Photo Report | Motopark SWO ANQ

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the Southwestern Ontario (SWO) Walton TransCan ANQ series took place at Motopark up in Chatsworth, Ontario this past weekend. This AMO-sanctioned event drew a ton of races, and cars were even forced to park down the gravel road outside the gates of the facility.

With renewed interest in the TransCan at Walton Raceway for the 2018 season, the gates were busy and the racing was high level.

Here’s a look at some of the racing with an emphasis on the winners of the classes. I missed a few classes, but I got most of them. I also took a ton of photos of the ‘Old Bikes’ classes and will give them their own post a little later on.

We’ll go in order of the results posted HERE.

#44 Duane Kocher was the winner of the 40+ class.

#67 Nic Wallis swept the 50+ class.

#527 Jake Tricco took the win (1-1) in the Cash Class. We’ll see him again in this report.

#19 Hayden Halstead hit the track to get a couple gate drops before the Nationals start.

Unfortunately, he slammed his left foot on a rock and damaged a couple toes. That was it for The Halsteads, and they headed home early. See you in Calgary, gang.

#343 Max Filipek finished 4-7 for 6th.

#750 Grady Mansfield took the youngest 50cc class (4-6) ahead of Wesley McLean and Dallas Marshall (I hope he gets fast because that’s a great racing name!).

#2 Tyler Gravel took the win in the 50 (7-8) class.

#96 Crayden Dillon went 1-1 in the 65 (10-11) class.

#7 Bobby Gravel (my new favourite name) took 2nd (2-2).

Little #76 Ben Kongmany looked good winning the 65 (7-9) class.

Crayden took the overall in the 65 GP class ahead of Ben and Bobby.

#28 Sam Gaynor traded wins with Tricco in the Open Intermediate for the win. The 2nd moto was wheel to wheel the entire moto.

#14 Kyle Brown was next in 3rd. No offense to anyone, but the two leaders checked out.

When the whole class was on 250’s, Jake Tricco took the win in 250 Intermediate.

There are no friends on race day and #672 Seth McDowall proved this as he put a solid Arenacross move on #415 Dario Zecca for position.

I’ll admit I flinched as Dario headed straight for me over the berm. Here’s how he rode out of the situation. They were 5th and 7th in 250 Int.

#68 Jacob Whiting leads a full gate of Juniors into the first turn. He’d take 3rd in Open Junior while #183 Kyle Jones took the win.

I was really impressed with the riding of #562 Jamie Powell. I don’t remember him and he stood out as aggressive and fast. He took the win in the 250 Junior class.

#710 Jake Hartman took the Open Beginner win.

#176 Ryan Derry and #93 Zack Zager put on a great show in the Youth class first moto. Ryan took the win (1-2).

#295 Josh Mann was between them with 4-1 motos.

#? Zeb Dennis took the win in the Vet 30+ class.

#226 Richard Chater took a hard-fought 2nd.

Keep an eye on #95 Evan Stewart on the Mini classes.

He took the win in the 85 (12-16) class.

#22 Hunter Scott battled hard for a 2-3 2nd place.

His brother #46 Tanner Scott was 3rd.

#25 Tristan Dares took the younger 85 (7-11) class with 1-1 motos.

#110 Emma Saarela was 2nd in the Ladies A 12+ class (2-3).

#381 Kelcey Jones took 3rd, and I have no idea how I missed #8 Brook Greenlaw who won the class.

#609 Victoria Dillon took the win in the youngest Girls class (4-8).

#1 Ashley Card took 2nd.

Stewart went 1-1 in the Supermini class, too.

#813 Cayden Wise was 8th.

#18 Leith Ness was 5th.

Not every moto went perfectly for young Leith, though.

#32 Seth Hughes got the win in the 2-Stroke class after swapping wins with Powell.

Seth gets his face time with Dave ‘Airtime’ Bell. Powell got the better of Hughes in the Schoolboy class as they traded wins again.

Classic Motopark shot along the fence.

Sam shows the face you make when you finally grab a moto win ahead of Tricco.

Jake watches his younger brother, #52 Luke Tricco, head out for a moto.

#258 Jacob Webster waiting for his next moto.

#93 Zack Zager having some fun at Motopark.

Love it!

Yep, I remember when those bikes were the new and improved bikes on the track.

Yes, they fight the rocks at Motopark. I kicked one off the track and thought I had it finished…

Chris Bruno enjoying the best pit location at Motopark.

I would seriously ride a Honda CT70 on the street.

Dave Bell has been doing this a long time and it shows. Great job again, Dave. I dare you to go up and correct a name pronunciation. That’s when he goes deaf.

#818 Davin Gross taking things light.

That’s a keeper of Cooper Larche and his dad, Rick Larche.

Zack staying out of trouble on the outside.

Max Filipek and his dad, Robert Filipek.

Dan Tricco cheering Jake on.

Pre-race rituals.

“I can’t hear you unless you win! LA-LA-LA…”

Foot swag.

See you at the races…