Photo Report | Moncton National | Toys for Big Boys

By Billy Rainford

Brought to you by Toys for Big Boys.

It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about round 8 of the Rockstar Energy MX Nationals for 2017, but we are. There are only 2 rounds left to go and the leaders in both classes seem to be doing what they need to keep their hopes of titles alive.

#12 Shawn Maffenbeier went 1-1 in MX2 to extend his points lead to 46 points ahead of #338 Ryan Surratt and #14 Dylan Wright, who are only separated by 1 point.

#2 Matt Goerke traded wins with #377 Christophe Pourcel and kept his MX1 points lead at 19.

Here’s a closer look at the racing action from a picture perfect day at River Glade MX Park in Moncton, New Brunswick.


Things were looking a little dry when we got to the track, so we were concerned about the dust for race day. The track crew did a great job and we didn’t have to fight dust, even late in the day. Great job!

‘Thompson Pond’ was a mere puddle!

Larry Northrup from Toys for Big Boys in Moncton is one of the 3 key players that make the River Glade (Yes, it’s actually 2 separate words) facility what it is. He was ready for a busy day.

It was all hands on deck to get the track perfect for practice. That’s Derek Schuster from the GDR team manning a hose.

Head Referee Paul Kingsley was swinging a hammer, too.

It’s also that time of year when everyone shows off next year’s gear. Here’s Matt Goerke in some 2018 Fly gear.

Nathan Bles was looking forward to another good day up inside the top 10. More on that in a bit…

Here’s what the guys were chasing this week. Did you know Sabian Cymbals was started in 1981 right there in New Brunswick? Me neither, but these trophies were keepers, for sure!

We posted a photo of Adam Turner’s ultra-neat tool box last week and Donk was concerned about some of its organization. Here’s Donk’s top shelf on race day this week. To be fair, that wasn’t Adam’s #1 tool box we showed.

#377 Christophe Pourcel gets a little alone time in the calm before the storm.

Looks like Cale Foster has his eyes on a new set of Sabians.

OK, let’s get this ugliness over with. Nathan over-jumped the finish line and then had a couple bikes not clearing the next big double. As he tried to avoid hitting anyone, he came up short and off to the side on the landing, putting himself to sleep for a little nap. He went to get checked out and no bones were broken, so he came back to the track looking like he’d just gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson. He’ll play it by ear this week to see if he’ll be good to go for Deschambault.

#781 Zack Zager has been toying with racing both classes for the past few weeks.Things didn’t go well for him in the MX2 class so he concentrated on the 450 class and finished 32nd.

#53 Broc Loftus was back in action after missing several rounds with a broken foot (BMX). He was still in some discomfort and finished 26th (28-23).

Ottawa’s #175 Anthony Spadaccini was 25th (23-22).

#59 DJ Burmey had a solid week in PV. He couldn’t duplicate his 9th in moto 2 there and finished 23rd (25-20).

Some would argue #74 Guillaume St-Cyr earned himself some holeshot money in moto 2. His 18-25 motos gave him 22nd.

#33 Casey Keast had a great first moto, finishing up in 6th. He clipped a hay bale that moved out in front of him over the step down and crashed hard. His 6-DNF gave him 15th.

Casey was fine but the bike was a little worse for wear.

#211 Jack Wright has been improving each week and was up in the mix with some seasoned Pro riders, like #35 Jason Benny here. Jack finished 13th (14-13) and was the top-finishing Intermediate not named Tanner. Jason was 12th (11-11).

#807 Drew Roberts stretching one out over the Klattapult. Drew has been doing well lately and repeated it again with 12-10 motos for 11th.

#384 Jeremy Pronovost belongs in the top 10 each race. His 13-9 motos put him 10th.

#637 Bobby Piazza was back in Canada and battled with Tanner Ward again this week. He finished 7-12 for 9th.

#19 Hayden Halstead has been quietly racking up top 10’s. He was 8th this week (10-8).

#184 Tanner Ward gets my ‘Stud’ award this week for finishing the 2nd moto in 7th with his rear shock stuck in this position. He finished 8-7 for 7th and was the top Intermediate, to no one’s surprise. He’s set to race this week at the ECAN at Deschambault.

#21 Davey Fraser is such a big deal in the maritimes that people salute him when he goes by! He had another solid day with 9-6 motos for 6th overall.

I bet you didn’t realize #338 Ryan Surratt has worked himself into 2nd place in the standings. He has and with a good start in the last 4 motos could stay there. He finished 5th (5-5).

