By Billy Rainford

The Women’s West MX Nationals got underway this past Saturday at Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, Alberta.

With a full gat of riders and a couple wild cards thrown in, we were set for some really good action in the class.

They now go before and after the Pro Motos, so they got to see the Calgary track at both ends of the spectrum – relatively smooth and brutally beaten.

Here’s a look at the racing from Round 1 of 4:

#84 is Payton Bruvold from Langley, BC. She took 29th place (27-28).
#119 Alexandra Sharrock is a local rider and finished 27th (23-26).
#22 Leah Carrington stayed consistent with 25-23 motos and took 24th.
#19 Kiana Sache is from Chilliwack and took 20th after getting 16th in moto 1 but then having troubles in moto 2 with a 32nd place finish.
#8 Nicole Gaudern is back in Canada and took 19th (17-19).
#10 Samantha Bartlett was down from Edmonton and finished 16th (18-16).
#30 Courtney Stelter went 13-18 for 15th. She came back and won on Sunday.
#923 Ashley Sagnis is up from Washington and finished with a pair of 15’s to take 14th.
#7 Kate Lees was 11th overall after 11-12 motos.
#381 Kelcey Jones is out west from Ontario. She ripped her 2-stroke to a top 10 overall with 9-10 motos for 10th.
#419 Lexi Dyekman came back from a 12th place first moto to take 6th in moto 2. It put her 9th.
#3 Danika White always has the trickest-looking set up. Her 6-9 motos put her 8th.
#498 Madi Watt took 7th overall with 7-8 motos.
#6 Dominique Daffe had to watch Jared Petruska crash out in his final 250 moto and then race her 2nd. 8-7 put her 6th.
#15 Eden Netelkos is Luke Renzland’s better half. She was all 5’s Saturday. 5-5 motos put her 5th.
#108 Liz Burke drove all the way out from PEI to have some fun in the west. 4-4 motos placed her just off the podium in 4th.
#1E Eve Brodeur and her dad drove out from Quebec to race the west but not for points. She’ll defend her East title later in the summer. Her 3-2 motos put her 3rd. She’s not a hard-pack rider and so should make the next couple rounds pretty exciting.
#50 Shelby Turner took the win in moto 1.
She had some troubles in moto 2 and her 1-3 put her in the runner-up spot.
#36 Avrie Berry is up from the USA and is our reigning AX champ.
She finished 2-1 to draw first blood in this series.
This series is going to come down to these 3 women the next two weekends. Eve will head home after Minnedosa, leaving Avrie and Shelby to duke it out for this crown.
Women’s Podium: Avrie Berry (2-1), Shelby Turner (1-3), Eve Brodeur (3-2).
Avrie and her Manluk Racing team pose for a team photo after her win.
It should be really close racing between the top 3 ladies this week at Blackwater MX in Prince George. Eve flashes her WestCoast finger symbol and says, “See you at the races…”


  1. 36 Avrie Berry
  2. 50 Shelby Turner
  3. 1E Eve Brodeur
  4. 108 Liz Burke
  5. 15 Eden Netelkos
  6. 6 Dominique Daffe
  7. 498 Madi Watt
  8. 3 Danika White
  9. 419 Lexi Dyekman
  10. 381 Kelcey Jones
  11. 7 Kate Lees
  12. 12 Kaylie Kayer
  13. 250 Megan Arnemann
  14. 923 Ashley Sagnis
  15. 30 Courtney Stelter
  16. 10 Samantha Bartlett
  17. 49 Oriana Fraser
  18. 9 Kassee Morrison
  19. 8 Nicole Gaudern
  20. 19 Kiana Sache
  21. 327 McKenna Watt
  22. 88 Tay Esselink
  23. 171 Caslynd Plante
  24. 22 Leah Carrington
  25. 98 Melanie Harvey
  26. 785 Heather Chalifoux
  27. 119 Alexandra Sharrock
  28. 191 Marissa Monk
  29. 84 Payton Bruvold
  30. 197 Sarah Chipchar
  31. 139 Shelby Tse
  32. 137 Brie Day
  33. 29 Alissa Harkin
  34. 57 Robyn O’Donnell