Press Day Morning Photos

By Billy Rainford

I had the opportunity to head into State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ this morning at 8:00 to check out the riders performing in front of the local TV stations’ cameras.

I didn’t make it to the Phoenix area until after 2am, and I’ve got a horrible cold, so it was a bit of a push for me.

Anyway, Jess Pettis was on the rider list, so I HAD to go!

Here are a few shots from this morning.

State Farm Stadium. College and Pro Football stadium. It will not be a mudder this week.

This Virtual Reality ride is unbelievable. I wouldn’t say it felt “real” but it felt pretty crazy.

If they have it set up somewhere you are, give it a go. I can’t believe I didn’t hit the floor! You can look all over the place. Do it, do it.

The list of riders for the riding this morning.

Jess and Matt Deroy getting ready.

Always a classic shot.

#35 Mitchell Harrison’s first week did not go well. A mechanical took him out right off the start. They’ve made the necessary changes and he’ll be fine this week.

Malcolm Stewart was impressive at A1. It will be good to see how he does over the course of a season with this much support.

#42 Vince Friese was also on the track.

And #10 Justin Brayton made it a full squad from the Motocroncepts Bullfrog Honda team.

Jess hits a little patch of sunlight.

He’ll be ahead of the game when practice starts tomorrow morning.

#60 Justin Starling.

#97 Adam “Nine Deuce Deuce Deuce + 1” Enticknap said they’ve been putting in a lot of time getting his Suzuki ready for him. He’s looking forward to putting it in the main this week. He was 5th in the muddy LCQ last week.

#72 Martin Castelo tucked in behind Jess a couple times.

#192 is Beni Williams Jr. from Hooper, Utah.

If I had to guess, I’d say Mitchell put down the fastest lap of the 250 riders.

Jess and Matt waiting as they set up a couple things for the TV audience.

A local TV personality gets the audience into the Supercross deal.

Adam set her up to be ready for the holeshot they were about to stage.

She forgot to let out the clutch, but I’m sure it looked good and funny on TV.

It’s hard to stop the 250 guys from racing, even on Media Day.

#111 Chris Blose got some face time.

And got his laps in.

These places always look even bigger when they’re empty.

And that was that. Thanks again for the opportunity to be in there, Sean Brennan. Sorry I couldn’t make it back for Press Day.