Photo Report | Women’s West Nationals | Regina

By Billy Rainford

The fourth and final round of competition in the 2017 Women’s West MX Nationals took place Saturday at Moto Valley Raceway in Regina, SK.

Defending champion Shelby Turner was hoping to close out the series with a win, but #2 Lexi Pechout wanted to make her work for it. Behind the two clear-cut favourites, the battle was intense.

Here’s a look at how the action took place on a sunny day on the outskirts of Regina.

#123 Ryan Batman had the ‘honour’ of walking the line with the moto board this week.

And I don’t even want to talk about what’s going on here.

#1 Shelby Turner getting out to a good start is always a bad sign for the rest of the racers. Shelby, once again, grabbed both holeshots.

#569 Brittni Jezowski cracked the top 25 today with 24-25 motos for 25th.

#328 Kassee Morrison from Quesnel, BC took 18th (20-17).

#37 Zoey Shamley was 16h (17-14).

Apparently, #4 Dominique Daffé made a pass on a medic flag that was seen by a race official. Sh finished 8th in the moto but was docked 10 positions. She rode by herself for a lot of moto 1 and was gaining on #49 Fraser near the end. 18-5 put her back in 11th for the day.

#44 Nicole Gaudern from Wyoming was a good addition to the series this year. Her 9-10 motos gave her 9th.

#52 Morgan Holte made the final round and had a good showing, finishing 8-9 for 8th overall.

#49 Oriana Fraser won ‘Most Improved Rider’ for the series and improved her number to a 7 for 2018. Her second moto battle with Daffé and White was a good one! 7-7 put her 7th.

#10 Danika White took home ‘Athlete of the Year’ honours and moved from #10 to #3. She also took home the ‘Hard Charger award after falling in turn 2 of the restart and charging all the way back to 8th. 5-8 gave her 6th on the day.

#11 Tamala Whiteside got by #6 Watt when she fell on the final lap of the 2nd moto and took 4th. Her 6th in moto 1 gave her 5th overall.

#6 Madi Watt hit a big chunk of freshly-tilled dirt in turn 2 of the second moto. Fortunately for her, the moto got red flagged and she did much better in the restart. Her very solid 3rd in moto 1 gave her 4th.

#419 Lexi Dyekman came 3 1/2 hours north from her home in Montana to race the final round. The 14-year-old did very well on her 2-stroke and chased the front 2 with 4-3 motos for 3rd overall.

Fraser leading Daffé and a chasing White.

When #1 Shelby Turner fell while leading, #3 Lexi Pechout took over out front. Shelby chased her down and then fell as the two hit lapped traffic.

When Lexi gets all the big jumps figured out, she will be difficult to beat. Her 1-2 motos gave her another 2nd place and 2nd on the season.

#1 Shelby Turner is now a 3-time champion. She hit the dirt a couple times at the final round just to keep it interesting.

In the end, she was just too much for the rest of the field and never lost an overall. Her 2-1 motos gave her the win in Regina and the series.

#11 Tamala Whiteside was 5th today and #6 for 2018.

#6 Madi Watt was 4th and 4 next season.

#419 Lexi Dyekman was 3rd and says she may be back for the whole series in 2018.

Danika White with her ‘Athlete of the Year’ Award.

They presented Series Organizer Kristi Moore with her own jersey as a thank you for all her hard work.

Kate Lees got a new cast and had everyone sign it today.

2017 West Top 10: Kate Lees, Kristin Tse (absent), Nicole Gaudern, Oriana Fraser, Tamala Whiteside, Dominique Daffé, Madi Watt, Danika White, Lexi Pechout, Shelby Turner.

And then, for some, it was time to pack up and head for Calgary and the 5th annual ‘Red Bull Rocks and Logs’ competition tomorrow. Thanks for a great series. See you at the races…