Photo Report | Rockstar MX Nationals | Prince George | Cycle North

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

First time events can be a scary proposition. Heading north to Prince George instead of west to Nanaimo had people wondering how the series would do with this new venue. The PGMA poured a lot of time and money into the Blackwater MX Track about 30 minutes outside of PG.

They put in a ton of work and made this one of the best tracks we have on the circuit, easily. The attendance seemed good, the bugs were manageable with some deet, and the racing on the track was some of the best we’ve ever seen.

The weather was perfect for racing, and even though I had to park down the hill and make a mess of the Redemption Racing RV with my gear, I had a great time in The Peege.

Here’s closer look at some of the racing from the dead centre of BC.

They’re doing a ton of rebuilding and revitalizing in downtown Prince George. We stayed right down in the centre for a little more entertainment.

Apparently, it started in 1985.

I shot this on the back of a side-by-side at the end of the day. Don’t adjust your glasses. The Blackwater MX Track just became many riders’ favourite track on the circuit.

Like we’ve been saying, you can see the entire track from one single point. It’s great for the spectators.

And this was taken out of our hotel window at midnight. PG is pretty far north.


#810 Travis Roberts is a long way from home. I should know because he’s basically from London, ON like me. He was 29th (28-29).

I missed #461 Tyler Unger last week when he was the top Intermediate rider in Kamloops. Well, I think he did it again in The Peege. 32-23 put him 24th.

#249 is Kaysen Winger. We met him in the hotel gym on Saturday. He and his parents came all the way up from Las Vegas to race the first 2 rounds. He didn’t make the motos but said he had a great time.

#223 Jonah Brittons is in the hunt for Top Rookie honours in the MX2 class. 23-16 put him 19th.

#119 Jared Petruska broke into the top 20 in PG with 15-20 motos for 17th.

Victoria, BC rider #24 Ryan Lalonde and his dad are touring the series in their box van. He was solid on his 2-stroke and finished 15th (16-14).

We really shouldn’t be getting to #12 Shawn Maffenbeier this soon. After taking over the lead in the first moto, only to tip over in a corner, a rock put an end to his motor and 3-DNF put him back in 14th.

#21 Davey Fraser got a great start in the first moto and ran up in the top 5 early. He was solid again in the second and finished 13th overall (14-12).

#266 Christopher Fortier had to work hard for his 12-13 motos scores for 12th and is also going for Top Rookie honours.

But so far it’s #33 Casey Keast who is stealing the show in his first season as a Pro. He battled seasoned riders, Tallon LaFountaine and Taylor Arsenault, in both motos. He finished 10th (8-10).

California rider #47 Tallon LaFountaine moved forward in both motos and took 9th (9-8) after some heated battles.

It was a very solid day for #19 Hayden Halstead. He was in a good battle for 10th in moto 1 and then looked great in moto 2 with a 7th place. However, his luck ran out on the drive east out of PG…

#25 Taylor Arsenault is a former Bronze Boot winner and was in the mix with Keast and LaFountaine in both motos. He finished the best of the three and took 7th (7-9).

#14 Dylan Wright’s luck has got to turn around soon. He started near the back in moto 1 and then tipped over in moto 2. He’s making it tough on himself but is still in good spirits. His 11-5 motos gave him 6th.

#787 Josh Osby really put the pressure on Cole Thompson up at the front in the first moto. This guy will be there every week, so get used to it. 4-6 gave him 5th.

I’m still waiting for #338 Ryan Surratt to look like he’s having a good time. He pulled the 2nd moto holeshot and had the speed to run near the front for a few laps. He’ll continue to improve as he gets fitter after his arm surgery. Oh, and for you old timers out there, his dad, Willy Surratt, will be in Calgary this week. 6-4 gave him 4th.

#100 Jacob Hayes is starting to look more comfortable and more aggressive. He’s going to have to ride more like his 2nd moto 3rd if he wants to stay in this title chase. 5-3 put him 3rd.

