Photo Report | ‘Grand Prix De Snow’

By Billy Rainford

When we first heard about this Town Moto, Husqvarna CanadaGrand Prix de Snow‘ event put on by Lawrence Hacking, we didn’t really know what to expect but we knew we wanted to be there. Like I said in another post, there are some events you remember because you did well or maybe even won, and then there are those events you remember simply because of the event itself. This thing falls into the second category — this was one for the books!

Let’s take a closer look at an amazing day in the mid-February sunshine 20 minutes west of Toronto on the property of the Mohawk Inn near Campbellville, Ontario. 


I’ve seen the Mohawk Inn sign from the highway my entire life and I don’t think I’ve ever pulled in. It’s amazing they let Lawrence and his gang rip the grounds apart for this.

Let’s do some riding!

It worked out perfectly as Campbellville sits exactly halfway between mine and Jeff McConkey’s houses. Jeff was riding, I was shooting photos and video.

Jeff cruises by the 2017 Husqvarnas he’d be riding.

The Husqvarna Canada gang had the bikes all shined and studded up, ready to be put through their paces.

Husky Canada’s ‘Marketing Specialist,’ Victoria Hett, welcomes riders to the event and explains the courses.

Lawrence Hacking does the morning riders’ meeting with extra emphasis on the fact that this was NOT a serious racing event and to just have fun out there.

Tyler Medaglia made the trip from Nova Scotia as an ambassador and to help riders whenever they needed it. He also spun a few very fast laps.

The casual-ness of the event cannot be over-emphasized! There were 2 camp fires burning all day long.

I didn’t say they were BLAzing fires…

They mapped out a short course on the main grass. You could also turn right at the far end and head out on a short woods loop that sounds like it was very challenging with the slippery conditions.

I don’t know who everyone was, so here are a few shots from early in the day before the ‘racing’ got going.

The course was mostly snow early on…

…making things interesting for those with and without studded tires.

If you weren’t on a brand new Husqvarna, you were likely on a vintage bike.

That’s the 401 you see in the background. It’s that close to the highway!

Throttle control was important.

This guy was smooth and hauled butt!

It was a toss up as to who rode the most laps, but this guy was in the running, for sure.

This is the spot where you could head right and go into the woods. However, this guy didn’t actually mean to…

Back on track.

‘Run what ya brung’ and have some fun!

This little corner in the middle of a hill took down a lot of riders.

If you’re a vintage bike fan, this was the place you should have been Sunday.

Taking a new one for a few laps.

Sometimes the fresh stuff was the wise choice.

Vintage 2-stroke with studs. You gotta love it!

The snow started to get tracked out as the temperature got up to around 12 degrees Celsius.

The bikes were first come first served and it seemed to work out well. Everyone got on them as often as they wanted.

Not sure I would have enjoyed these conditions at this age.

On the gas!

There weren’t many bike problems, but this rider had some issues early in the day.

Waiting to head back out.

I don’t go to a lot of off-road events so I figure it’s sometimes best to just NOT ask questions…

Know what I’m saying?

Jeff is a self-proclaimed fair-weather rider. It doesn’t get much fairer than this in mid-February!

I think the nod goes to this guy on his Ural sidecar for most laps of the day.

Careful, Jeff, you’re gonna get that new Shot gear dirty!

Hey, you’re sending mixed signals!

There weren’t a lot of women on bikes, but there were a few.


See above.

When a guy goes out on an old Skidoo with a dog, you take photos. It’s a rule!

Jeff fights to keep it straight.

Did he save it?


Ready for a part in an Elvis Jailbreak movie or one of Black Bart’s gang? (Google it, Bowker!)

Two wheels powering the Ural.

A few of Jeff while the elbow magnet was turned on…

Enter a BW. I’d have those goggles over my eyes though…

Looking good, Jeff.

“You go over there if you wanna have any fun on my watch!”

One wheel powering the Ural.

Young ripper.

He stayed smooth and put it to everyone in his race.

Someone check and see if Tyler Medaglia cut himself…

He doesn’t think I’m funny at all.

Hey look, it’s our old friend Mark ‘killerdwarf’ Hosie out for a ride.

Victoria and 6’6″ JR suiting up to ride.

Hipsters and Husky’s go hand in hand…

Entry fees were on a donation basis and got you a delicious lunch.

I knew this shot from my hip would be one of my better ones.

This is the end of the trail loop that puts you back on the main course.

Tyler Medaglia made pretty quick work of the loop.

Tyler Medaglia

Both loops.

Victoria led this first-timer out around the grass. The girl was a trooper but was absolutely soaking wet after falling in most of the biggest puddles.

Any time Victoria gets to ride is a good time.

He got off course somewhere…

The Husqvarna off-road line-up doing exactly what they’re made to do.

Stud ’em if ya got ’em!

Tyler points out how high he stands on this snowbank next to JR.

Jeff McConkey

Yes, this is after Jeff did laps. Nobody knows how he does it!

Street bikes in February. It’s pretty rare in these parts.

Eye candy.

Anything goes at the ‘GPdS!’

Watching some laps.

Vantage point.

It got a wee bit soft in the afternoon…

I think he was talking about winter biking and camping. Victoria was listening.

They did a few fun races in the afternoon. This guy took his race.

I shot a bunch of video during the races, so not many stills.

This may not look like much, but he’s going right to left, didn’t put his feet down, and saved it!


Post-race recap.


They did a Husqvarna Canada staff race and Victoria got out to the early lead.

They made Tyler start backwards and it took him until the final lap to catch her.

It’s always great to watch riders at this level race in any conditions.

Great job, gang.


JR wasn’t dirty enough for the ‘helmets off’ photo, so they helped him out…

Say cheese!

The winner!

Tyler Medaglia

He was super Dungey-pumped!

And that was it. Thanks for a great day in the sunshine, everyone.

Lawrence tried to tell me that this is actually good for the lawn…

I wish I’d known this back in my landscaping days!

The Husky’s ready to be cleaned up for their next adventure.

See you in the spring for the ‘Grand Prix de Mud’ if it happens!

See you at the races…