Photo Report | Quebec City Supercross | PRMX

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

This week’s coverage is presented by PRMX.

The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Supercross Series was back in action this past weekend in one of the most historic cities in all of Canada. Quebec City is as close to a visit to Europe as you’ll find without crossing the ocean. Playing host was the new Videotron Centre just outside Old Quebec City. This brand new facility was a perfect venue for round 3 of 4.

The 250 Triple Crown title has already been settled and Shawn Maffenbeier is the champion in that class, but the 450 class was down to 2 riders, Cole Thompson and Colton Facciotti, and this battle for $100K was to bring the atmosphere to new heights.

Here’s a look at the action from Quebec City.

If you were betting against #15 Jess Pettis, you should look for someone to give you racing advice. Jess has been on a roll and is seemingly unstoppable.

Newcomer, #725 Richard Jackson, is a regular on the Supercross scene and qualified 2nd out of the unseeded group.

Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!!!

250 Class

#328 Talan Hansen crashed early in the day and went to the hospital to get his leg checked out. The result is a broken fibula for the American rider. Heal up, Talan.

#27 Tanner Ward got off to a great start and looked to have the holeshot in hand. #471 Logan Karnow snuck through on the inside to take top spot on lap 1.

Pettis got completely squeezed out off the gate but somehow managed to get up into 2nd place right away and then went after the lead heading into lap 2.

With this textbook pass on Karnow, Jess Pettis was out front to stay there.

#118 Christopher DaSilva was in the top 10 early and would end up back in 13th spot.

#55 Jack Wright got knocked down in his heat race by #727 Dave Blanchet but did enough to go through to the main. With a sore arm, he managed to hold on for12th.

#24 Michael Fowler got off to a bad start and had to fight for his 11th place.

#114 Quinn Amyotte was also near the back early and fighting for positions. He would cross the line in 10th.

#725 Richard Jackson had the speed to battle up at the front but couldn’t make it happen in the main. He fell in the last corner and almost took out Pettis out in the process. He was 9th but will definitely improve on that in Hamilton.

#228 Sam Gaynor in close with #40 Guillaume St Cyr. Sam would end up 8th while Guillaume would struggle after a hard crash earlier in his heat race.

#416 Chad Saultz got off to a great start up in 4th place. He rode well and ended up 7th at the flag.

#727 Dave Blanchet loves racing the indoor stuff, especially i front of a home crowd. He rode a consistent main and finished 6th.

#66 Marco Cannella made a few passes and got himself up in to 5th place by the checkered flag. While he was racing, his dad, Sam, was getting ready to race the Florida Ironman on Sunday.

#27 Tanner Ward rode well all day and even cleared this triple into the rhythm section on a regular basis in the main. He started 5, passed into 4th on lap 2 and stayed there.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier made a late charge at Karnow in 2nd and finished right on his rear wheel over the finish line. The bigger buzz around the #3 was about where he was going in 2019. Rumours were swirling that he’ll be taking his 450 skills to a different team in the new year.

#471 Logan Karnow looked really good on the new bike and pushed hard to stay with the leader early. He ended up less than 3 seconds behind at the flag for 2nd place.

Jess Pettis looked to have things under control all day and it payed off with another win in the main.

He made it exciting with this incident at the very end though.

250 Podium: Jess Pettis, Logan Karnow, Shawn Maffenbeier.

450 Class

#751 Donald Turner broke his frame earlier in the night and couldn’t push his bike in the main. He was definitely excited to be in the main, but more to be on the big TV screen in the building.

#20 Davey Fraser got out to a great start in 450 Heat 1 and was up with the big dogs early. Unfortunately, he would get it all wrong heading into the rhythm section and crashed hard, taking him out of action for the night and off to the hospital. He broke some ribs, his collarbone and is pretty banged up. Heal well, Davey.

#12 Dylan Wright was set to race the 450 class in QC. After the drama that unfolded, the team decided to sit him for the weekend. What the team does in 2 weeks is still up in the air.

#71 Tommy Dallaire started from well on the outside and ended up on his own back in 12th spot.

#777 Karl Normand got caught up in the first turn crash and had to fight from the back of the pack with Cole Thompson and Matt Goerke. He made it up to 11th at the flag.

This was the first big race for #39 Eric Jeffery traveling as a family. He got knocked down in the main and crossed the line in 10th.

#10 Keylan Meston got off the gate well in the main and headed into turn 1 out front with Facciotti. His first couple laps were rough but he settled down and finished 9th in his first race back since Walton.

I didn’t speak to #2 Matt Goerke all weekend, but he couldn’t have been happy with the way things went for him. He had to charge back from last in the main and could only make it up to 9th by the checkers.

#645 Cheyenne Harmon showed up without his suspension or his gear bag (airline lost it). The OTSFF guys lent him Dillan Epstein’s stuff and he was able to race. He finished 7th and hopes for more in Hamilton.

#393 Daniel Herrlein was a solid addition to the PRMX team and qualified up in 2nd place. He said he got a little tired in the main and finished 6th. He should be up closer to the front in Hamilton.

#5 Tyler Medaglia got out to a really good start and was up with the leaders early. He made a small error while running 3rd and dropped to 5th, which is where he’d finish.

#75 Cody VanBuskirk capitalized on Tyler’s error and moved himself up to 4th spot. He was close to scoring a podium by the checkered flag and finished 4th.

#54 Phil Nicoletti got out behind Facciotti out front and looked good early on. He said he got some arm pump and tried to hold off the charge from Cole Thompson as long as he could. He was 3rd at the flag.

This is how the main started for Thompson, so the fact he’s even up challenging for a podium is pretty impressive!

The stage was set for an epic night when 2nd-in-points #45 Colton Facciotti got the holeshot and the points leader, #16 Cole Thompson, was down in the first turn.

Colton did what he could to hold off Thompson, late in the main.

Cole was trying everything to make up time on Colton out front.

It came down to a photo finish at the transponder line.

When Colton swapped a little before the final turn, he went up and tried to rail the bowl turn before the finish line.

Cole saw the opportunity to cut to the inside and go for the win and took it, resulting in this spectacular crash that put them both to the ground.

Colton got the worst of it and is scored 2nd spot. He was taken to the hospital with some back and lung pain. Fortunately, he’s going to be fine, but that will be it for the season. Will this make his retirement decision easier? Will this be the final moment in his storied career?

Cole takes the stage to receive his first place trophy amid some boos from the crowd. It was the most dramatic finish to a Canadian race that I can remember!

450 Podium: Cole Thompson, Colton Facciotti (absent), Phil Nicoletti.

We now head to Hamilton for the 4th and final round of the Supercross portion and will hand over the largest prize in Canadian Motocross history. With Colton out of action, the $100K is already Cole’s, as he’s got 74 points on Matt Goerke in 3rd.

There is a meeting to discuss what, if anything, the MRC is going to do about that physical finish, but it still won’t change the fact that Cole will be the unofficial 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown champion!