Photo Report | Walton TransCan | Wednesday

By Billy Rainford

Racing continued today, and we started into 2nd motos. The weather was perfect and the racing was great. Here’s a look at some of the winners of Day 3 at the 2019 TransCan GNC at Walton Raceway.

#64 Ryder McNabb got out front early in the Schoolboy 12-7 moto but #14 Austin Kapoukranidis (Kap) made the pass stick and took the win.
Mission, BC’s #30 Devyn Smith had a great 450 Jr. moto and took the win from the drop of the gate.
#7 Bobby Gravel took the lead when #1 Dexter Seitz fell. He had a great battle with #76 Ben Kongmany to the flag. (Sorry I kept calling Bobby, Tyler in the live recap tonight)
#81 Jake Piccolo was on fire today, starting with the Open Intermediate moto where he also led from the drop of the gate for the win ahead of Cameron Wrozyna and Keenan Peterson.
Ryder McNabb was the one to beat in 85 (12-16) today ahead of Noah Viney and Sebastien Racine.
#81 Kobi Cox also had a good day. He won the Youth Beg/Jr. moto ahead of #159 Justin Neiser.
#708 is William Conaguier from Pennsylvania. He took the win in the 85 (7-11) class.
#325 Tallon Unger tried to time the gate and climbed over it to a very nice, although not legal, holeshot in the Youth Int./Pro class.
Davey Fraser was 4th.
Hayden Halstead moved himself up to 3rd.
But out front, the battle between #68 Liam O’Farrell and #519 Josh Cartwright was one for the books! They were at it the entire time with Liam able to stay up in front.
#164 Wyatt Kerr took the win in the Open Junior moto.
#126 Chris Pomeroy won the +40A moto.
#719 Joe Sylvester won the +40B moto.
#807 Drew Roberts made a few passes and took the 2-Stroke moto win ahead of Jamie Powell and Julien Benek.
#1W Parker Hatt from Calgary was the man in the 50 (4-6) class.
#1W Braxton Zeitner took the older 50cc class (7-8) moto win.
They only cut out 1 section of the rutted track and young Lily managed to make it. Well done!
#63 Brittany Scheltema grabbed the holeshot in the Ladies moto.
#1 Eve Brodeur made an early pass for the lead and stretched it out.
#90 Landry Hazen made the pass for 2nd and seemed to be closing in a bit on Eve, but I”m sure Eve was keeping one eye on her lead.
As usual, Eve will be tough to beat again this year.
#67 Nic Wallis and #1 Bill Wallin had a great battle at the front in 50+.
Liam O’Farrell snagged another moto win in the +30A class ahead of Davey Fraser and #708 Jay Burke.
Piccolo was at it again with a win in the 2nd 250 Intermediate moto.
The battle for 2nd place was a great one! Wrozyna would end up getting it with #144 Kapoukranidis 3rd. There was a protest filed for jumping on a red cross flag on Wrozyna. They appealed and ended up getting Cameron’s positions back.
I was impressed by #474 Hunter Vaughan who kept that freight train of riders only a couple seconds in front of him for 5th.
Landry Hazen says she enjoys her Supermini more than her 250F. She was all alone out front in Girls (9-16) with Garant and Legare behind her.
#1 Braxton Zeitner took the 50GP win after #157 Ryder Snelgrove grabbed the holeshot.
#1 Steve Simms took the +30B moto win and cleared the Natural Double consistently. #719 Joe Sylvester right on his the entire way.
#27 Alex Guadagno took the 65 (7-19) win ahead of Cole Wyatt and Tyler Booy.
#159 Justin Neiser led the 250 Junior moto early. He ended up 2nd.
Kobi Cox stretched out a lead for the win.
Heartbreak for first moto winner #164 Wyatt Kerr. He’d moved himself up into 2nd place but then had his bike let go on him for a DNF.
#97 Ty Shemko impressed everyone again with a move up to 3rd place in the 450 Intermediate moto.
Jeremy McKie took the win ahead of #269 Blake Hazen.
Ryder McNabb won the final moto of the day , Supermini, but it was not easy!
#372 Ryan Canaguire was only 1.2 seconds off his rear wheel at the flag. The final moto is going to be good.
Tonight it was the always popular bingo night. #54 did his community service by calling the numbers.
Ask Jack Right to show you his right upper leg tomorrow.
Liam O’Farrell had a bib printed with his number on it…but he asked for the wrong number. He’s hilarious.
Mel Lee and Kourtney Lloyd.
Julien and Veronique were happy…er scared? to be playing some bingo.
OK, we’re boring Sloan. Let’s do it all again tomorrow. See you at the races…

Full results HERE.