#100 Jacob Hayes had the speed this week and it showed with his 3-3 motos. He was chasing the top 2 riders in both motos. He was 3rd.

If #16 Jess Pettis hadn’t injured his collarbone, he may be in the fight for this title. He finished 2-2 for 2nd at round 8.

#12 Shawn Maffenebeier has been #6 in MX1 before and admitted that his experience is what he feels may win him this title. He finished on top in both motos and has a 46-point lead in the standings.

Tanner Ward steps up to claim his 1st moto holeshot award in front of the huge Moncton crowd.

3rd for Jacob Hayes.

2nd for Jess Pettis and the moto 2 Royal Distributing holeshot cheque.

1st for Shawn Maffenbeier.

MX2 Podium: Shawn Maffenbeier (1-1), Jess Pettis (2-2), Jacob Hayes (3-3).


#463 Zach Nobrega is from Massachusetts. He has run out of race cash, so this was the last time we’ll see him in Canada for the season. He finished 31st (26-31).

#122 Devin Sleigh is Toys for Big Boys MX1 guy. He’s from Saint John, NB and finished 21st (21-22).

I expect a little more noise from #29 JC Bujold than his 18-17 motos for 19th show. Let’s see if he can improve on those scores this week in his home province.

#24 Ryan Lalonde raced all 4 motos again this week. I don’t want to be too hard on him, but I think he’s underachieving this summer. He’s faster than his results are showing. He was 18th in MX1 (16-18) and 19th in MX2 (21-18). He’s racing twice as much as everyone else, so we’ll cut him some slack.

I mentioned to #32 Eric Jeffery that he looked much faster than his first moto 19th showed. Then he told me he crashed and had come from last place. He came back for a 15th in moto 2 for 17th in his 2018 Fly gear.

We definitely shouldn’t be getting to #108 Dillan Epstein this early. He had rear brake problems in the first moto but still finished 7th. On lap 3 of moto 2, he was challenging for the lead with #5 Mike Alessi when he ran out of track and went down hard and taking a DNF. 7-DNF put him back in 16th.

#44 Jay Burke solved his electrical problem from PV and came back to finish 14th (17-14).

#56 Brock Leitner is becoming a fixture in and around the top 10. He was 11th this week with 12-11 motos.

#38 Tim Tremblay had to come from the back of the pack in moto 1 to get his 11th spot. He battled hard in moto 2 and took 10th for 10th overall.

Some of the best racing was between #8 Keylan Meston and #7 Cade Clason. These two seem to find each other every moto. Watch for it this week in Quebec. Keylan finished 9th (8-9).

Can you believe #262 Jesse Wentland is the only Suzuki at the races these days? Jesse put himself up in that battle with #8 and #7 and finished 8th (9-8).

#7 Cade Clason had to fight for his spot again this week. He was 7th overall with his 10-7 motos.

#10 Colton Facciotti was just a bit off his usual self this past weekend. He finished 6th (6-6).

#6 Tyler Medaglia was a mini dad Saturday with his son, Tallon. Sunday, he was up in 2nd for a while and was in a dog fight with his teammate, again. He was 5th (4-5).

#111 Kyle Chisholm had the speed to podium this week, and with one more lap may have done so in moto 2. His 5-4 motos put him 4th.

#5 Mike Alessi grabbed both holeshots and said he tensed up when they hit the lappers. He still managed to finish 3-3 for 3rd.

#2 Matt Goerke finished 1-2 for 2nd in Moncton and holds the red plate with a 19-point lead. He still wants to win every moto and should be right there this week in the softer dirt of Deschambault.

You’d never believe #377 Christophe Pourcel was leading a Pro motocross race if you went by what you heard on the track. If you’re going to buy a Pro rider’s used bike, buy one of his! Christophe traded wins with Matt and took the overall (2-1).

Mike Alessi gets 3rd and the Royal Distributing Triple Crown for getting both holeshots. ($300 + $300) X 2 + $1200!

Matt takes 2nd and holds the points lead with only 4 motos left.

Christophe wandered out in his own time and took top spot. This guy cracks me up.

MX1 Podium: Christophe Pourcel (2-1), Matt Goerke (1-2), Mike Alessi (3-3).

Tyler Medaglia won the ‘Brian House Memorial’ for being the top-finishing rider from the region.

And then he tossed everything he had out to the crowd.

We now head to the town that sits just west of Quebec City for round 9 at Deschambault.

Shawn says, “Ta Daaaaa!” Oh, and “See you at the races…”