Rockstar MX Nationals | Mid-Season Report Cards | MX2

By The Robe



Well class, it’s that time of year again when we send out our mid-season report cards. Now, if you could all take these home to your parents, have them signed, and return them to me as soon as possible, that would be great.

There is only one rider who can get away with a returned report card signed, “Epstein’s mother.” (Google it, Bowker!)

We’re halfway through the 10-round Rockstar Energy Drink MX Nationals, so let’s have a look at some of the riders’ grades as handed out by The Robe, shall we.


20. #614 Geran Stapleton C

Geran is a popular student; the rest of the class really seems to like him. He’s friendly and gracious. Unfortunately, Geran got hurt early and was forced to take some time off. Hopefully, his shoulder heals properly and he can make it back in time for finals.


19. #807 Drew Roberts C

Drew is a rider who has been around for quite some time now. He headed west and was all set to compete in the entire series when he took a hard crash and landed on something at the side of the track. He really hurt himself and was even forced to walk backwards for a while. He came back to racing at round 3 in Calgary and nursed his way to a 24th. He did very well last weekend at Gopher Dunes and his 13-13 motos actually gave him a top 10 overall with 9th. He gets a C because of his early season results.


18. #194 Kein Denzler B+

I didn’t know who #194 on the Yamaha was when I first saw him, but he started to pick up speed and was looking pretty good. He had a terrible crash Sunday and hurt his hand. He will miss the second semester, so if I could get a volunteer to bring him his homework, that would be great.

17. #59 DJ Burmey B+

DJ is a pretty good student who seems to be adapting well to his new surroundings. He’s from Winnipeg and had a great showing at round 5, so he gets a good grade. He crashed right in front of me and knocked the wind out of himself. I pulled his bike off him and he got going again as soon as he could. Good effort.

16. #24 Ryan Lalonde B-

I’m expecting a little more from the Victoria native. He looked (and sounded) great earlier this summer but his results have fallen off a little, lately. Watch for him to do better as the year moves on.

15. #223 Jonah Brittons B+

Jonah came into this season as one of the top-rated rookie Pros. He got off to a bit of a rough start but seems to be progressing lately. He should start to do better now that he knows what to expect. And someone get him a road bike for the group rides!

14. #119 Jared Petruska B

Jared came out to a slow start after missing an entire season when he crashed hard in Regina. He was picking it up with a couple great finishes but didn’t make the trip to Gopher Dunes, so it has affected his grade. Please have him come see me after class.

13. #47 Tallon LaFountaine B-

Tallon has all the skill and speed necessary to take this sport as far as he wants. He isn’t heading east with the tour and so he cannot get a higher grade than a B-. He should really be battling up with the leaders. Maybe next year.

12. #25 Taylor Arsenault B

Taylor is a rider who needs a little something extra to be a front-runner. He’s close but not quite there, yet. He’s in a tight battle with a cluster of riders on the outside of the top 5 looking in. He hurt his knee at Gopher Dunes and may be bringing a doctor’s note to get out of class.

11. #19 Hayden Halstead B

I’m giving out a lot of B’s this mid-term. Hayden is a rider who seems to have fun all the time. I had to move his desk up to the front of the class by me to keep him focused. He’s doing well, but I feel there is still some more speed hiding in there.

9. #266 Chris Fortier B+

Chris is a Quebec rider who lives in Florida. He’s come up through the ranks and just turned Pro. He’s in a battle for top rookie and will be there right to the end of the season. He is a nice student and seems to get along with everyone. If he stole someone’s lunch money, it may bring out the anger in him and get him closer to the head of the class.

9. #21 Davey Fraser A

Just when you think Davey isn’t studying, he pulls off a great exam. He’s not going to win a race, but he’s going to be right there fighting every time. He started the season with 3 13th’s in a row and then hit the top 10 twice. That gives this veteran rider his A. Hell, I have photos from the 2007 national at River Glade and he’s in them!

8. #16 Jess Pettis A-

It’s not cool to kick a student when he’s down. Jess was living up to his potential early in the year, but his untimely crash with another rider broke his collarbone and took him out. He finished 4th in moto 1 in Regina with the broken collarbone. That’s a pretty solid effort to earn him an A-.

7. #100 Jacob Hayes B+

Jacob was scoring right where he should early in the school year. He’s had a couple mechanical issues that weren’t his fault and he really should be out with an injury! I’d like to give him an A, but 37th and 12th took him down a notch, even though they weren’t his fault.

6. #33 Casey Keast A

Casey is performing very well so far this season. He’s sitting 6th in the points and I’m not sure you could expect any more than that for the first-year Pro. If he keeps improving, he’ll be a podium threat in 2018.

5. #14 Dylan Wright B

Dylan should have been fighting for podiums right from round 1 this summer. He’s got the speed but he’s been lacking the racing luck and that affected his score. He seems to be getting on a roll, so his grade should continue to improve.

4. #338 Ryan Surratt B+

Ryan came into the season after forearm surgery. You can’t expect a guy to hang on tight after something like that, so he’s been doing very well. He’s been off the pace of the top 3 riders, so he can’t get the A that we all want. This could change as the semester progresses. We’ll see how he does this week in Quebec.

3. #787 Josh Osby A

Josh is exactly where I thought he would be. He’s new to the series and is waiting for that breakout ride that will see him take the top step on the box. It’s coming.

2. #12 Shawn Maffenbeier B+

Let’s not forget, Shawn grabbed #6 in the MX1 class a few years ago. It should surprise no one that he’s fighting for this championship in the MX2 class. He did his homework and came into the season ready to win. A couple miscues cost him but he’s right where he’s supposed to be.

1. 1 Cole Thompson A

Cole is expected to be at the head of the class, and he is. He’s got a 40-point lead over the next two riders and is probably going to do exactly what we expect of him, win. Cole should win his second MX2 title and graduate to the MX1 class for 2018 where he will also challenge for wins.

Now, if you could all take these home, show your parents, have them signed, and bring them to class Monday morning. If you’re not happy with your grade, keep in mind that there is still another semester coming. You can still get that A+ everyone is looking for.

Oh, and you can’t go out until your homework is done!