Photo Report | Loretta Lynn’s Area Qualifier | Mid-East

By Billy Rainford

We headed west to Michigan State this past weekend to check out the second-last Mid-East Qualifier. There is one more chance to make it through to the Regionals coming up this weekend at Thunder Valley in Tennessee for the Mid-East Area. 

There was a solid number of Canadians competing as well as some top notch riders in classes from 50cc to the Open Pro Sport class. The day started out cloudy and even looked like it was going to storm, but the clouds parted and we had a sun-filled day to move riders through.

Here’s a look at some of the racing action from Millington, Michigan.

Young #458 Seth Perdue found his way to the checkered flag in 50 Sr. Limited after swapping wins with Canadian #852 Riley Clapp.

#34 is Canadian Hunter Perhonen who went 7-7 for 8th.

#667 Thomas Munro from Ontario looked really fast in 65 (7-9) going 1-1.

He had an early battle with #318 Ryder Scalf in 65 (7-11) but his 3-1 motos gave him the overall.

#22 Preston Masciangelo was by far the fastest rider in the 85 (9-13) class. He enjoyed 1-1 motos with big gaps in both.

#581 Tyler Chandler makes it in here because of his big-uphill-double-attempted-high-five-with-buddy move. They didn’t connect but it was pretty cool.

#317 Amanda Sokalski took the Women’s class win.

Canadian #196 Chloe Metcalfe and her dad, Tim, at the line before a moto.

Chloe took 2nd in the Women’s class (2-2).


In Open Pro Sport, it looked to be a battle between #191 Justin Cooper and #335 Joey Crown.

Joey was out front with Justin pressuring him. Joey went for this table-to-single jump but couldn’t hold onto the landing….

He went down hard but the sand saved him.

Cooper sort of panicked trying not to hit Joey and also went down.

They both were unhurt and got up.


Joey actually got going again and held the lead. Justin had a hard time getting his bike re-started and finished back in 10th in moto 1.

#98 Matthew Carpenter took 10th overall.

Canadian #204 Justin Roney took 11th with 12-9 motos.

X is Michael Bugg who we’ve seen race in Canada. He finished 9th.

Justin was there form London with his dad, John Roney, from Xtreme Toys.

#781 Zack Zager looked good Sunday and finished 9-8 for 8th.

Cooper came back and raced the final moto with a point to prove. He got out front early and gapped the field for the win. 10-1 put him 5th. He’ll be tough to beat at Loretta’s, for sure.

#116 TJ Albright’s 2-3 motos gave him 2nd.

Joey Crown’s 1-2 motos gave him the overall in the top class.

Canadian #999 Matthew Meszaros took 4th in 450C with 3-4 motos.

Canadian #440 Cameron Pytel took 14th with 16-16 motos.


Canadian Mitch Goheen pumped to be heading to the gate.

He went out and took 11th in College (18-24).

#53 Andy Mathieu took the win in the 30+ Vet class.

#45 Matt Crown pulled out of the first 50+ moto and came back to win the 2nd.

#62 Jacob Ingram took the win in the Mini Sr. 2 win.

#70 Devin Simonson looked really fast in the 250B class.

Mitch and Devin lined up beside each other.

Mitch and his dad, Dan Goheen, on the line.

Canadian #81 Kobi Cox with his dad on the gate in 250B.

Mitch finished 6th with 10-4 motos.

Kobi took 8th with 7-9 races.

Canadian #32 Seth Hughes was 6th in 250C with 3-7 motos.

Meszaros was 2nd with 2-2.

It was fun watching #411 Nick Romano go from the 2nd gate drop and try to catch all of the Supermini class who took the first drop.

Preston Masciangelo tried hard to keep pace but couldn’t stay with the New Yorker who should be fighting for a national championship in the class. Preston was a solid 2nd.

Watching Canadian Wyatt Kerr tear up the Mini Sr. 2 class.

#626 is Canadian Adam Smith from Woodstock, Ontario.

He finished 13th in 450C (17-14) and 15th in 250C (14-10).

Romano stalks 2nd place in the Supermini class #39 Robert Lopez.

Wyatt Kerr getting set for a moto.

Dusty and Cayden Wise on the line.

Canadian #164 Wyatt Kerr was 3rd in Mini Sr. 2 (12-14) with 2-3 motos.

Canadian #813 Cayden Wise took was 6th (6-6).

I know I missed a number of Canadian riders, and I apologize. If the announcer talked about the races instead of doing 1970’s movie impressions all day, I would have known who was on the track… Anyway, it was a good day of racing. Congratulations to everyone who tried and made it to the next stage of the Loretta Lynn’s process. See you at the races…