RE·VIV·AL | A Video Series Promoting Mental Health Awareness | Coming Soon

Video series coming soon

a restoration to bodily or mental vigour, to life or consciousness, or to sporting success.

I was in my early 20’s when I started noticing some big changes in myself – massive mood swings, irresponsible behaviour and constant anger/anxiety. I ended up ruining my life at the time – racing, friends, a career, everything hung in the balance.

I attempted to end my life…twice.

After months of testing and doctors visits, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. If anything, it all made sense. I had a name to research, a challenge to beat, everything I needed to manage and beat this.

Since then, I’ve worked harder than ever to manage my disorder, to the point where I started speaking at schools and events about my experience.

I always knew how important Motocross was to me, and the people that came along with it. We’re like a big family and when one of us goes down, everyone’s there to help you get back up. I wanted to bring my experience and newfound knowledge to the sport that I hold so dear.

After my old friend Jeff McConkey took his life last fall I knew the time was now to bring this to light. I started working with Billy Rainford at Direct Motocross on creating a media project to show the positive side to all of this and bring the conversation to the forefront so it wouldn’t happen again.

It’s hard to look around and not know someone affected by mental health. So, with that I bring you REVIVAL, a story not about racing or even dirt bikes in general but a story about overcoming, a story about being at the bottom and realizing all that’s good in the world.

To get back to a family I once lost but I knew would accept me with open arms again, a revival of faith in one’s ability to be whole once again.

I’m so excited to bring a series to you highlighting this journey and bring you stories of others along the way.

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Thank you,

Greg Poisson