Photo Report | Mini O’s | Wednesday SX

By Billy Rainford

Photos by Jeff McConkey and Bigwave

First off, thank you to our 2017 Mini O’s sponsors:

Today was Supercross Championship Day. Main events were run in every class and then it was time for some practice on the newly reworked motocross track.

Canada got a title today, but we’ll get to that. Most importantly, we’d like to wish #25 Estrella Cemovic all the best as she fights through a few injuries here at a Gainesville hospital.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of rain Gatorback Cycle Park got last night. The place flooded and then the track crew had to work their butts off to get the place race ready, which they did very nicely.

Let’s get to some of the racing action before they kick me out of this Starbucks that will close early because it’s Thanksgiving Eve down here in the US of A.

After the flood, Jeff had the option to sleep in his own room in Jeff Ward’s trailer. I was surprised to see him in the tent when I opened it up to let it air dry.

First up was Marco Cannella and the 250 A class.

He got out to a 5th place start but moved back to 8th by the flag.

#17 Carter Halpain took the win.

Next up was Quinn Amyotte in the 250 C class.

He went down in the first corner and had some work to do.

He didn’t give up and went on to finish 23rd.

#67 Jesse Flock took 2nd to #325 Stilez Robertson.

#95 Evan Stewart heads out in the 85 (9-11) Ltd. main.

Evan finished 25th.

#494 Thomas Rendall getting some direction before his Supermini 1 (12-15) main.

Thomas finished 27th.

The win went to Kaeden Amerine.

#557 Chris Bruno getting ready for a Plus 45 moto.

He was up against some fast guys and finished 23rd. He’s retired and having fun.

Ontario’s #852 Riley Clapp got off to a mid-pack start in him 51 (7-8) Ltd. main and finished up in 13th.

#25 Estrella Cemovic chats with Josh Woods before her Women’s 14+ main.

She got out to a pretty good 8th place start but then crashed hard on a kicker. She got medical treatment and was flown to a Gainesville hospital where she is in ICU. I know people are going to keep asking, so she’s in an induced coma until they get the swelling down in her head and she broke a couple bones in the fall too. The Cemovics may be the nicest people at the races, so let’s all keep them in our thoughts as they work through this as a family. Hang tough, Estrella!

Hannah Hodges won, but #30 Jordan Jarvis was all over her.

#110 Emma Saarela was in the main and finished 16th.

#15 Tim Ferry came out and won the +35 class.

#184 Tanner Ward got out to a mid-pack start in the 450 A main.

He kept pushing and finished 13th at the flag.

#612 Mitchell Falk may not be tall but he’s fast and took the win.

Every once in a while I’ve got to throw a shot of #79 Jett Reynolds because he was out there every other moto and probably won. Solid week so far for him.

Evan Stewart took 12th in 85 (9-11).

#25 Tristan Dares got out to a mid-pack start but had a rough main event and finished 32nd at the flag.

#22 Preston Masciangelo was down in turn 1, fixed a bend, and headed out. He was well back but still finished 20th.

#114 Quinn Amyotte has been fun to watch this week. He got out near the front in the 450 C main and was running 3rd and moving forward when his bike stopped and he took a DNF.

Quinn with a dead 450. He still clapped for the leader on the next lap as he walked back to the pits.

Marco Cannella was down in turn 1 in the 250 Pro main.

Tanner Ward was up around 13th.

At the flag, Tanner was 15th and Marco was 21st.

Brandon Gourlay is the mechanic for the Viney boys. He’s racing the rest of the week on the MX track.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove is a character.

He finished 21st in 51 (4-8) Ltd. and 12th in 51 (7-8) Ltd.

Riley Clapp in a tight battle as they head towards Dad Row.

Unfortunately, this was the best shot I got of #241 Daylen Vanderslagt. He’s fine and will be out there on the MX track.

Stilez Robertson looks right at home on the big bikes.

#53 Bjorn Viney got out to a 3rd place start in his 250 B main. He held on for 14th.

Here he is hitting turn 2 with Hammaker and Robertson.

#20 Jeremy McKie making his way through some carnage. He went down and battled with bent bars and finished 33rd in Supermini 2.

Quinn went wire to wire for the 450 C title.

Here he is on the podium.

He did the logical thing and handed the bottle of champagne down to his brother, Larry…er, Bennet.

OK, it’s time to clean up and get out of here. It’s moto time starting tomorrow. See you at the races…