By Billy Rainford

When we learned that Estonian-born director Eline Mets was putting together a TV series about Women’s Motocross called, “Diaries of Badass Chicks,” we wanted to speak with her to find out what the project is all about and help get the word out.

We spoke to her right after her appearance on CTV Morning Live in Vancouver, BC to promote the series.

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The series follows the victories and mishaps of dirt bike rider Alex as she navigates the fast-paced world of motocross, learning that women are not taken seriously in this masculine sport. 


Director Eline Mets, who also wrote the pilot, which won the Storyhive Web Series Pilot competition in 2017, feels it is imperative these stories get told. 

“These are women you don’t see in the movies or on TV. There are documentaries about motocross riders out there, but they are mostly about men. We are always treated like the sideshow despite the fact that many women can totally hold their own when riding with guys,” says Eline. 

Eline was blown away to receive letters and emails of support from women all over the world with similar stories in motocross, following the pilot’s release. We’ll be sharing their pictures, videos, and stories throughout the campaign.

Originally from Estonia, Eline is a motocross champion and the first woman in Canada to jump her dirt bike onto an airbag. Passionate about motorcycles and filmmaking, Eline is dedicated to telling stories of badass women.

The completed pilot episode is 8 minutes long and now we are raising money on Kickstarter to add FIVE more 8-10 minute episodes to complete SEASON 1 of Diaries of Badass Chicks. These episodes will be filmed over two weeks in Lower Mainland, BC Canada in the summer of 2020, involving as many awesome racers and riders as possible. It will be one hell of an epic shoot!

The 2020 Calendar will have its own shoot in August/September 2019 with the release of the calendar planned for November 2019, making it a perfect Christmas present!

Having the principal photography for the series in 2020 enables us to maximize the budget and really hone in on the production value. Plus, whoever has visited Vancouver, BC in the fall, knows why it is labelled “Raincouver”, so we want to avoid the challenges of dealing with heavy rain—especially since one of our episodes involve a freestyle motocross airbag! 

We are so excited to have all of you on board to bring this EPIC, BADASS and GROUNDBREAKING series to life!


DIARIES OF BADASS CHICKS is Fan-Supported and Creator-Distributed. This means that you have the power to continue or cancel the story. We crowdfund through Kickstarter because it allows us to bypass the studio gatekeepers, ensuring that the stories we want to tell reflect our voices and experiences.

These episodes are funded by you, for you

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Eline Mets, Writer/Director

Eline Mets is the founder of Badass Chicks Productions. Having been a foreign news editor and a television director on prime time news, Eline has years of factual content creation under her belt and has taken her skills and insight into the scripted format in Canada.

Leonardo Harim, Cinematographer

Leonardo is a Brazilian Cinematographer based in Vancouver, BC. He has won numerous awards, including Best Cinematography at Vancouver Short Film Festival for his work on the short film Cypher. His portfolio comprises of a long line of narrative films, commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Marshal Chupa, Adventure and Sports Cinematographer

Having traveled and worked in over 40 countries, Marshal has extensive experience behind the camera in outdoor and remote environments.He is an experienced shooter who knows what it takes to travel into remote places like Mongolia and Turkmenistan, to name a couple. His work has been featured with clients such as Atmosphere, Lexus, Mountain Life, Snowboard Canada, 7 Mesh, and more.

Maur Mere, Adventure Photographer

Maur “Muzza” Mere is an award-winning adventure photographer whose work has been published in several magazines, including the cover of Vertical Magazine. His photos are often featured by tourism organizations and published in magazines in Europe, Australia and North America. 

Ben Dobyns, Kickstarter Coordinator

A filmmaker and crowdfunding expert from Vancouver, BC, Ben specializes in building strong relationships with passionate fandoms. He believes that we can accomplish the impossible when we work together to achieve common goals. He has raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter and his films and series have played on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and The Fantasy Network.

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Risks and challenges

While we work hard to mitigate our risks, the unforeseen can always throw a curve ball. Sometimes we have to recast a role at the last minute. Sometimes we have to redo work in post if it doesn’t meet our standards. Sometimes product gets delayed at the manufacturer. However, our advisory team has a decade of experience running and fulfilling Kickstarter campaigns, plus our track record completing the Badass Chicks pilot shows the level of expertise and passion that we put into everything we make.

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Here’s her appearance on CTC Morning Live: