Rockstar MX Nationals | Mid-Season Report Cards | MX1

By The Robe

Now it’s time to have a look at how the top 20 in the MX1 class have done so far this school year. We’re halfway through it and everyone wants to get he best grade they can, but we can’t all be class valedictorian! Here’s how the class of 2017 is stacking up, so far.


20. #58 Jeremy Medaglia B

I feel bad grading Jeremy when he’s been fighting to get to the bottom of an illness. He showed up at round 1 and made it through the first moto but sat out the second. He’s got the speed to battle for top 6-8’s and that’s where he’ll be if he gets his health sorted out. Yes, another B from me.

19. #72 Graham Scott A

Graham has missed a lot of school this year, but when he was in class, he performed very well. Seeing a #72 up in 12th spot was a surprise at the first 2 rounds. He would be fighting for a top 10 number if he were to be racing the whole series. Unfortunately, if he misses any more school, he’s going to be suspended.

18. #3 Kaven Benoit A

What can we say? Kaven came out and led the first moto at round 1 until he tipped over and aggravated his healing ankle. He sat out until round 5 and then had stomach cramps take him out of the first moto. He’s got the speed to do battle at the front, so we can’t really hold his injury against him. Kaven is the real deal in the MX1 class and it will show very soon.

17. #20 Kyle Swanson B-

Kyle missed the first round and then raced close to the top 10 for a couple rounds. If you look at the riders ahead of him, he was about where he should be. He’s probably out for the rest of the season and he gets a B-.

16. #41 Michael Fowler B

Michael is about where I expected him to be. B’s are flowing on this report card, but I don’t know what else to give him. He’s in that group of riders who seem to change places each week. It’s fun to watch and will be a fight right to the final round.

15. #29 JC Bujold C

JC is a rider on the rise and I would like to see him hang it out a little more. He’s a strong rider and has been hovering around the top 15. He had an off weekend at Gopher Dunes and it cost him a bit in the standings. I only give him a C because he should be steadily improving and I expect that to happen.

14. #501 Ryan Millar B+

It’s just great to see Ryan back at the races and having some fun. With natural talent to spare, he can get through a rough day on his skill alone. He’s about where I would think he’d be, so he gets a B+.

13. #56 Brock Leitner B

Another rider on the rise, Brock is in that same group of riders who exchange places each week. With a good start, he will crack the top 10 again this season. If you look at the riders ahead of him, he’s right where he should be…for now.

12. #195 Scott Champion B-

With a resume as long as Scott’s, he should be pushing for top 10’s every week. With a good start, he’s right there. He may start to do better as we move into the latter stages of this season.

11. #77 Nathan Bles B

Another B for Nathan. He wants to be in the top 10 every week but admits his ‘race aggression’ is what’s keeping him back. 10-12 is exactly where I’d put him, so that’s a B in my books.

10. #8 Keylan Meston B-

I would like to see Keylan continue to improve and make the next step to be battling with that group ahead of him, not the one behind him. Let’s see what he can do the rest of the season. He’s caught between the top riders and the rest and spends a lot of time alone out there.

9. #38 Tim Tremblay B-

I guess riders are kind of right where I’d expect them to be. Not many are surprising me during first semester. Tim is one rider who may be underachieving so far, so it hurt his grade a little. For such a big guy, he’s been kind of invisible out there – always close but never there…yet.

8. #111 Kyle Chisholm B-

Kyle Chisholm has been there, done that. He’s done better than 8th and expects to still be doing better than 8th. He’s had some bad luck and will be looking to creep up the rankings as we continue. For some reason, he’s just not been very noticeable out there.

7. #7 Cade Clason B

Again, Cade is another rider who is right where I expected him to be. B is what you get when you’re doing what you’re supposed to. Hey, I got into University with a B, so it’s not a bad thing! Cade wants to do better, but when you look up the rankings, it’s a pretty tall order.

6. #108 Dillan Epstein A

Dillan came into the season as a bit of an unknown. I’ve seen him race up through the amateur ranks, so I knew he was fast. He’s performing very well and gets extra marks for his effort with the fans at the races. A win is definitely coming for him.

5. #6 Tyler Medaglia A

If I were going to give out an A+, Tyler would probably be the rider to get it. Just when you think he’s peaked or plateaued, he surprises you with a 2nd place moto. I’m just not going to give out any A+’s yet. Saying he’s overachieving may not be exactly what I mean, but it’s close.

4. #5 Mike Alessi B+


Mike has been dealing with a pretty messed up knee and almost missed a round because of it. He toughed it out, came to Gopher Dunes, and won the darn thing! He’s Mike Alessi, after all, and it’s expected, so this isn’t an A+ performance. Let’s see if this win gives him the edge he needs to keep the ball rolling.

3. #10 Colton Facciotti B+

Hey, he’s a 4-time champion! A B+ would have got him into almost any school he wanted, back in my day. He seems to be coming on strong lately and will be on the podium whenever he doesn’t have a problem.

2. #377 Christophe Pourcel B+

Christophe was a World Champion back in 2006. That is not easy, and means he is f.a.s.t. He’s never surprised by anything and gives great answers when asked. This wily veteran is going to be there every single time and still may finish at the top of the class. I’d like to see him play with others more during recess. He keeps to himself a lot and this is Canada!

1. #2 Matt Goerke A

Matt is leading the class. He works as hard or harder than everyone else. He expects to win and that’s also what we expect of him, so this is an A performance. His first moto at Gopher Dunes was an A+ performance, mind you.

Now, if you could all take these home, show your parents, have them signed, and bring them to class Monday morning. If you’re not happy with your grade, keep in mind that there is still another semester coming. You can still get that A+ everyone is looking for.

Oh, and you can’t go out until your homework is done!