Rockstar Triple Crown WMX Tour | Popkum – Women’s West Round 2

Photos and Captions by Billy Rainford

Round 2 of the Rockstar MX Tour Women’s West Series also took place at Popkum Motor Park just outside Chilliwack, BC this past Saturday. The big news of the week was that #68 Tara Gieger was in the area and was going to line up and race this round.

Tara is arguably the most experienced women’s racer of all time and adding her name to the list really upped the level of competition for this round.

She has been competing in the Endurocross series and was in contact with defending Women’s West Champion Shelby Turner. Shelby got her the information she needed and Tara was in BC for the day.

The only question was whether or not she still had the motocross speed to challenge #1E Kennedy Lutz. 28 riders lined up and here’s a look at some of the racing action from Round 2:

Unfortunately, #5 Dominique Daffé went down in the first moto 1 and was done for the day.

But, in true Dominique fashion, you still couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. She crashed on the big wall jump and got hit by a #412 Michelle McCarthy (also from Calgary) who ended up breaking her collarbone. Dominique will decide of Prince George later this week.

Get well soon, #412 Michelle McCarthy.

#12 Janelle Bartlett finished the day in 21st (17-23).

Unfortunately, this turn put #9 Kristin Tse on the ground and she took a DNF. She finished 12th in moto 2 for 20th overall, not where the speedy Kelowna rider should be.

#151 Kristi Moore went down earlier in the day and ended up 12th overall (12-13).

#328 Kassee Morrison was steady in both motos for 10th (9-10).

American rider #8 Nicole Gaudern finished one spot ahead in 8th (10-8).

#10 Kate Lees was in some good battles and finished 8th (8-9).

#138 Mariah Gauthier looked fast and charged both motos to a 7th (6-7).

#3 Danika White finished just ahead of her in 6th after swapping finishes (7-6).

#6 Tamala Whiteside is a noticeably faster rider in 2018. She looks good and finished in 5th overall with 5-5 motos.

#474 Rachel Springman came out of retirement to line up last week. She went from outside the top 15 on lap 1 of moto1 to take 4th. She had a better start in moto 2 and that’s also where she finished with 4-4 motos.

One of the best battles of the day was between #265 Brittany Gagne and #1E in moto 1. They went bar to bar and she held on for 2nd. She ended up 3rd in moto 2 for 3rd overall.

#1E Kennedy Lutz admitted she wasn’t very comfortable in moto 1 and finished 3rd. She worked things out and led Gieger for the first 2 laps and then kept her honest, finishing 11 seconds behind her in moto2. Her 3-2 gave her 2nd and she keeps the red plate heading to PG.

#68 Tara Gieger looked the most comfortable on the big jumps at Popkum and never really looked like she was in jeopardy of losing either race.

Tara Gieger takes the stage with her 1-1 win.

Women’s top 5: Tara Gieger (1-1), Kennedy Lutz (3-2), Brittany Gagne (2-3), Rachel Springman (4-4), Tamala Whiteside (5-5).