Photo Report | Quebec City SX – The Amateurs | PRMX

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

It’s time to take a look at some of the amateur racers who made the trip to Quebec City to race round 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Series Supercross Series.

Every class had a full gate, but we’d expect nothing less from the racers in Quebec. You want to hold a successful motorsports event in Canada? Do it in Quebec! They just seem to get it.

Here’s a look at the racing from a full day of racing at the Centre Videotron in one of the most historic cities in all of Canada.

Hey, Gilles Braun, let’s do this.

I’m sure most of these kids have never raced in a place like this in front of this many people! What a great experience.

#212 Zack Lavallee getting it done in the 50cc Open class main. He was 10th.

You can tell #15 Talon Medaglia has been getting good instruction by how much more he was standing up than the rest of the kids. It’s only a matter of time, folks! He was 3rd in the youngest class, the 50cc Open.

How many times do you think Tyler Medaglia gets tagged in Instagram photos like this every time Talon races?

#24 Maxance Fortier leads a nice little group into the rhythm section.

#9 Alec Guadagno took 2nd place, as the two leaders dropped the rest of the class.

#101 Ludovic Rivard looked great out front and handled the tricky track well on the little bike.

Ludovic gets his post-race winner’s interview.

#81 Christian Plasse always looks like a total Pro. He finished 6th in 65 Open.


Here’s #71 Dustin Burbridge moving up through the pack — that’s #01 Guillemette William and #11 Olivier Giroux — in the 65 Open main.

#198 Antoine Poirier got out to the early lead and managed to keep Dustin behind him at the flag, but just.

#8 Vincent Fortin was one of the 85 Open class riders who caught my eye in practice. He ended up 8th in the main.

#777 Philippe St Pierre also looked good and really likes to keep his bike up in the revs. He finished a solid 2nd in the main.

The same 3 riders doing battle earlier in the day.

#10 Antoine Brouillette looked solid in the main and took the win.

#83 Mathieu Darveau found out the hard way what happens when you leave the inside open against #565 Jeff Moffet in Arenacross.

I was hoping to see #517 Maxime Menard and #148 Felix Ouellet go at it in the Junior Open main event, but Felix went down early and that was it for him.

The main belonged to Maxime and he went on to take the win.

#7 Emilie Leveille tries to keep pace with #1 Eve Brodeur in the afternoon moto in the Women’s class.

You DO NOT want to let Eve get out to a start like this, if you hope to beat her.

#723 Bianca Branchard proving my point that teal is the new black. She finished 8th.

#33 Malia Garant got out to a great start in 2nd place in the main, but then got caught in the finish line crash and finished 5th.

#664 Samantha Emond was not hard to spot out there! She finished 6th in the main.

#81 Oceanne Brodeur managed to get through the carnage 2nd best and took the runner-up spot.

Eve tries to start her final lap.

Eve was never really challenged in this one.

The Open Intermediate main heads off the line with several of Canada’s future stars in it.

#474 Hunter Vaughan blitzing through the whoops. He would finish 3rd in the main.

#20 Jeremy McKie looking Pro as usual. He struggled earlier in the day but put it together when it counted and took 2nd in the main.

#53 Bjorn Viney had the field covered, though, and took the win.

Bjorn chats with Mathieu after taking the checkered flag…twice.

And that will do it until we get to Hamilton on November 17th for the final round of the Supercross series. Hopefully, amateur racers fill the gates like they did in Quebec.

Technically, #228 Sam Gaynor is still an amateur, but with this freshie haircut, he decided he belonged up on the Pro gate with his yellow plates. Sam says, “See you at the races…”