Over the last week, we have had many questions about advancement points and structure with rules regarding racers that should or shouldn’t move up. Last year AMO/MMRS was a soft amalgamation of the two clubs and each had their own rules and structure. For 2017 and beyond there is one set of rules and structure for both clubs.

In saying that, we will have a full RESET of points from 2016 where no advancement points will come into play because of the two clubs having different views and different competition. We are not doing this to favor or go against any particular racer but rather ensuring the best for every racer in AMO/MMRS.


  • No advancement points from 2016 will carry into 2017.
  • 2017 Advancement points are as follows:
  • Riders riding in more than one class will have upgrade points combined for both
  • Beginner to Junior, 10
  • Junior to Intermediate, 20
  • Intermediate to Professional, 40
  • Full points are awarded in classes of six or more riders. In classes of less than six riders, the winner will receive 2 points and second place will receive 1 point

Upgrade points:

1st overall receives 5 points

2nd overall receives 3 points

3rd overall receives 2 points

4th overall receives 1 point

  • Every race/event counts towards advancement points

RULE CHANGE: Girls 9-16

  • NO SUPERMINI BIKES. Any girl within the required age bracket for the class is only allowed to ride 65cc, 85cc (small wheels), and 150CRF Small Wheel. SUPERMINI Machines are no longer allowed.


2017 AMO/MMRS Rulebook – HERE

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