2. Unfortunately, he had a rough day Sunday in Calgary and has headed home to California to get checked out. He has some sort of shoulder injury that needs attention.

#144 Nolan Heppner showed up in Calgary and hoped to make his mark. He didn’t have the day he wanted but should be regrouped for Regina this week.

#461 Tyler Unger has been the top Intermediate rider so far this season. He wasn’t able to go 3 for 3 this week and finished 26-31 for 32nd overall.

That honour went to #170 15-year-old Josh Gedak. He finished 25th with solid 22-22 motos.

I’m not the one who makes these decisions, but I thought #274 Quintin Robin’s gear looked pretty sweet Sunday! He was 20th with 33-18 motos.

#53 Broc Loftus had a better weekend in Calgary. He’s obviously comfortable in the air and finished 19-21 for 22nd.

#350 Ben Evans showed up from Idaho. He’s a married father of 1 now and had troubles in the first moto after going down in turn 1 and falling again with another riders. He regrouped and finished stronger in moto 2. 27-11 gave him 15th.

#21 Davey Fraser went down in turn 1 of moto 1 with #25 Taylor Arsenault and some others. Davey put in a solid moto and worked his way up to 14th. 14th in moto 2 gave him 14th.

#16 Jess Pettis had a solid 4th in moto 1. He crashed with #14 Dylan Wright in moto 2 and took a DNF. He went to get checked out and will be good to go for Regina this week. 4-DNF for 13th.

#14 Dylan Wright is still looking for a problem free weekend. He was 7th in moto 1 but then struggled in the 2nd and ended up 16th. 7-16 gave him 12th.

#266 Chris Fortier won the battle of the first-year Pro’s this week. He finished 1 spot ahead of #33 Casey Keast. 12-9 put him 10th. Keast was 11th.

If #19 Hayden Halstead started up at the front, it would be interesting to see where he finished. He’s showing he has the speed to run up near the front and finished 13-8 for 9th.

I don’t know anything about American #194 Kein Denzler but he seemed to really like the Calgary track! His 9-10 motos gave him 8th.

#119 Jared Petruska has a lot of laps in at Wild Rose and it showed. He was up in the mix all day and finished 7th (11-7).

#47 Tallon LaFountaine appears to be “the next guy” as he always seems to find himself just off the battle for the lead. 8-6 gave him 6th.

#338 Ryan Surratt grabbed the first moto holeshot and finished the day with 5-4 motos for 5th.

#100 Jacob Hayes grabbed the 2nd moto holeshot and led a couple laps. He’s made a suspension change and finished 6-3 for 4th.

#787 Josh Osby didn’t make Sunday easy for himself. He had to get past a lot of fast riders for his 3-5 finishes for 3rd overall.

It’s rare to see #1 Cole Thompson get caught and passed, but that’s what happened in Calgary. Cole was still solid with 2-2 motos, but when you have the #1 on your bike, it’s a tough crowd.

Confidence is key in moto and #12 Shawn Maffenbeier has a ton of it right now. He actually fell in moto 1 and still came back for the win. Thompson was on his rear wheel at the flag in the 2nd, but the record book will show another 1-1 day for the overall.

Jacob gets his Royal Distributing hoelsot cheque for moto 2.

It took a bit, but Cole managed to smile and clap on his way up to collect 2nd place.

MX2 Podium: Shawn Maffenbeier (1-1), Cole Thompson (2-2), Josh Osby (3-5).


After struggling with some health issues, #65 Michael DaSilva made his first appearance this week. He just wanted to get through this round and said he could have done without the crash into a rider over a blind jump. It wasn’t the flagger’s fault, it just happened too fast. 21-31 gave him 26th.

#58 Jeremy Medaglia was running pretty well in some good battles in moto 1 when his chain broke on him causing a DNF. He said he was lucky it broke where it did and added that he’d at least have the energy to make his first 2nd moto! DNF-13 put him 20th. He’s actually got his ailment figured out. Nobody hand him a slice of gluten anytime soon.

It was a tough day for #77 Nathan Bles. He had a pretty solid 12th in moto 1 but a problem took him out of moto 2. 12-DNF gave him 19th.

#8 Keylan Meston didn’t have the best ‘home race.’ When he fell and hit the launch control in the first moto, it caused a short and he was forced out. He came back for 11th in moto 2 – 17th.

I don’t know anything about #499 Bryant Humiston, but I was impressed with his day. 16-20 put him 16th.

#501 Ryan Millar still has a sore leg from PG but managed to finish 15-15 for 15th.

#9 Morgan Burger made his one visit to Canada last weekend. He looked great as always but got collected in the first turn pile up with Pourcel in moto 2. He clawed his way up through the pack for 17th. A 10th in moto 1 put him 12th. He’s also getting set for a big wedding day!

I’ve been impressed with #195 Scott Champion’s outdoor speed so far. He and #7 Cade Clason don’t care about the rivalry we’re creating, but it’s fun for us! 11-9 gave him 10th.

#7 Cade Clason finished a solid 9th in moto 1. He had a rear brake issue in moto 2 and fought his way home for 10th and 9th overall.

#38 Tim Tremblay had a great battle with Chisholm but rode alone for a large chunk of the first moto. 8-7 for 8th. He’s looking forward to getting east.

#111 Kyle Chisholm had a great battle with his teammate, Medaglia, in the 2nd moto. His 7-6 put him 7th.

Word on the street was that #5 Mike Alessi was close to being a no-show after his knee acted up. He made it to Calgary and really didn’t seem phased by any of it. He’s fast at Wild Rose and finished 56th (5-5) which has to be a disappointment for him.

Somehow, #377 Christophe Pourcel made his 3rd place in moto 1 look easy. He crashed hard at the start of moto 2 and took a long time to make sure he was OK. He remounted dead last by a long shot and moved up through the field in the most casual way I’ve ever seen. He got all the way up to 8th for 5th overall. He’s lost the red plate but I wouldn’t write him off any time soon.

#6 Tyler Medaglia got out front in moto 2 and finished a strong 3rd. His 6th in moto 1 gave him 4th on the day. | McConkey photo

#10 Colton Facciotti looks like he’s ready to win one of these things. He’s got the speed, he just needs to get out front early. He fought hard with Goerke in the 2nd moto, taking runner-up spot. His 4th in moto 1 gave him 3rd overall.

#108 Dillan Epstein won the first moto, making it look pretty easy. He was leading the 2nd too but had troubles and found himself playing catch up for 4th. That was good enough for 2nd.

#2 Matt Goerke pressured for the win in moto 1 but came up just short. He worked his way forward in the 2nd moto and took the lead for the win and the overall on the day.

Tyler Medaglia getting his 2d moto Royal Distributing holeshot cheque.

MX1 Podium: Matt Goerke (2-1), Dillan Epstein (1-4), Colton Facciotti (4-2).

That will do it for our stint in the mountains of BC and Alberta. It’s on the flatlands of Saskatchewan this week at Moto Valley in Regina. The soil starts to change now, so we may see some new faces up on the podiums as we head east.

Shawn says we can all stay at his place in Saskatchewan on the way through. Thanks, Shawn.

#733 James Armstrong says, “See you at the races…and would it kill someone to help me!!!???”