RIP Jeff McConkey

I can’t believe I’m writing this right now, but our old friend Jeff took his life Thursday after a battle with depression.

We all knew Jeff and we all enjoyed poking fun at his fair-weather riding ways. He always liked to stay clean and he was one of the funniest guys I knew.

Jeff has been involved in the motocross industry since before a lot of you were born. He was a huge supporter of women’s moto and took pride in giving female racers and riders their fair share of publicity and coverage.

“Looking good is four-quarters of the battle!” ~ Jeff McConkey

Periodically, I’d send him the question: “What gear and goggles did [pick any rider] use in [pick ANY year]?” 10 times out of 10 he would know the gear, the goggles, and the boots. I’m serious, he never missed.

He used to famously say, “Looking good is four-quarters of the battle!” I always made fun of him for this stay-clean attitude, but it was one of the things I loved most about him. Damn, he was hilarious.

He always had the funniest quips to fit any situation, and it kept me in stitches on some of our long road trips.

We’d bench race about riders, racers, races and teams, and it passed the time on some of the seemingly endless highway drives.

He was also an emotional soul. He let things bother him and you could tell when he was withdrawing, closing up, and trying to keep himself in check.

Jeff took his own life and we’ll never get to laugh with him at the races again. I’m going to miss this guy more than I can say. Canadian Motocross is going to miss him.

If you are going through any kind of emotional trauma, please, please, please, talk to someone…anyone!

The most difficult thing to do in these times is see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, but it’s there — you just need help finding it again.

I’d like to extend my most sincere condolences to Jeff’s family and friends.

Arrangements will be made in the very near future for a celebration of Jeff’s life. We will be sure to keep you all posted on what those arrangements are.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with condolences. It’s all very appreciated.

RIP, Jeff.