Photo Report | Women’s West MX Nationals | Round 3 – Calgary

By Billy Rainford

Round 3 of the Women’s West MX Nationals took place Saturday at Wild Rose MX Park in downtown Calgary. Entries were a little down and so registration was opened up to riders wanting to sign up race day morning. When the gate dropped, 28 riders headed out on the rough and rutty track.

Unfortunately, Rider #7, Kate Lees, crashed in practice and headed off to the hospital. The result was a broken arm, and Kate returned to the track with her left arm in a cast.

The weather was perfect for racing with a mixture of sun and cloud with temperatures hovering around the 20-degree Celsius mark.

Here’s a look at some of the racing action.

#7 Kate Lees crashed in practice and hurt her arm. She came back to watch wearing this cast that Jeff made more fashionable for her.

This is how moto 1 got underway.

#3 Lexi Pechout got out to the holeshot and early lead but #1 Shelby Turner got by her on the first lap and the battle raged from there.

Lexi also grabbed the holeshot in moto 2 but again Shelby was able to get by her early. This time she made the pass stick.

After the two exchanged the lead a few times in moto 1, this is how the final pass was made for the win with 2 corners to go on the last lap.

They were both headed for the outside berm.

Lexi gave her no room.

And forced Shelby off the track.

Lexi went on to take the checkered flag with Shelby 2nd. The two were miles out front again.

#31 Jannie Lamontagne leads #412 Michelle McCarthy. The two would finish 20th and 19th.

#119 is Alexandra Sharrock. She had a good battle with Lamontagne and finished just ahead in 18th (21-16)

#18 Carlene Johnson is from Wainwright, AB and finished 16th after some good battles with #24 Samantha Bartlett and #923 Ashley Freeman.

#49 Oriana Fraser finished 10th in moto 1 and then had to work hard for her 11th in the 2nd. She was 10th overall.

Wyoming’s #44 Nicole Gaudern got out to 2 solid starts. She was in a good multi-rider battle in the second after riding alone in the first. 9-8 put her 9th.

#17 Sam Puky leads #4 Dominique Daffé in the first moto. She would finish 7-9 for 8th.

#9 Kristen Tse is quick to point out she doesn’t like ruts. She battled her way up to 7th place with 8-7 motos.

#6 Madi Watt finished 6-6 Saturday for 6th place. That’s a lot of 6’s.

#11 Tamala Whiteside battled hard, chasing #10 White in the first moto. Her 4-5 motos gave her 5th.

#4 Dominique Daffé got out to 2 solid starts and raced her way to 5-4 motos.

#10 Danika White is really pushing hard to claim ‘Most Improved Rider’ honours this season. She had everyone but the lead 2 covered in Calgary. 3-3 put her 3rd.

#3 Lexi Pechout’s corner entry speed is impressive. She was fast at her home track.

She and #1 Shelby Turner spent most of the day like this.

The first moto saw Shelby and Lexi go tooth and nail the entire time. Shelby got out front in the second moto and wasn’t really challenged. 2-1 gave her the win.

Pechout taking the moto 1 flag.

Turner took the all-important moto 1 flag.

It was a tough day of dog fights, but the two still congratulated each other.

West organizer Kristi Moore went live on Facebook for both motos in their entirety.

The top 5 all got new skateboards.

Pechout at the podium.

Turner with the thumbs up after another solid day. She’s now 3 for 3.

Lexi gets a hug from Dave MacGregor.

There’s a lot more hugging on Saturdays.

Sam Puky earned the Dunlop Hard Charger Award.

Tamala Whiteside was 5th and was happy to get on stage for the first time.

Dominique really wants to get 3rd but still managed to smile.

Danika White heads on stage with a high five for Tamala.

Lexi Pechout grabbed both CWF holeshot cheques.

Shelby and Lexi with the on stage high five.

Women’s Calgary Top 5: Shelby Turner, Lexi Pechout, Danika White, Dominique Daffé, Tamala Whiteside.