Race Tech Tour

By Billy Rainford

It’s always cool to drop in and see what and who make motocross industry leaders tick. One such company is Race Tech out of Corona, California. It was another rainy day out here so Chris Riesenberg and I decided today would be the perfect day for me to come in and check out the shop on Pomona Road.

Chris calls Minnesota home and is out here for a while before heading home, just like me.

We started the tour with lunch. Perfect. Thanks, guys. I really did have to go to the bathroom just then! Honestly, I have no idea when the bill gets brought out at a restaurant…

Thanks for a cool afternoon learning some new stuff. Here’s a look around Race Tech.

This is what you see when you first walk through the Race Tech doors. They probably won’t run away when you walk in…

That’s Chris “Checkers” Riesenberg. Thanks for being a great host and tour guide today.

I had to pull the “artsy” lens out for a few shots.

I just love shots like this for some reason.

They are, of course, known as a top suspension company in the industry.

I walked around and took some shots of people working on customers’ bikes.

Orders were coming in and going out the door just as fast.

You don’t just get something off the shelf. These set ups are made to order.

I know one thing, there’s a lot of math involved.

She’s the one who set up the cool pressure wrap shot from the video we did. Thank you for letting us bother you.

There were cool project bikes all over the place, like this Harley Davidson with on-the-fly adjustment capabilities.

They’re now more into engine mods at Race Tech, too.

I learned a lot about 4-stroke tech while I was there.

I’ve always been more of a 2-stroke guy, so this was cool. I don’t rip motors apart much these days…


You wanna know who loves his job? Andrew Flores is the Engine R&D guy and he is happy where he is, to say the least.

Thanks for spending so much time explaining some of the ins and outs. That was seriously educational!

Andrew knows his way around a flow bench.

It’s amazing how a few subtle changes will affect performance, positively or otherwise.

His cutters were probably his pride and joy.

Paul Thede (left) is the owner and chief engineer at Race Tech. He’s widely considered the ultimate motorcycle suspension guru. He was working on a pet project while we were there.

A look inside one of the back rooms.

They kept joking that Wyatt has a ‘face for radio.’ He was OK with it.

SGR was also out on the west coast from Maryland for a working visit.

Here’s the 1:00 Instagram video we put together while we were there:

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You just never know who will walk through these doors. That’s #30 Jordan Jarvis (left) and #61 Garrett Marchbanks (2nd from left). Thanks for letting me get in everyone’s hair today. See you at the races…