Project 7C Snow Bike Coming Together for Blair Morgan and the Winter X Games

By Billy Rainford

It’s true, Blair Morgan will make his return to the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, in just a few weeks. ‘Superman’ was injured at the Montreal Supercross and has kept a relatively low profile ever since. Fortunately, for his fans, he will line up once again in the Adaptive Snow BikeCross event at Buttermilk Mountain, January 25-28.

Steve Simms of Steve Simms Racing (SSR) sent over these photos of the Rockstar OTSFF Yamaha Project 7C bike coming together. Here’s a look at the progress.

Blair’s Yamaha is fitted with some trick carbon fibre parts and a Yeti conversion kit.

The cockpit of the bike coming together.

Jay Burke fitting the roll cage to the bike.

Jay is also the guy doing the fabricating and welding.

Jay makes sure the positioning feels right.

And then puts the finishing touches on the cage.

You just know Mike Beaudin wants to be the guy to do the test run.

Frame and cage back from Henderson’s Powder Coating and ready for assembly.

Direct Motocross will be in Aspen for Blair’s historic return to competition. Thanks for the photos, Steve, and good luck. We’ll keep everyone posted on how this project comes together in the final weeks leading up to the Winter X Games.