Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross Standings | Updated

With several issues taking some time to get sorted out, the Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross points standings have recently been updated*. Here’s a look at how they stand as of Wednesday, March 28.



* #16 Cole Thompson has been docked 5 positions from Saturday night’s Clash event. Here is the statement from the MRC:

Brigden, On – After much debate on the situation, the ruling is final and will not be over turned. Head Official Daryl Murphy ruled that #16 Cole Thompson will be penalized 5 spots for his jumping of a double-jump while under a Red Cross flag. This moves Cole from 1st place finish in the Round 3 Clash for Cash race to a 6th place finish.

Cole appealed his case to the MRC Competition Board, which had a phone conference late Tuesday March 27th to make their final decision, but the penalty would stand and the points would be altered. No other rider was docked on the incident.