Rockstar Triple Crown Career Numbering System Explained

By Billy Rainford

The news sort of slipped out accidentally when, at the end of a DMX podcast with #4 Jeremy Medaglia, it was revealed as the recorder kept recording that there were to be career numbers in place starting with the 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown series.

We didn’t make a big deal of it at the time, to give Jetwerx enough time to make the announcement themselves. Well, they made the announcement today via their Instagram page @Jetwerx.

Here is how it works:


2018 Triple Crown Career numbers

Past Canadian MX or AX champions (must still be active in Canadian racing) (picks 2-999).

Past Canadian top 5 450 Class MX riders from the last 5 years (picks 2-999).

After the 2018 Season Numbers 2-9 will be reserved for future champions.


2018 and Beyond Triple Crown Career/National Numbers

a. All riders must use the competition number that has been assigned for the current season. This includes the Championship number 1, career number or an earned national number.


b. Number 1

Current Champion must run the #1 for the respected class/discipline they won in previous year.


c. Numbers 2-9

1. Reserved for Past Champions from the previous competition year may choose a permanent single digit career number if available. (after 2018 initial riders picks)


d. Career Numbers 10-999

1. Riders who finish in the Top 10 in Championship points from the combined 450 Triple Crown Series or Top 3 in combined 250 Triple Crown Series from the previous competition year will have priority for the selection of a National number for their career number.

2. Riders who fail to earn at least 25 championship points during the season preceding the new season will lose their career number and be issued a new number based on current points. Special consideration is given to a rider if he/she is confirmed with a season long injury or other special circumstance which prevents him/her from competing that season.


e. Numbers 10-99

1. Riders who finish outside the Top 10 (450) or Top 3 (250) but inside the top 100 will be assigned consecutive two digit numbers until the supply of two digit numbers are exhausted.

2. The total combined points from the 450AX, 250AX, 450MX, 250MX, 450SX and 250SX (Triple Crown series) classes will be used to determine the order. National numbers are then issued according to highest to lowest total points. In case of riders having the same amount of total points the tie is broken by the best moto finish for those riders. In the event you have a rider that rode just SX/AX and one that rode AX, SX and MX, the tie would go to the rider that rode the three parts of the series.


f. 101 through 110

Held for riders on Factory supported teams that would like to participate in that year’s AX, MX or SX.


g. Triple Crown champions

Previous year Triple Crown winners will have a “Gold trimmed” number plate for the following Triple Crown series.

Triple Crown winner will NOT run a #1 plate, unless he or she won a AX/MX/SX portion of the triple crown series. Therefore, they will run the #1 plate in the respected class and series they won.


h.. Red Plate Holder

The rider with the highest points entering a round of the respected series (AX, MX, SX) will race with a Red Background/White Number.

The previous year’s Champion from the respected Series and Class will start the series with the Red Backgrounds and #1 plate.