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By Billy Rainford

Presented by Legend Intl. You don’t have to be a legend to wear this stuff, but it helps!

The 9th Annual Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross has come and gone. After a full day of practice and qualifying on Sunday, it was all about Mains today.

We didn’t have a very strong contingent of Canadians this year, but there was still lots of great racing to watch.

The day started out with clouds and threatening rain. As soon as the National Anthem was finished, the skies opened up and everyone ran for their umbrellas. Fortunately, it didn’t last long or ruin the day.

The first few races were run in the rain, but then the clouds parted, the sun came out, and we had nothing but blue sky for the remainder of the day.

Here’s a look at some of the racing action from Daytona today.

It was a little different atmosphere at the speedway today than it was Saturday night.

Nobody would have thought they’d be watering the track after all the rain we saw in the morning.

Seriously, this is what it was like just a short while before that photo was taken.

Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) started the racing and to no surprise to anyone, #199 Ryder DiFrnacesco took the win.

When I think of an original ’38 Special’ caption, I’ll let you know…

#300 Drew Adams picked up where he left off in Atlanta and took the 65 (7-9) win.

After going wheel to wheel with #70 John Grewe, it took a tip over by Grewe for Barry to get by and take the 45+ win. He was pumped.

#352 Jalek Swoll won the 250 B main.

#57 Hunter Calle was the only rider I saw in the 250 B class hitting the finish line triple.

#587 Aiden Tijero took Schoolboy 1 (12-16).

Gotta do what you gotta do! Fortunately, there wasn’t net here to stop him from continuing…

#182 Garrett Marchbanks had to make this pass happen to take the 250 A win.

Garrett on the stage.

#710 Mikah Carpenter won 51 (7-8).

#66 Casey Cochran won 85 (9-11).

Getting a better look at the whoops.

Photos like this look like nothing now, but just wait 5 years.

Eve Brodeur visualizing the first turn. Too soon?


Eve and #1 Kylie Fasnacht before moto 1.

Moto dads are the same all over the world.

#43 Emilie-Jade Leveille and Eve before they hit the track.

Yes, his first name is Tyler.

Things are pretty cordial before a WMX race.

However, once they’re behind the gate, it’s all business.

#172 Hannah Hodges.

#3o Jordan Jarvis had the speed to do very well today, but…

Hannah went on to win the first moto ahead of Kylie. Eve crashed after the first turn and got hit by a few people. She was done for the day.

Emilie-Jade finished 8th in moto 1. The WMX class did a 2-moto format while the rest did mains.

Must have some pretty fancy gloves she doesn’t want to get dirty?

Once these two left, we were plum tuckered out…

#70 Devin Simonson took the 450 B win.

#77 Devin Xindaris was hitting the triple nicely.

#124 Logan Boye is fast and fun to watch. He just needs some starts.

#63 Pierce Brown was up front but a crash had him fighting for every position he could get. He made it up to 6th in 450 B.

DiFrancesco and Nick Romano head out in Mini Sr. 2 (12-14).

DiFrancesco took the win.

Canadian #90 Christian Sparks takes off in 125 (12+).

Christian finished 31st.

#612 Mitchell Falk got the Open Pro Sport win.

Most of the top Pros were doing this triple, but #382 Tanner Stack was doing every lap, whether there were riders around him or not!

The fist pump.

Marchbanks and #17 Carter Halpain went down hard together. There was some tension afterward.

#206 Logan Best won the 65 (7-11) class.

#428 Nate Thrasher took both Supermini class wins.

It was a rare off day at the office for #79 Jett Reynolds.

#44 Greg Pamart got the +40 win over Grewe and Carsten.

#21 Dave Ginolfi won +35.

#767 is Canadian Justin Barnhart from Niagara Falls. He finished 14th in 250 C Jr.

#14 Brittani Majcher won Women 12+ Amateur.

#103 Luke Fineis won 250 C Jr.

Grewe took the 50+ class. If you can guess who got second…you don’t win anything.

#135 Marcus Phelps won College ((18-24).

Hodges chased Kylie in the 2nd WMX moto.

Jarvis was in for a great moto until she crashed doing a triple nobody else was doing.

Fasnacht traded wins with Hodges for the overall.

She got the win, but they’re tied for points as they head into round 2.

Now it’s time to point the DMX Van north and rack up a few more miles.

That’s it for another year in Daytona. Thanks for reading and we’ll “See you at the races…” Time to head to Calgary.