#16 Jess Pettis had the hometown crowd screaming for 25+2. He finished 2nd in moto 1 and then led a good portion of the 2nd. His 2-2 gave him a very popular 2nd.

#1 Cole Thompson did exactly what he needed to do in PG. He was methodical on his way to the front and held on for 2 solid wins. Maff gave him a gift for the easy win in the first, but Jess kept him very honest in the 2nd.

Maff after his 3rd place in the first moto where he said a yellow flag caused him to lose concentration for a split second and go down while leading.

Ryan Surratt gets his moto 2 holeshot cheque.

I doubt Jacob has another trophy like this Timber Kings wood carving.

I think we all got this shot of Jess as he walked on stage.

Cole is going to make this another long season for the rest of the MX2 class.

MX2 Podium: Cole Thompson, Jess Pettis, Jacob Hayes.


#501 Ryan Millar is back at the races and having fun. His plan is to do all 10 rounds. He needs much longer roller sections to crack the top 10. He was 20th (17-21).

#29 JC Bujold is learning to ride smoother on the big 450. He broke into the top 20 overall with 20-15 motos for 17th.

#58 Jeremy Medaglia was back in action for the first moto in PG. He had a great battle with #7 Cade Clason and even got by him for a bit. He was a solid 9th in moto 1 and then didn’t line up for moto 2. That gave him 15th.

#96 Brock Hoyer lined up for his one appearance at a Pro National this season. He’s from just a few hours away in Williams Lake. The X Games Gold Medalist finished 14-13 for 13th overall.

#8 Keylan Meston had great battles with #77 Nathan Bles and #195 Scott Champion in Prince George. 13-11 gave him 12th.

Nathan said he’s still looking for his aggression out on the track and will keep improving. 12-10 put him 11th.They had to throw a new motor in before the first moto, so it was a little tight.

#7 Cade Clason was up where he belonged in 8th in moto 1. He had troubles early in moto 2 and had to come from way back in the pack to earn 12th and 10th overall.

#195 Scott Champion looked like he belonged up there in the top 10 this weekend. He fought hard and finished 9th (10-9).

I’m still waiting for #38 Tim Tremblay’s breakout race. He was good up in 8th with 11-8 motos, but he’s got more in him.

#111 Kyle Chisholm is still a little under the weather but managed to push through a great battle with his teammate Tyler Medaglia in the 1st moto. 6-7 for 7th.

#6 Tyler Medaglia is showing good speed early this season. He wants to improve on his number and is doing that, sitting 5th. His 7-6 gave him 6th.

#5 Mike Alessi chose to sit out the 1st moto sight lap. He grabbed the 2nd moto holeshot and finished 5-4 for 5th.

#108 Dillan Epstein was probably looking over his shoulder for #10 Colton Facciotti, as the two saw a lot of each other. 3-5 for 4th.

#10 Colton Facciotti seems fast and calculated this season. He looked great all day and had the best seat in the house for the battle for the wins. 4-3 3rd.

When #2 Matt Goerke is doing this in practice, you’d better be on your toes. Matt and #377 Christophe Pourcel gave the crowd and each other all they could handle. Matt held on for the win in moto 1 and then lost the 2nd moto by half a bike in one of the most exciting finishes we’ve seen. 1-2 for 2nd.

#377 Christophe Pourcel is apparently a big fan of suspense! He stalked Matt down in that last moto and butter’d the final rhythm section to take the win. 2-1 gave him the overall.

This was his run at Matt at the end of the first moto! Check the site for the 2nd moto video clip. It was crazy!

Mike Alessi in his familiar spot…on stage getting his holeshot award.

Colton after a tough final moto.

Dillan Epstein is fast becoming a crowd favourite here in Canada.

Matt receives his 2nd place.

Christophe looks like he has another gear when he needs it.

Cole Thompson says, “See you at the races…and come on in for a nice man bun!” We’ll see you in Calgary this weekend!