Photo Report | Motopark Cup | Rounds 1-2

By Billy Rainford

Motopark Cup Rounds 1 and 2. As Iain Hayden said when I mentioned this rock art, “You might as well embrace it!”

I hadn’t been to a local race in quite some time, so I was looking forward to catching the first round of the ever-popular New Era Moto Cup at Motopark in Chatsworth, Ontario.

I have, literally, been going up to this place since 1982. It’s always been a fun track to ride and race, and with all the changes Iain Hayden and the gang have done over the last few years, it’s gotten even better.

The drive from London takes me up through the sleepy little towns along Highway 23 and up towards Owen Sound. I’ve found some back roads that allow me to miss some of the busier little villages that slow my overall time down, so it’s nice to put the van on cruise control and meander through the Central Ontario countryside.

I always make a stop at the Tim Hortons in Durham and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a busier location. I was lined up outside the door and into the parking lot! Since I was banking on this place for some coffee and breakfast, I decided to stick it out and soak up a little small town flavour, and I’m glad I did.

In hindsight, I guess I should have just driven the final 20 minutes and hit the Offroad Cafe for a traditional Moto Muffin and coffee, but I didn’t.

When I hit the official government-issued, blue and white Motopark road sign on the highway, my drive was done. Although I no longer have the nervous energy that comes from long drives to races where I’m actually going to be sitting on the gate, I still get excited as I near the entrance to a track.With so many great memories from this exact trip, the butterflies still make a rare appearance.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see vehicles already parked down the road on the outside of the gate! There were a lot of people at this race.

Michelle Hayden‘s mom couldn’t have been nicer at the gate. I signed the waiver and did a short loop to see if there were any parking spots left that I could squeeze myself into. There weren’t and I circled back to the entrance and found a place to wedge myself into.

Time to see who was here and what the schedule was.

Here’s a look at what I found:

I was surprised to find defending and 5-time Canadian MX Champion Colton Facciotti on site and racing!

Then I saw Cole Thompson and his dad, and I knew I was in for a special day. As you can see, Kevin Thompson is always so happy to see me and my cameras…

Steve Simms hanging out and making sure all his SSR riders are being taken care of.

Sally Cannella is also always happy to see me walking around. She just hides it well…

OK, which way to the races? Right, off we go.

Robbie Quantrill and his groovy socks is the guy everyone stares at until the gate drops.

The track was prepped perfectly and it was time to race.

Let’s go through the races in order they appear in the results, which you can find HERE.

#118 Brady Solomon’s consistent 4-2 overalls put him on top of the 250 Junior class.

#105 Mason Firby sits at the top of the 450 Junior class with 2-2 finishes. #164 Wyatt Kerr won Day 1 and #506 Maxwell Krasa took Day 2.

#22 Jonathan Bergeron took both wins in the 50 (7-8) class. He also took the 50 GP class.

#130 Merrick McGuire sits second.

#7 Bobby Gravel was busy winning all weekend. He leads the 65 (10-11) with a 3-2. He went 1-1 in 65 GP.

#158 Nathan Snelgrove took both wins in the 65 (7-9) class.

#2 Tyler Gravel was close all weekend, too.

Another of young Nathan Snelgrove.

Young #777 Evan Miller is 7th in 65 (7-9) after 5-9 performances.

#94 William MacLeod was sits 3rd in 65 (7-9) after 6-3 days.

#395 Jakob Malley on the line getting set for an 85 race.

#46 Tanner Scott is flying! He won the 85 (12-16) both days.

#147 Hayden Jameson is also going very well and took 2nd both days.

There was no quit in #96 Crayden Dillon. He had a rough race that I saw and didn’t give up.

Tanner Scott has lots of time on this track and it shows.

Crayden was 10th on Day 1 but didn’t race on Sunday so he’s down in 17th in 85 (12-16).

#192 Ty Lahtinen finished 3-3 and sits 3rd in points.

#92 Bella Morgan sits on top of the Ladies B class after 1-3 days.

#2 Brandy Mclarty is 2nd.

#610 Savannah Lance is 4th (3-2 days) in Ladies B.

#401 Samantha Beamish is 10th after finishing 2nd on Day 1 but not racing Day 2.

#12 Chelsey Hennig is 4th in Ladies A after 4-4 days.

Triple 6 Lyneysa McPherson is 7th in Ladies A.

#145 Hailey Johnson is 3rd in Ladies A after 2-5 days.

#156 Erica Solmes and #25 Estrella Cemovic had a great battle in the first moto of Day 1. Estrella took the win but got docked and didn’t race the 2nd moto. Erica won both days and tops the list.

#69 Hunter Scott finished 3-2 in the Supermini class and sits in 2nd place.

#111 Gavin Forsbrey finished 5-7 for 7th in points.

If I were giving out Jeff McConkey’s ‘G’d Up from the Feet Up’ award, I’d say it would have gone to #33 Lane Watts here. He sits 8th in Supermini after 7-8 days and looked pretty Pro doing it!

I don’t know who this is or what class he was in, but he was having a blast on this old Suzuki.

#75 Derek Boniface leads the 40+ (B/C) class with 5-2 days.

