Photo Report | Loretta Lynn’s – Friday

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

The day started with a couple 2nd motos and then we were onto 3rd and final races for the rest of the day. The temperature kept rising and it’s supposed to be even hotter Saturday. Here’s a look at some racing from a long hot day at the dude ranch.

Davey Coombs doesn’t bow his head and ask for things, he bows his head and receives offers! (Is that OK to joke about? I hope so, otherwise we’re off to a very rough start!)

The day started with Senior 45+ moto 2. #67 Terry Bostard is perfect so far.

In Girls (11-16) it was #34 Tayler Allred who heads into moto 3 with 1-1 scores.

#46 Jazzmyn Canfield has given her all she can handle, though.

The first 3rd moto was 450 B and #82 Sam Gaynor was in it.

His dad, Jeff Gaynor, was pretty happy with how the race was going. They didn’t have high expectations heading in.

When the math was done, his 8-5-6 motos put him just off the podium in 4th.

Thomas Rendall and Tanner Scott…smiling normally.

Thomas was up in the 125 C class. He got off to a rough start back in around 25th but moved up the whole race. His 27-8-12 put him 10th.

Connor Stevenson was in the race too and found himself up at the front and fighting for a podium. He got it! 10-3-5 put him 3rd.

#72 Jagger Koch took the win and celebrated with his dad.

#24 Daxton Bennick was the class of the 85 (9-11) Ltd. class. He went 1-1-1 for the win.

He was pumped.

#33 Derek Drake tries to find the rut in the corner before the mechanics area in 250 A.

2-2-1 gave him the win over Tanner Stack.

#30 Jalek Swoll took the 250 B win (2-1-2) over Pierce Brown.

#81 Nathan Snelgrove finished 36-31-27 in 51 (7-8) Ltd. and kept improving each time he was on the track. He was 31st.

Younger brother, #75 Ryder Snelgrove, was 15th in 51 (4-6) Special Ltd, with 13-17-12 motos.

The river was busy today.

Ryder McNabb didn’t have any motos today, so he was just cruising around looking cool.

Jalek taking a stwoll through the pits…

Ryder Difrancesco took the Mini Sr. 1 class with 7-1-2 motos and is the 3rd “Ryder” in our report.

I was impressed with the riding of #22 Caden Braswell. He won the 3rd moto and took 3rd.

#70 John Grewe took the overall in the Masters 50+ class (1-1-2).

He got slammed by Barry Carsten late and thinks he may have broken his thumb. He wasn’t exactly thrilled and let Barry hear it on the podium.

Barry didn’t really seem to care one way on the other. His 2-2-1 put him 2nd to his arch rival.

Jalek also won the Schoolboy 2 class (2-1-2) ahead of Brown.

If it were me racing, I wouldn’t know if this meant I had a big lead or if 2nd was right behind me!

#96 Ty Graham getting ready for his 250 C moto.

He finished 19th overall (25-22-16).

These two discuss what a “medium” lead looks like…

BC rider #74 Blake Davies staging for his 65 (7-9) Ltd. 3rd moto.

Move over Derek Schuster, you’ve been replaced as best gate packer in the biz.

Mike Brown went 1-2-1 to take the 25+ win. Ricky Renner took the moto 2 win.

I told you it was hot!

James Roberts with his GF and Heather Bennett.

Mike getting his winner’s shield.

Drew Adams was dominant in the 65 (7-9) Ltd. class with 1-1-1.

Riley Clapp was way back off the start and passed his way up to 30th. His 19-31-30 gave him 27th.

Blake was up in the top 10 off the start and finished 13th. His 22-12-13 gave him 14th.

#17 Josh Bryan had to start from way on the outside and was back in 32nd on lap 1. He finished 34-37-32 for 35th.

#98 Julia Krzemien going for another holeshot on the inside in Women’s 12+. She was 18th (21-18-13).

Jordan Jarvis went 1-1-1 for the win.

Open Pro Sport heads into turn 1 with #29 Zane Merrett out front.

#33 Derek Drake had #51 Seth Hammaker all over him and got passed on the final lap.

His 1-1-2 motos gave him the overall ahead of Hammaker and Mitchell Falk.

I’m guessing the Racer TV live stream was pretty good because this drone was over all the action all week.

You don’t want to give Mike Brown a lead like this 30 feet outside the gate. He took the Senior (40+) class win with a perfect score.

And then he went and creeped people out at the mall…

One more day to go. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the races…