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By Billy Rainford

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Here’s a look at the racing action from round 4 of the Rockstar MX Nationals at Moto Valley Raceway in Regina, Saskatchewan. There were a lot of crazy things and amazing rides that happened on a perfect day out in the prairies.


We have to start with #100 Jacob Hayes. Jacob was out front for the first 3 laps in the first MX2 moto, and had the fastest lap of the race before he had a mechanical failure in a high speed section and was ejected from the bike. He was taken back to the pits on the medic mule and sat out the rest of the day with an injury to his ankle.

Congrats to #351 Bryce Meyer who is up here from Texas with Kyle Swanson for making his first motos. He took 34th (33-31).

Stylish Quebec rider, #213 Tommy Dallaire, even finds a way to look good when he’s getting out of shape. 21-34 put him 25th.

I’ve said it before but damn #274 Quintin Robin’s set up looks good! He cracked the top 20 with 19-19 motos.

#170 Josh Gedak was once again the top finishing Intermediate rider in 19th (20-18). Yes, I stand in this corner during first practice every year.

We shouldn’t be getting to #16 Jess Pettis this soon. He ran up front in moto one but said he could feel his injured collarbone let go and he still hung on for 4th. He was unable to line up for moto 2 and came back from the Regina hospital in a left arm sling. That was a memorable ride for 4th! It put him 15th on the day.

#35 Jason Benny looks like a fast American rider for some reason. He finished 14th (14-15).

#19 Hayden Halstead is looking forward to the sand of Gopher Dunes in two weeks. He was in some great battles in Regina and finished 12th (13-10).

#25 Taylor Arsenault didn’t have the results he wanted in Regina and missed the top 10 with 11-11 motos. Watch for more top 8 finishes as we head east.

It was a couple years ago in Regina that a start crash took #119 Jared Petruska out of competition. He came back and exorcised the demons with 12-9 motos for 9th.

#21 Davey Fraeer was in some great battles with the young Pros Keast, Fortier, and Brittons. He put his 2-stroke in 8th place (7-8).

#266 Chris Fortier battled hard with them and finished with his best result so far in 7th (8-7).

#12 Shawn Maffenbeier was giving the home crowd what they wanted as he moved toward the front in moto 1. A fluke fall left him stuck under his bike for an eternity. He managed to removed his boot and free himself, but could only get back to 16th. He got back on track and finished a close 2nd in moto 2 for 6th overall (16-2).

#223 Jonah Brittons emerged as a contender by putting in two very good motos at Moto Valley. 6-6 gave him his best finish up in 5th.

#338 Ryan Surratt is a great starter. Once he gets his fitness under him, watch for him to start fighting for wins. 5-5 gave him 5th.

#14 Dylan Wright finally had a good day. He was a solid 3rd in moto 1 and then 4th in the 2nd to grab the 3rd spot on the podium.

#787 Josh Osby is one of many riders looking forward to the softer soil of the eastern rounds. He’s only got one more step to take as he finished 2-3 for 2nd overall in Regina.

#1 Cole Thompson did exactly what he wanted to at round 4. He proved he is still the rider to beat with his 1-1 motos.

MX2 Podium: Cole Thompson (1-1), Josh Osby (2-3), Dylan Wright (3-4).


I watched #700 Codie Rouse go down the finish straight in qualifying and throw down back-to-back scrubs to both sides that rivaled the famous James Stewart clip from Bithlo. He put his 2-stroke in 29th with 28-26 motos.

#526 Parker Eales is tall. He finished 24-25 for 26th.

#29 JC Bujold and #491 Adam Pfeiffer battling during a moto. Adam finished 25th (22-28) and JC was 17th (17-19).

I didn’t know who the fast #424 rider up in 16th was in the first moto. He got out to a great start in 9th in moto 2 but then troubles took him out of competition on lap 7. 16-DNF gave him 22nd. He’s all the way up here from South Carolina.

I also didn’t know anything about #95 Ryan Peters from North Dakota. He got out in the mid teens in both motos and held his ground. 14-15 for 14th.

#56 Brock Leitner is about to have his top 10 race again soon. 13-14 put him 13th.

#20 Kyle Swanson was up in the mix until he looked ahead and copied Chisholm and Epstein ahead of him and went down. He was just behind the top battles in 12th with 12-13 motos.

#77 Nathan Bles was bummed his 10-10 motos gave him 11th and not a top 10. He’ll get it soon.

Nathan battled hard with #8 Keylan Meston again in Regina. Keylan was solid with 7th in moto 1 and then had some trouble in moto 2 and had to fight for 11th for 10th overall.

There’s a really good group of riders just outside the top 5-6 and #38 Tim Tremblay is one of them. He went down hard in qualifying, banged his head, and hurt his thumb. His 9-9 gave him 9th and he’s looking forward to heading east.

#10 Colton Facciotti was rumoured to be under the weather in Regina. He had a good first moto fighting with the top 4 guys but then went down at the start of moto 2 and had to come from last to 8th. He was 8th overall.

#7 Cade Clason had a bad start in moto 1 but got a taste of the front in moto 2 when he headed out in 3rd spot. 6-7 motos put him 7th.

#111 Kyle Chisholm was always there in Regina. He banged into Epstein when he was down and lost a lot of positions. He and his teammate, Tyler Medaglia, raced each other again at round 4. 8-5 put him 6th.

#108 Dillan Epstein and Facciotti came though the field together in moto 2 after going down in the first 2 corners. Dillan battled a locking front wheel in moto 1 for 11th and then went from last place to 3rd in moto 2 for 5th overall.

#6 Tyler Medaglia used this triple (clearing the table over the single) in qualifying to record a very fast lap. He went down when he got together with Goerke after grabbing the first moto holeshot and had to battle back to 4th. His 4th in moto 2 gave him 4th overall.

There’s really no way to tell #2 Matt Goerke he had a good day when he leads until 2 corners to go and then a rock knocks his chain off. He won the first moto but his chain issue left him scrambling to put it back on to cross the line in a heart-breaking 6th. He was 3rd overall and now shares the points lead with Pourcel.

#5 Mike Alessi had a very good day with 3-2 motos. He pulled the holeshot in moto 2 and led for 9 laps before an off lap left him 3rd until going past Goerke at the side of the track for 2nd in the moto and the overall.

#377 Christophe Pourcel seems like one of thoose riders who knows exactly what he needs to do to win. I don’t think he’s going to take any crazy chances but he’s fast enough to always be there at the front. 2-1 motos gave him the overall and share of the points lead.

MX1 Podium: Christophe Pourcel (2-1), Mike Alessi (3-2), Matt Goerke (1-6).

We now take a week off before the series starts the eastern swing with round 5 at Gopher Dunes, Sunday, July 9th.

Frenchie says, “See you at the races…”