Photo Report | Women’s West Nationals | Prince George Round 2 | Cycle North

By Billy Rainford

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Round 2 of the Women’s West MX Nationals took place at the Blackwater MX track outside Prince George this past Saturday. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for the 32 women who lined up to race on the new track, but it was still a good day of racing.

The first moto took place in very soupy conditions that helped off-road stars, #1W Shelby Turner and #3 Lexi Pechout, shine brighter than the rest.

The standout performance of round 2 had to be the 3-3 finishes of #10 Danika White. Let’s take a look at some of the racing action:

Part of the fun at these races is seeing who gets hooked into being the 30-second board guy. Tim Tremblay did the honours for moto 1.

After learning the track in practice, Shelby Turner decided to skip the sight lap.

Stu McQueen makes sure everyone is set and ready.

Matt Goerke walks the gauntlet before the first moto.

Daryl Murphy with the final check before the board goes up. Did you know, Daryl hasn’t had a cigarette in over 11 days now. Cold turkey is the way he’s doing it. Keep it up, Daryl, now everyone knows!

The wet cement pad made the start trickier than normal.

Lexi Pechout made the pass for the lead and then this kicker got her heart rate up on the first downhill. I thought I was going to have to catch her!

The pack files down the big hill after the first turn.

Troubles early.

#533 Madison Heighington and #422 Laura-Marie Kinas get hooked together.

Lexi Pechout looked right at home in the conditions.

Getting some encouragement through the tough conditions.

Lexi looks over and reads her pit board to find out she’s all alone in 2nd place.

#9 Kristen Tse had a very solid 3rd in Kamloops but couldn’t repeat it in Prince George. She had troubles and could only manage 12th (17-5).

#397 Summer Knowles just missed the top 10 but said she’s having a blast racing these days.

#57 Robyn O’Donnell finished 21st and got some nice recognition at the podium.

Shelby Turner lapped her way up into the top 5 and put on a mud-riding display.

Removing your goggles is never advised, but sometimes it’s your only option.

Check out the huge smile on #10 Danika White’s face as she held on for 3rd place.

Jacob Hayes won the ‘Awkward Moment of the Day’ award as he tried his best to coordinate shaking his hips and moving forward. It was interesting.

I stand corrected. Scotty Miller took this award, hands down. Please, no one try to outdo this!

Conditions improved a ton for the 2nd moto, but #7 Kate Lees and #397 Summer Knowles came together off the line and had to start from the back of the pack.

Lexi Pechout leads them through turn 1.

This is how far behind these two were.

Something got into Danika White in PG. She looked great in 3rd place.

Dominique Daffé got into 4th place early and stayed there.

#6 Madi Watt was in a good battle with #44 Nicole Gaudern and #9 Kristen Tse.

#11 Tamala Whiteside was solid and ended up in 10th spot.

#412 Michelle McCarthy cracked the top 20 in 17th (15-19).

Summer Knowles picked herself up and made her way back up to 12th spot and took 11th overall.

Meanwhile, already thinking about what’s for dinner, Shelby Turner was out front and making the track look easy.

Pechout did what she could in 2nd place and rode her own race. Her best lap in moto 2 was still 5 seconds off Turner’s best.

#44 Gaudern took the month off work and came up from Wyoming. Her 7-9 motos put her 7th.

#49 Oriana Fraser had #9 Tse gunning for her in the 2nd moto. Fraser would eventually finish 8th while Tse would work her way up to 5th in the 2nd moto. 6th overall for Oriana.

#6 Madi Watt had a bad final lap and finished 14-7 for 9th overall.

After her crash at the start, #7 Kate Lees worked her way up to 6th when the checkered flag waved. It earned her the Hard Charger award.

#88 Tay Esselink was 8th with 8-11 motos.

It was pretty difficult to get around the track, so I shot quite a few from right here.

Every time I pointed my camera at #141 Jacey McQueen in Kamloops, she was having troubles. This is more like it. Jacey finished 22nd (27-21)) in PG.

Meanwhile, out front, Turner was ripping the track to shreds.

Kristen Tse went for this double and got by Daffé momentarily late in the moto.

#7 Lees got around #6 Watt on the final lap.

White was thrilled with her 3rd place finish.

Tse wasn’t quite so happy with her day. 17-5 put her back in 12th after her solid 3rd at round 1.

It’s going to be a long couple rounds, if you’re not either of these two.

Kate Lees gets her Dunlop Hard Charger award. She’s very good on the stage with the microphone.

I didn’t see it, but Robyn O’Donnell stopped to help another rider in trouble so they wanted to recognize her good sportsmanship on the stage and gave her an award. Very classy.

Dominique Daffé with her 4th place trophy.

Danika White breaks into the top 3.

Lexi Pechout looks untouchable in 2nd place.

Get used to seeing Shelby Turner on the top step of the box.

She’s now 4 for 4 this season.

Women’s round 2 top 5: Shelby Turner, Lexi Pechout, Danika White, Dominique Daffé, Kate Lees.

The champagne spray. We’re off to Calgary for round 3 this weekend.

See you at the races…