Photos | Matt Walker’s Moto X Compound – Monday

By Billy Rainford

Just an hour-and-a-half south of Atlanta, GA is the motocross facility run by former Pro racer, Matt Walker. His Moto X Compound has a solid reputation as a place you go if you’re serious about getting faster and learning the moto game.

Matt Walker was a no-nonsense rider in his day and conducts his camps with the same demeanor. Sure, he’s mellowed over the years – we all have – but it’s his strong mental and physical approach to the sport that has so many racers flocking to his facility.

I saw Matt at the Atlanta SX and he mentioned he had a few Canadians at his place, so I decided I’d stop in on my way south to the Daytona SX this weekend.

Here are some photos from a day that I really didn’t think would allow riders to be on the track, after the rain and tornadoes that went through the area just the day before. Fortunately, with 4 MX tracks and 2 SX tracks, they have a track at the very top of the hill for just this reason.

I don’t know who all the American riders are, so I apologize for that.

This sign sort of sums up what you get when you train at Moto X Compound.

The temperature dropped over 20 degrees C overnight and we were hovering around 4 today, but Matt was prepared for it.

This Supercross track was too wet for anyone to be riding it today.

As you can see…

This MX track sits at the top and side of a hill, so it shaped up nicely after the first group of riders lined it up.

Justin is the trainer at the track. That’s Canadian #409 Brennan Schofield from Nova Scotia listening in.

All I know is that he’s from Wisconsin. He was cooking along pretty good, too.

#59 Nick Gaines will be on the line in Daytona this Saturday. Here, he shows the younger riders what NOT to do: Never look at the photographer!

I don’t know who this is but he was on a 2-stroke and it sounded great echoing through the trees and hills.

#15 John Corbett is from Ontario and managed to be on the track for every single practice today. He rode a lot!

Nick was the fastest rider on the track today.

I liked this angle over the hill and into the valley.

There were a few corners that were really good Walton TransCan training.

Watching the difference between a fast A rider and a good Pro is pretty amazing. Just when you thought you were fast…

#25 Tristan Dares is now on big bikes. He looked at his meter and told me he’s now got over 13 hours on it.

Nova Scotia rider #409 Brennan Schofield. I saw him at Loretta’s last summer but still haven’t met him!

Watch for #300 Drew Adams to be at the top of the results sheet in his classes this week at the RCSX in Daytona.

I can’t believe he’s all the way from Nova Scotia and yet I don’t see a HAF graphic anywhere!

Tristan had a nice little battle with fellow Canadian John Corbett for a while.

Sorry, wrong photo…