Photos from McNabb Valley MX – Friday

By Billy Rainford

We rolled into Minnedosa, Manitoba, late Friday afternoon, but in time to see some of the riders hanging out and preparing for round 4 of the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour Saturday.

Everyone we spoke to was pretty excited about hitting this track tomorrow. Here’s a look around McNabb Valley MX from today.

Sam Cannella was calling to find out how to safely remove ticks…

Marco Cannella figured he’d change his look up for this week. Thoughts? What should he try next in Sand Del Lee?

It was all about hair in the MX101 pits this afternoon.

No, wait, some of it was about winning! lol

With no Derek Schuster this weekend in Manitoba, Matt Bannon was called in to steer the GDR ship.

Risi George was just spinning his wheels today…

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to use this one, Steve Simms?

He quickly got back to his online studies.

Justin Roney and Stu Robinson busy in the Kawasaki rig.

The start straight heads that way, bends to the left, down a light hill, and into a right-hander. It should be good!

This track is going to be great for spectators…and photographers/videographers.

The view from above the starting gate.

The Pro pits are all freshly cut grass and will be perfect for the pit party. But there really are ticks.

Emily says hello to Lisa Snider in the MRC trailer.

Yep, that’s a sand roller section that leads into a bowl turn!

The guys are licking their lips in anticipation of some of the marquee booter jumps on the circuit.

They’ve tilled it deep and have been dumping water on it.

I’m told they can fill this water tanker in 12 seconds!

If it stays sunny and the wind picks up here on the prairies, they’ll need that efficiency!

This one camera can see 80% of the track from here. The coverage should be great this weekend. DOn’t forget to tune in to the live stream.

Mushrooms beside a jump.

They called this the “Manitoba Connection Minus Hayden.”

All the work is done. Time for a beverage.

#71 Tommy Dallaire putting in some finishing touches.

Hot or not?

I think we all agree…this is HOT.

#68 Mike Brown makes another appearance this weekend. Rumour has it, he’ll also be at Sand Del Lee and one other.

This will be #77 Brock Hoyer’s 2nd and final national of the summer. There’s an FXR Ride Day Monday, so he’s here for that too.

Who else but FXR founder Milt Reimer would have white rims?

Ross Thompson and Brock Hoyer hanging out with Kevin Urqhart in Casey Keast’s pit.

Wyatt Waddell was at 35 minutes when I wandered past.

I should have taken notes when I was told this was a super trick, works part on #63 Graham Scott’s bike.

A couple rig shots.

OK, riders’ meeting is at 7:30am and qualifying/practice starts at 8. This should be a great day of racing!