Photo Report | Quebec Riders | World Vet Championships | Wednesday

Claude checks in with another update from the Quebec riders at the 2019 Dubya World Vet Championships at Glen Helen.

On Wednesday they headed to ride at Cahuilla Creek. He also just messaged that the high winds are reeking havoc on the raging forest fires, and they’re all just hoping it doesn’t cause a cancelation of the racing this weekend. Practice at Glen Helen was actually cancelled today.

Stay safe out there, gang!

By Claude Prud’Homme

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Cahuilla Creek Motocross Track, Anza, California

Today, Wednesday, the World Vet Quebec gang opted for the Cahuilla Creek Motocross (MX) track, located inside the Native American Reservation of the same name. A little longer traveling trip this time, about 70 km of road through mounts sometimes quite high, but all stripped of greenery and trees, as is the case in this part of California.

This morning the 11 riders were present. For most of them, it was a discovery, and all of them were pleased with the track. Only the organizer, Alain Bourdeau, had already ridden there.

The first of the team vehicles arrived just before 9:00 a.m. The place was deserted. There are more vehicles leaving the site than vehicles entering.

We figured out why when checking the vehicle’s exterior thermometer informing us that outside the vehicle it was just 7 degrees Celsius. But the cold was not the riders’ worst enemy today. It’s the wind! And what a wind. Winds constant at 60 km/h with gusts that were around 75 km/h.

Since the track is made up of fine and very dry sand, in addition to the wind that destabilized the riders when jumping, they also had to fight against the sand swept by this strong wind.

The Cahuilla Creek track is located on the side of a small mountain. As there were only a few riders present in the morning, there was only the “Main/Pro” track that was opened.

This track, approximately 3.0 km long, winds through the mountainside offering fantastic landscapes in addition to a beautiful diversity of jumps and more technical passages. The track conditions were sometimes difficult, the track being little watered. The terrain was less dense than yesterday at Milestone, but the lack of humidity of some sections could play tricks on our riders.

The faces of all our Quebecers at the end of the day were filled with fatigue but also with traces of a lot of sand! (me included). This second practice was the last time for our Quebecers to ride anywhere else than the legendary Glen Helen Raceway in the San Bernardino area.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the riders will take a break from practice as well as articles and photo reports. Next appointment for one last practice: Friday at Glen Helen Raceway.

Claude Prud’Homme for 360 present at world Vet MX 2019