Softcon 2 Protection

Protect what matters with the new Softcon 2

The SCOTT Softcon 2 Protector Family offers the latest in safety performance and technology. Combining innovative D3O® materials and a unique design, the full range delivers unparalleled freedom of movement while remaining highly protective. There is no compromising between safety and comfort anymore. No matter which model of the protector family you chose, our expertise allows you to push your safety beyond standards.
Meet the Softcon 2 Family
The Jacket Protector features specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O® pads and plates. Elbow and shoulder pads are easy removable and the main body is made of 3D mesh fabrics which contain anti-moisture inner panels.
The Body Armor Protector is designed to be worn under the jersey and increases your rib protection tremendously. As the jacket, the body armor features specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O® plates and shoulder and biceps EVA pads are removable. Also high breathability is guaranteed with 3D mesh fabrics.
The Softcon 2 Knee Guard is a new invention that matches high safety standards with mobility. It provides specifically designed ergonomic and flexible D3O® pads, side padding and extended shin pad support. This knee guard features efficient ergonomic positioned straps and an abrasion resistant front panel.
The Softcon Elbow Guards are a perfect choice for those who are looking for strapless, flexible and shock absorbing D3O® protectors. They are very comfortable due to the extra light weight and the breathable mesh – you will almost forget you are wearing them.
SCOTT Exclusive Design
The D3O® plates and pads in the Softcon 2 protectorsuse a SCOTT exclusive design. The plate features a low profile and an invisible look under the jersey plus gives additional protection due to the extended coverage in length and in width. Also the pad offers extended coverage which results in increased body protection. It is slim and highly flexible to follow the exact body shape.
How D3O® Technology Works

We at SCOTT are passionate about safety and are proud to implement D3O® technology, the thinnest and most advanced protection against impacts, in our protectors. D3O® is a unique material that focuses on energy dispersion in critical areas for maximum shock absorption and protection.