Report Card | MX Nationals | 250 Class

By Billy Rainford

It’s that time of year when we take a look back and see what we thought of the performances of the top 10 riders in each class, starting with the 250’s.

Aside from the stop in Manitoba where we had to cut a moto, this season went pretty nicely, weather-wise.

Here are my thoughts on the top 10 in the 250 class:

1st #19 Dylan Wright HON (A+)

We’ve been waiting for this performance for several years from Dylan. We all knew he had the speed, it was the consistency that was in question.

So far in 2019, Dylan has both the AX and MX titles. It will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming 3-round SX series.

There’s really no other grade we can give him other than an A+. He was the guy to beat this summer and it didn’t even seem to matter what kind of start he got.

2nd #1 Jess Pettis KTM (A+)

Jess came into this season injured and toughed out a few early rounds just to keep himself in contention.

He proved a lot to himself and everyone else that he’s never going to simply roll over. It was an extremely gritty performance from the Prince George, BC rider. Because of that, he gets a top score from me.

As he got himself back to full strength, he took a couple moto wins, but the hole was already too deep and Jess finished 2nd in the MX series.

We’re heading to his strength now – SX – so this should be interesting to watch in Montreal, Quebec City, and Hamilton.

3rd #5 Tyler Medaglia KAW (B+)

Tyler dropped down to the 250 class to help his team. He’s a two-time winner in the class and is small and aggressive enough to make him a solid choice, if anyone were to be moved down to the MX2 class.

I actually had him picked for the title, but he said the kids in the class were just a little more aggressive than him.

He was always right there for a podium, and 3rd overall is, obviously, nothing to be ashamed of. He says he’ll be back in the 450 class in 2020.

4th #121 Marshal Weltin HSK (A-)

Marshal came in as a bit of an unknown for the 250 class. I’ve seen him race all over the place the past few years, but I wasn’t really sure where he’d fit in up here over a full season.

He took a 2-2 overall win at round 2 and that was really nice to see for the young team.

After seeing how solid he was in the 450 class last week at Ironman MX, he’s definitely a guy to watch in that class.

I know they were chasing a few things this season, so he did very well to finish up in 4th place in the championship.

5th #14 Tanner Ward KTM (B)

Tanner is a rider with nothing but upsides. He’s very polite and respectful as a person, and he gives you everything he has on the track.

He expects a lot out of himself, so I bet he wishes he was up fighting for more podiums this past summer.

He didn’t land on an overall podium, so we’ll have to give him a B score. He’s definitely got more to show us.

6th #46 Marco Cannella YAM (B)

I’ll say the exact same thing for #46 Marco Cannella. He came up with his buddy Tanner and they both expect, and are expected, to be on the box.

He didn’t land on an overall podium either and so he also gets a B score.

I think we need to see the loose and relaxed Marco more and he’ll keep moving up in the rankings. If that means long hair then so be it!

7th #94 Luke Renzland YAM (C+)

Luke was definitely hired to win this class but bad luck kept getting in the way for the friendly American rider.

He has the speed to win, but just had a few things happen to him that kept him from showing his true potential.

He finished the summer off with a first turn crash at Walton that injured his shoulder, so, although it wasn’t really his fault, the misfortunes affected his scoring.

8th #48 Westen Wrozyna KAW (B+)

Westen is a rider that may have slipped off your radar screen the past couple years.

He didn’t let that bother him and went out and did the work needed to put himself in a great position in the top 10.

His best overall finish was a 7th at Walton (and Minnedosa) and he should be happy with what he did this summer. He was just sort of quietly there all season long and ended up riding alone several times.

9th #21 Josh Osby YAM (C)

Josh came into the season with high expectations. He was also hired to win this series and had some tough luck that affected his results and his score here.

Knocking himself out at River Glade in Manitoba really took the wind out of his summer sails and so he wasn’t able to meet those expectations.

Again, getting hurt is a crappy part of our sport, but it’s what affected his score here in this review.

He raced the 450 class at Ironman MX last weekend, so it’s great to see that he’s back, after pulling out of the final moto at Walton.

10th #60 Quinn Amyotte KTM (A)

I was really impressed with what I saw from Quinn this summer. He may not win ‘Rookie of the Year,’ but I’m putting his name in the hat for ‘Most Improved Rider!’

He did the entire series and I always seemed to notice him on the track. He’s a big kid and it’s a lot to ask of his 250F to get him around like that.

I think he should be proud of his summer and look forward to watching him progress in the future.

We now move to the tidy confines of the Supercross Tour with stops in Montreal, Quebec City, and Hamilton to end the season.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the races…