Rockstar Triple Crown – Round 1 | What You Need to Know

By Billy Rainford

As we head into the first round of the newly-formed 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown in Abbotsford, BC, here is what you need to know.

Pieced together from Triple Crown Press Releases:

Welcome to The 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown. An FIM North America / CMA National Championship that is produced by Jetwerx International and MRC (Motosport Racing Canada).

The Rockstar Energy Triple Crown is Canada’s largest motorcycle race series  and will award it’s champion $100,000 in cash.  The series is divided into 3 disciplines: Arenacross, Motocross and Supercross. This one of a kind series will embrace all aspects of racing, bringing the best teams and competitors from around the world to show their worth on a global platform.

The 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown series is set to take off February 24th 2018 at the Abbotsford Centre in Abbotsford, BC. The Triple Crown series will pay a $100,000 to the top rider in the 450 class and $10,000 to the top rider of the 250 class.

Rules to win the Triple Crown:

  • A rider must compete in at least one (1) race/event per discipline (Arenacross, Motocross, Supercross)
  • Riders points are accumulated in one (1) class and cannot be a combination of 250 and 450
  • The rider that wins the Triple Crown Series does NOT have to win a race or a championship at any discipline to win the Triple Crown
  • The rider with the highest overall points in the 450 and 250 class at the final round of the Triple Crown Series (Hamilton Supercross November 17th) will be the Triple Crown Champion for their respected class.

There will be Three (3) separate series’, Arenacross, Motocross and Supercross, which will bring 3 Championships in each discipline for the 450 and 250 Class.

The Privateer Challenge with the support of the OEM Group is a way to give back to the hard-fought, backbone riders of our sport. At each round of the 2018 Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series, the Top 10 privateer in both the 250 and 450 class will receive their entry-money back at each round. Their will also be a “Privateer of the Year” award that will go to the Top 250 and 450 Privateer earning the highest points, thus creating a race within a race.


  1. Riders that are supported directly by these teams are not eligible: Factory KTM, GDR Honda, Rockstar Yamaha, Hubert Kawasaki
  2. Top 10 out of the privateers, this does not include any factory supported riders. (ie A rider finishing 22nd, could be a top 10 privateer depending on how many Factory riders finished ahead of him)
  3. Show up at an MXTOUR Triple Crown event, Sign up for 250 or 450 Pro, Race Hard, Finish in the Top 10 out of the Privateers, Earn your Race fee back
  4. Simple as that!!!

Jetwerx is pleased to announce that Royal Distributing is back with there Famous “Royal Distributing Holeshot award

The 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown is ready to drop the gate for Abbotsford in 5 days and now riders in the 250 and 450 Pro classes will have yet another battle on their hands.

Royal has been the powerhouse and go-to for all things motocross for years and Jetwerx is excited for them to continue there partnership with the all-new Rockstar Triple Crown.

TV and Live Coverage

Jetwerx is pleased to announce the launch of the largest television broadcast package in the history of Canadian Motocross, with 57 hours worth of first-time airings, and multiple re-airings per episode. The TV broadcast will showcase both 250 and 450 classes across all three networks, including episodes that go behind the scenes of the racers and teams as they do battle for the prestigious Rockstar Triple Crown Championship.

The Triple Crown will have Introduction shows as well as conclusion shows at the beginning and end of each series (AX, MX, SX), giving viewers a perspective they have never seen before in Canada. Following riders, mechanics and team managers as the series unfolds, this will be a must-see for any motorsport enthusiast.

With long-term visions of Live TV Jetwerx has set up the entire series to be next week airings following the event with Live TV in 2019.  Jetwerx has worked very hard on this series becoming a  breakthrough year for Canadian Motocross. The 2018 Rockstar Triple Crown will definitely build the prestige of the teams, riders, and partners to receive the coverage that is needed to bring Canada Motocross closer to the world stage.

With a $100,000 payout on the line in the 450 class Jetwerx doesn’t want a fan to miss a moment of the action, so back by popular demand is the Rockstar Triple Crown LIVE Broadcast. Each night Jetwerx will bring the race footage, behind the scenes coverage, and inside interviews straight to your living room.

