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By Billy Rainford

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It’s always worth the trip to Daytona in March to check out the Daytona Supercross and the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross (RCSX) that follows. The RCSX has become a huge race on the annual schedule and it’s where riders want to see and be seen. There are lots of eyes directed at this event and it’s important to do well there. 

We had a few Canadians racing again this year, so let’s have a look at some of the racing action from last Sunday and Monday at the Daytona International Speedway.

We’ll go in order of the posted results:

#52 Ethan Mann took the win in the 125 (12+) main. This isn’t that start, but he’s in there!

Canadian #527 Jake Tricco was in this one and finished 9th.

This is a big year for #335 Joey Crown. He’ll want to impress Pro teams in his A class/Pro Sport year. He looked great in the 250 A main as he took the win.

Canadian #727 Bryan Cormier finished 17th in the 250 B main.

He looked pretty comfortable out there.

And cheered his buddies on when he wasn’t on the track.

Jessica Patterson was there taking in some amateur action.

Drew Adams took 51 (4-8).


#411 Nick Romano took the 85 (9-11).


Canadian #22 Preston Masciangelo was in this one and finished 22nd.


#46 Jazzmyn Canfield and #30 Jordan Jarvis are definitely the future of the WMX. Canfield took the Girls Sr. (12-16).

#79 Jett Reynolds is one of the many kids whose name you’ll be saying a lot in the future. He took the Mini Sr. (12-13) class.

#52 Luke Tricco was in this one too.

He finished 21st.

Speaking of the future…if racing doesn’t pan out, someone put a camera in this guy’s hands!

Luke finished 18th in Mini Sr. 2 (12-14).

Matt Crown lined up and paid close attention to Joey’s motos.

Joey also won the Open Pro main event.

#46 Marco Cannella laid down some of the fastest laps of the event.

He finished 2nd to #99 Lance Kobusch in the Schoolboy 2 (14-17) class.

Race day stress.

#70 John Grewe took the 40+ main.

With #31 Barry Carsten on his rear wheel the whole time…again! If you’ve never watched one of their motos, get to the fence and watch one of these things. It could be the greatest rivalry going right now.

#325 Stilez Robertson won Supermini 1 (12-15) and Supermini 2 (13-16).

The Supermini classes had 3 Canadians competing, including #53 Bjorn Viney. And that’s Brandon Gourlay packing his gate.

Bjorn ran into a few troubles and finished 18th in Supermini 1.

#101 Matthew Cemovic finished 20th in Supermini 1 and 16th in 2.

Matthew and Bjorn launch into the whoops section.


Bjorn heads to Texas to compete next. He was 9th in Supermini 2. 

#527 Jake Tricco was fast but couldn’t get up front to run with the top riders in Supermini 1. He was 11th.

Hey, Sylvain Brodeur, where’s Eve’s shoulder massage???

It was time for round 1 of the WMX.

Eve Brodeur getting ready to go.

#28 Mackenzie Tricker and #1 Kyle Fasnacht.

Eve needed better starts to get up with the top few riders.

Fasnacht went 1-2 for 2nd overall.

#172 Hannah Hodges used her great starts to take the overall with 2-1 motos.

Eve admitted in our Tailgating interview that she let nerves get the better of her.

As she was moving forward in the 2nd moto, she stalled the bike and took some time to get going again.

She’ll work the bugs out and improve as we head to round 2.

Cheer up, it’s time for the Women’s Amateur (12+) main.

#25 Estrella Cemovic finished 6th in her main.

Jordan Jarvis took the win.

#282 Garrett Marchbanks to the win in 250 B.


#46 Marco Cannella had to make passes to get up to 9th.

Whaddaya think, Big Sal?


#19 Ross Thirnbeck was up next in 250 C.

Ross ended up 15th in the 250 C main.

Kyle Keast lined up in Junior 25+ and Open Pro.

Kyle finished 14th in the Open Pro main.

He took a very hard-fought win in the 25+ class.

Kyle is heading for Loretta Lynn’s this summer.

#11 Bradyn Johnson took 65 (7-9) with Canadian #852 Riley Clapp in 26th.

#66 Casey Cochran took 65 (10-11).

Canadian #43 Noah Viney was 11th.

Noah was also in the 65 (7-11) class.

He took 5th in that main.

The final main of the event was the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) class. #352 Jalek Swoll took the win.

It was another great year at the RCSX.

#402 Brandon Hartranft had the speed in the top classes.

He gave it one last shot at the line in the Open Pro Sport main and paid the price. He was OK but took a DNF.

#199 Ryder Difrancesco took 2nd in 85 (9-11).

Cheering on a buddy.

We’ll see you next year, Daytona.