Kyle Snelgrove jumped in to push a downed rider’s bike back to the pits.

#12 Brandon Hilts is on top of the Vet 30+ (B/C) class after 2-1 days.

#164 Josh Baldwin finished 2-1 and leads the 40+ A class.

#16 Steve Beattie finished 9th in 30+ A and 8th in 40+ A on Saturday.

#33 Sam Matthews finished 6-5 for a tie for 5th place in Open Intermediate.

I posted a start crash video featuring #81 Doug MacLeod here, so I figure I owe him a photo. He finished 9-3 for 4th in 40+ A points.

#223 Austin Jones sits 2nd in Open Intermediate points (2-1).

#562 Jamie Powell is on top of the class after trading overalls with Austin.

#218 Nathan Bles came out to have some fun Saturday in the 125 class and took the win.

#259 Taylor Ciampichini raced both days and his 2-3 overalls have him 2nd in points.

#101 Matthew Cemovic leads the class after 4-1 days. Everyone loves the 125 class. Duh!

Jamie Powell sits 3rd.

Ryan Gauld sits 7th after 3-DNF days.

Iain and Zeb approve of the 125 class idea. Zeb actually borrowed a bike but got a flat rear tire and pulled off on Saturday.

#80 Sam Gaynor won the Youth A class. He’s back on the track after a back injury kept him away. He will head west to race the 450 class in our MX Nationals.

MP Cup Open Pro / Am Class

It’s time to go Pro/Am racing!

I was really impressed with all the Pro riders who showed up to race the Open class. #98 Eric Schildt finished 16th o/a on day 1.

#68 Liam O’Farrell went down in the first turn of the first moto and came back to 7th.

#73 Dario Zecca finished 19-12 for 17th in points.

#734 Tyler Rayner looked really good on Day 1 and finished 6-6 for 6th after running 2nd for a while. He didn’t race Day 2.

#33 Sam Matthews had 9-8 days and sits 12th.

#46 Marco Cannella was in the mix in both motos on Day 1, finishing 3-5 for 4th.

#32 Seth Hughes finished 8-7 for 8th in points.

#143 Travis Barrette sits 8th after 18-5 days.

#14 Tanner Ward was a little under-gunned on his 250 but still finished 3rd on Day 1. He even made a pass on Cole Thompson stick for a few seconds. He didn’t race on Day 2 and sits 7th in points.

#317 Cooper Larche raced both days and finished 10-6. He’s 6th in points.

I couldn’t believe this was Cole Thompson’s first time EVER at Motopark!

He and Colton Facciotti traded wins on Day 1 and kept the crowd lining the fences.

Cole’s 2-1 gave him the overall on Day 1 but he dind’t stay for Sunday and now sits 4th in points.

This is definitely as close as these two have been since the finish line crash in Quebec.

Colton is focused on capturing his 6th MX title this summer.

His 1-2 moto scores Saturday have him tied with Thompson in 4th.

#81 Cole Wilson finished 12th on Saturday but came back for a 3rd on Sunday, leaving him in 3rd on the point sheet.

#74 Ryan Derry is a full-time engineer and finished 11-2 to hold on to 2nd in points.

#80 Sam Gaynor needs as much track time as he can get. He raced both days to 5-1 overalls and tops the points.

MP Cup Open (Int and Pro) POINTS
Place – Name
Number – Hometown
Total Points
#80 – ERIN, ON
5th 1st 84
11th 2nd 65 (-19)
#81 – UXBRIDGE, 
12th 3rd 54 (-30)
#16 – , 
1st 47 (-37)
#1 – , 
2nd 47 (-37)
#317 – , 
10th 6th 39 (-45)
#14 – , 
3rd 38 (-46)
8th 7th 37 (-47)
#143 – , 
18th 5th 37 (-47)
#719 – HEARST, ON
4th 36 (-48)
4th 36 (-48)
#33 – , 
9th 8th 35 (-49)
6th 30 (-54)
#57 – ARISS, ON
15th 9th 26 (-58)
#218 – BAYFIELD, 
7th 24 (-60)
#777 – DUNDAS, ON
17th 11th 18 (-66)
13th DNF 17 (-67)
19th 12th 17 (-67)
14th 14 (-70)
10th 12 (-72)
#98 – CONN, ON
16th 11 (-73)

Colton stops by to talk to Dave Bell.

I can’t believe they now have two of these beasts!

Taylor Ciampichini signing an autograph for a young fan.

Robbie didn’t get stuck on anything.

In trouble again… LOL

Chris Pomeroy wearing his Moto Dad cape for the weekend.

It was great to see Estrella back at the races.

Ernie won’t be on the Pro tour this summer. He’ll be touring with the Scott crew.

Then it was time to clean up and head home…or get ready for Sunday.

Did someone say car ride?!

Hiding in the grassy knoll.

Davin, put the 125 away, we’re closed!

We need more water!

Taylor finally gets his power washer going and cleans up.

I have to admit, I had too many photos picked for this report and sort of lost my way. Sorry about that! Oh, and see you at the races…

Next Motopark Cup weekend is June 29-30.