Photo Report | Sarnia Arenacross

By Billy Rainford

It was great to be at the races in Canada again this past weekend for Round 3 of the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Championship.

Coming into this week, we figured there would be a few riders to add to the starting grid in both the 250 and 450 classes, and we were right. Several Ontario Pros showed up to test themselves against the best we have.

17 riders ran practice and qualifying in the 250 class and 13 in the 450 class. No, not as many riders as you would think, but it still made for some great racing entertainment.

The three red plate holders that came into round 3 will be heading into round 4 with them still in tact. Here’s a look at the racing action from a full Progressive Auto Sales Arena in Sarnia, Ontario.

The night started with some anthems.

We’ll start with a few of the opening ceremonies intros. And they use the same dude who does the Supercross intros. And to think I bought the whole seat! Here come’s Cade Clason from Tuscon, Arizona. That took some getting used to.

Matt Goerke.

Shawn Maffenbeier.

Dylan Wright.

Tyler Medaglia did his best Doug “Wheelie King” Demokos impression.

Phil Nicoletti.

The biggest cheer was reserved for local boy, Cole Thompson.

#94 Luke Renzland was top 250 qualifier.

#1 Cole Thompson was quickest in the 450 class.

Here are a few black and white artsy photos I really like.

Tyler Medaglia.

Tanner Ward.

Quinn Amyotte.

Brad Nauditt.

Ryder Floyd.

Tyler again.

Drew Roberts.

#36 Avrie Berry made it 3 in a row in the Women’s class.

She races the WMX in Europe and will race our western women’s series this season.

Tyler Medaglia won Heat #1.

Behind him, there was some pretty exciting racing.

Dylan Wright led heat 2 early on.

But #94 Luke Renzland had other ideas.

Luke Renzland went on to take the win ahead of Wright and Marco Cannella. .

This crash sequence in the 250 LCQ between #40 Guillaume St Cyr and #296 Ryder Floyd took Guillaume out for the night.

Ryder actually managed to pick himself up and charge up to 3rd place by the flag and make it into the main.

#164 Dakota Alix joined our series and went out and won 450 Heat #1 ahead of Maffenbeier and Clason.

#1 Cole Thompson took the Heat 2 win ahead of Goerke and Nicoletti.

The Clash for Cash was a crazy one, just ask Austin Watling! Bars were banged and friendships were not solidified in this one. Matt Goerke managed to fight his way to the front and took the 5 points for the win.

It was nice to see a smile from Matt. We haven’t seen too many of them so far this season.Behind him, it was Thompson, Wright, Medaglia, and Maffenbeier grabbing the bonus points.

On to the mains.

250 Main

The holeshot in the 250 main was a close one, but give it to #52 Brad Nauditt who would lead early.

Tyler Medaglia had some troubles off the start and then some bigger problems at turn two which left him dead last and a lap down. He clawed his way up to 6th by the flag.

#296 Ryder Floyd had to start from the 2nd row and then had some bike issues that took him out of another main.

#807 Drew Roberts put his 150 2-stroke into the main and 11th at the flag.

#146 Tyler Gibbs has potential in this indoor stuff. He was 10th in the main.

#60 Quinn Amyotte is a pretty big guy and it’s cool to watch him climb all over his 250 out there. He was 9th.

#50 Jyire Mitchell was in 6th early in the main, but this fall by the mechanics’ area took him out of contention, finishing 8th.

#41 Jack Wright power-sliding his way to 7th in the main.

#46 Marco Cannella was in a nice battle with Nauditt and finished just behind him in 5th.

After leading early, Brad took 4th at the flag.

Tanner Ward and Luke Renzland had a nice battle.

Luke would finish in 3rd.

Tanner would hold on for 2nd place after joining the series.

Dylan Wright took the lead early and was never challenged.

250 Podium: Dylan Wright, Tanner Ward, Luke Renzland.

250 PRO Results  View Laptimes
Overall Nbr Name Heat Semi Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st  #19 Honda  DYLAN WRIGHT  2nd
Heat 1
 – 2nd 1st *33
 2nd  #14 KTM  TANNER WARD
Heat 2
 – 2nd 2nd 27
 3rd  #94 Yamaha  LUKE RENZLAND
Heat 1
 – 1st 3rd 25
 4th  #52 Husqvarna  BRAD NAUDITT
Heat 2
 – 3rd 4th 23
 5th  #46 Yamaha  MARCO CANNELLA
Heat 1
 – 3rd 5th 21
 6th  #5 Kawasaki  TYLER MEDAGLIA  1st
Heat 2
 – 1st 6th *22
 7th  #41 Yamaha  JACK WRIGHT  5th
Heat 1
Semi 1
8th 7th 19
 8th  #50 KTM  JYIRE MITCHEL  4th
Heat 1
 – 4th 8th 18
Heat 2
Semi 1
5th 9th 17
 10th  #146 Unknown  TYLER GIBBS
Heat 1
Semi 1
6th 10th 16
 11th  #807 KTM  DREW ROBERTS
Heat 2
 – 4th 11th 15
 12th  #296 Yamaha  RYDER FLOYD
Heat 2
Semi 1
7th 12th *14

450 Main

Give the 450 main holeshot to #164 Dakota Alix.

#73 Dario Zecca had some troubles and finished in 8th place.

#74 Ryan Derry got himself in the mix and finished 7th.

#3 Shawn Maffenbeier and #12 Cade Clason had a great battle in the main. Shawn would finish just behind him in 6th.

They were this close for most of the race, with Cade taking 5th place at the flag.

Once again, Matt Goerke had the speed but not the start.

He and Phil Nicoletti had a nice race, with Matt finishing in 4th place.

Phil would round out the podium in 3rd after starting out in 2nd place.

#164 Dakota Alix was impressive in his first Arenacross race. He led early and even pulled a gap on the field, until…

…he left the door open a crack and Cole Thompson took advantage of it. Dakota would finish 2nd.

Cole would take another win in front of the partisan crowd.

The main event was a really good show for the big crowd in Sarnia.

450 Podium: Cole Thompson, Dakota Alix, Phil Nicoletti.

450 PRO Results  View Laptimes
Overall Nbr Name Heat Semi Moto 1 Moto 2 Points Earned
 1st  #1 KTM  COLE THOMPSON  1st
Heat 1
 – 1st 1st *34
 2nd  #164 KTM  DAKOTA ALIX  1st
Heat 2
 – 1st 2nd 27
 3rd  #54 Yamaha  PHIL NICOLETTI  3rd
Heat 1
 – 3rd 3rd 25
 4th  #2 Kawasaki  MATT GOERKE
Heat 1
 – 2nd 4th *28
 5th  #12 Husqvarna  CADE CLASON
Heat 2
 – 3rd 5th 21
 6th  #3 Yamaha  SHAWN MAFFENBEIER
Heat 2
 – 2nd 6th *20
 7th  #74 KTM  RYON DERRY
Heat 1
 – 4th 7th 18
 8th  #73 Honda  DARIO ZECCA
Heat 2
 – 4th 8th *17

It was a great night of racing, and now we head to the final Arenacross round in Barrie Ontario this Saturday. Danielle Bechard says, “See you at the races…is that the roof?!”