Photo Report | Loretta Lynn’s – Saturday

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

The long, hot week that is Loretta’s has come to an end. Champions were crowned and riders learned what they need to do for their 2019 trip to the Tennessee ranch.

There were some really dominant rides and several riders drew a ton of attention. Riders like Drew Adams, Nate Thrasher, Ty Masterpool, Carson Mumford, Jalek Swoll, and Derek Drake had outstanding weeks.

Here’s our look, mostly, at how the Canadians did today. We’ll have an overall report up when I can make it home and get some rest.

First up was #96 Ty Graham. He had to deal with a rather moist track in 250 C Ltd. His bike started smoking mid-way through and then stopped. He was 22nd on lap 1 and ended up 21st at the flag. 39-10-21 gave him 20th overall.

#95 Ty Masterpool always entertains, and this week was no different. He grabbed the holeshot in the 125 (12-17) B/C moto and waved his fist in the air to celebrate. Unfortunately, I stood there watching, not shooting. He was 2-1-1 for the title.

#82 Sam Gaynor took his spot inside the doghouse and got a great jump in this 450 B Ltd. 3rd moto. He was inside the top 10, then up to 8th by lap 3. At the half he was 5th and chasing 3rd and 4th.

Guess what? He made a couple more passes and landed on the box in 3rd for 6th (14-12-3).

This was a nice touch.

I have to assume this is #81 Joseph Tait having some fun after going 3-3-1 for the College title.

Supermini 2 didn’t go all that great for #36 Thomas Rendall. He fell in the last moto and was left scrambling for positions. His 34-32-33 left him back in 35th.

Our friend Gavin Brough left on a mule. It looked like a shoulder issue, but I didn’t have a chance to talk to him afterward.

I’d like to see what #34 Zach Ufimzeff could do with a holeshot in this crowd. He had a bad start and was moving up then stalled his bike. He looks good out there and will do much better on his second visit, no doubt. He finished 29th today and was 24th overall (24-25-29).

#74 Mikael Savard didn’t get a great start but made tons of passes right away. He was in a huge battle for 3rd. With 2 laps to go he was 7th and then grabbed 5th by the flag for 3rd overall (3-5-5).

Family celebration pic.

#64 Ryder McNabb headed into turn 1 in pretty good shape, but things took a turn for the worse and saw him picking himself up off the ground.

He was really pushing to make passes and pulled a Superman through the sand rollers and crashed hard, hurting his hand. He had it x rayed and he is good to go. 3-7-DNF dropped him back to 14th but he really showed he belongs up with the top mini riders. to

#46 Tanner Scott was just behind McNabb early on. He finished in 22nd spot and took a solid 25th overall (20-41-22).

This dog was doing full backflips for rocks into the river. Dogs are awesome!

Blake Davies played tourist today, after finishing on Friday.

65 (7-11) blasts off the line. #1 Hayden Deegan was undefeated in this class.

#74 Savard just missed the holeshot in the 450 C 3rd moto. Unfortunately, it was red flagged because 8 riders hit the gate. It was good for Mikael because he fell in the second turn.

They re-racked them and he did the same, just missing the holeshot line by inches.

#11 Connor Stevenson was out there on his 125 but fell on lap 1 and started riding like a mad man! He was dead last and came all the way back up to 20th for 8th overall (7-2-20).

Mikael Savard was in a tough battle for the title. When a rider swqpped out in front of him, he almost did the same but held on and took 3rd and the 450 C title! 1-5-3 for the win.

Mikael, you saw I had a camera pointed at you and still covered me with champagne! -1 point from the Canadian judge…

#30 Jordan Jarvis takes the early lead in the WMX moto 1.

She took the first moto handily over #172 Hannah Hodges.

Zach was up again in the Supermini 1 3rd moto. Again, he needs a start to prove he belongs up there with the top kids. He rode well but was back in 29th spot. 33-32-29 put him 33rd (one spot behind Diesel Geerdts – I just wanted to say that name)

Just as I tweeted that Nate Thrasher was lights out this week, he fell over and made things interesting. He still won, but it was fun for a moment. 1-1-1.

#11 Maximus Vohland was the only one who could keep him in sight.

#22 Carson Mumford was unbeaten in 250 B Ltd.

#91 Blair Nauta was in this one and got off to a pretty bad start. He ended up riding alone in the later stages of the moto and took 34th and 33rd overall (31-36-34).

For some reason, he looks fake bald to me.

Mumford celebrates another win.

Hannah tried to keep Jordan in sight in moto 2 and finished 10 seconds behind her at the flag. It was 25 seconds in moto 1.

#2 Shelby Rolen was next in 3rd (3-3).

Awards started at 4pm. Here are just a couple shots of the Canadians.

Tim Cotter opened up the proceedings.

Connor Stevenson.

Sam Gaynor.

How’d James Roberts sneak in here?!

Mikael Savard.

The Champ!

OK, it’s time to head north! What a great week down here in the dirty south. We got pretty lucky with the weather and now we look ahead to the Walton TransCan. Hey, Mike Haist, does this look familiar? See you at the races…

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