OFFICIAL TRIBUNAL APPEAL RULING from MCC Competition Council Monday, June 3, 2019

Event : Pro 250 class, Moto 2, M/X Round One, Wild Rose Motocross Park, Calgary, Alberta
Date: June 1

Appeal presented in writing with fee at venue by: Allan Dyck, Team Manager for Sky Racing Husqvarna Appeal of: Result of rider of # 19 Honda, Dylan Wright riding dangerously due to off track excursion.

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal held a conference call on Monday June 3rd to rule on the appeal submitted by Allan Dyck, Team Manager of the Sky Racing Husqvarna. This appeal concerned the decision by race event staff at the venue during the event, when competitor Dylan Wright left the course during the race, and re-entered shortly thereafter.

Mr. Dyck’s stated concerns in his written Appeal regarding Wright’s off course excursion during the second moto, and the possibility that his actions at that time were unsafe.

The MCC Competition Council Tribunal Panel interviewed race referee Paul Kingsley who was on site and personally witnessed the series of events in question. MCC also interviewed race referee Daryl Murphy. MCC requested and reviewed the video supplied by Allan Dyck. MCC reviewed the lap times for Dylan Wright.

The onsite staff had determined that Dylan Wright had inadvertently exited the track. His re-entry point was complicated due to the presence of trackside personnel. His re-entry point although downstream of the exit point was done at a safe location and in compliance with the MRC rule book under the circumstances.

The protest identified dangerous riding as the infraction. MCC were concerned that Wright’s behavior was borderline risky and conferred with event officials. Wright was officially warned by Paul Kingsley following the event about his behavior during the incident.

It is the Ruling of the MCC Competition Council Tribunal is that no punitive action be taken against Dylan Wright regarding his actions surrounding this protest for dangerous riding and the results will stand as posted at the event.

The MCC Competition Council also state that any further similar incidents involving Wright might not be reviewed with as much consideration for the extenuating circumstances that lead to his efforts at the time of the incident. MCC recommends that Dylan Wright be put on probation for the following event.

The MCC Competition Council would also like to thank Mr. Dyck for his input and remind everyone involved that the concern for safety and fair competition in all circumstances remain the goal of all the national competition tours affiliated with the MCC.