The easy part is that it will be streamed through one location  Fans will be able to see the LIVE broadcast along with LIVE timing/scoring and behind the scenes extras all in one spot.  Race fans across the country better start making plans to get your Rockstar Triple Crown Arenacross parties ready as we are coming to your living room starting this Saturday, February 24th, 2018 LIVE from Abbotsford, BC.

D&D Moto Products is bringing a little extra to each part of the Series.

D&D Moto Products Underdog Award“- To the Top Finishing Non-Supported (Privateer) Rider in the Series”

There will be two awards for each part of the Triple Crown (AX, MX, SX) for 250 and 450 classes, along with a cash bonus and with a mantle-placing trophy, the series bonus will be as follows:

AX 250 class – $250

AX 450 class – $350

MX 250 class – $400

MX 450 class – $600

SX 250 class – $250

SX 450 class – $350

Pre Sign-up will close Wednesday

Be sure to get your registration in before the cut off on Wednesday February 21st

Pre sign up for Pro’s is  $65

Post sign up for Pro’s is $85

Pro Rider/Team Credentials 

Credentials will be available at Pro Riders sign in, please bring valid ID for pick up.

Class name change for 2018.

The Pro class will go through a name change for the New Triple Crown series, from the previous MX1/MX2 class to 450/250 class.

Intermediate Riders for Triple Crown AX portion!!

Any Intermediate riders planning on racing the Arenacross series will have the Option of either race as an Amateur in the two Intermediate classes or as a Pro/Am in the 250 Pro/Am class. They CANNOT ride both.

NEW CLASH structure. 

New for 2018, the “Triple Crown Clash” will be an added feature and not the Main race. The Clash will act as a way to showcase the Top 2 qualifying riders from each 250/450 Heat race, making for an 8 rider Main event for riders to pick up some extra cash as well as some extra points.

Points:  1st – 5 pts, 2nd – 4pts, 3rd – 3pts, 4th – 2pts, 5th – 1pt.

AX Pro Qualifying Procedure

Pros will go through a two-part qualifying to make the Main Event in the 250/450 Pro classes. During the daytime, riders will have one (1) Free Practice, and one (1) Timed Practice. To make the night show a must be a rider in the Top 20 times. From there, the Top 20 riders will be broken into two (2) heat races of 10 riders in the Night Show. Out of the heat race, the Top 5 finishers will head directly to the Main, the bottom 5 will head to the LCQ. The Top 2 riders out of the LCQ will head to the Main, making it a 12 Rider Main Event.

**Points will be rewarded to all Riders in LCQ

Race Format for Amateur

Amateur racing will be run in a Heat, LCQ, Main event format, with Top 12 riders making the Main Event.

Race Day Schedule 

7-9am – Amateur Post/Pre-entry sign up

8:30 am- Amateur Track Walk

8:45 am – Amateur Riders meeting

9-10: 30 am- Amateur Practice

10:30 am- Track maintenance

11 am- Amateur Heats start

11-1 pm- Pro Sign Up

1 pm – Amateur LCQ’s and Daytime Main Events

2:30 pm- PRO Riders meeting

3 pm- Pro Practice (Free)

4 pm- Pro Timed qualifying

5 pm- Track maintenance

6 pm- Rockstar Energy Pit Party- Powered by Finning Canada

7 pm- Night show Opening Ceremonies

7:15 pm- Night show Racing starts

**Full detailed schedules will be available at the Event

Parts Canada Amateur Classes will be:


51cc STOCK SHAFT 4-8 yrs (Allstar Class)

51cc JR STOCK 4-6 yrs (Allstar Class)

51cc SR STOCK 7-8 yrs (Allstar Class)

65cc 7-9yrs(Allstar Class)

65cc 10-11yrs(Allstar Class)

85cc 9-11yrs(Allstar Class)

85cc 12-16yrs(Allstar Class)

Ladies 11+ (Allstar Class)

AX Lites Junior (Allstar Class)

AX Lites Intermediate (Allstar Class)


Supermini 11-16yrs

Schoolboy  12-16yrs

Youth 17+yrs

Vet Plus 30

AX Open Junior

AX Open Intermediate

Pit Passes 

Riders, Mechanics, and rider’s family Pit passes will be available from 7 am to 4 pm, with a limited number available in the Rider seating section.


AXtour events will be running Transponders at all rounds of AX. Transponders will be available for rent, but encouraged to bring your own, as supply is limited.  (MyLaps Transponders will be used)