Sand Del Lee National | Friday Pics

By Billy Rainford

OK, let me just start off by saying that Sand Del Lee deserves a national for as long as they want to hold one. It’s only 30 minutes from Ottawa and they really do a great job putting on a show.

After leaving everyone to enjoy another afternoon at the cottage in Mont Tremblant, I headed to the track today to see what was going on and check out the 2019 FXR MX Launch.

We’ve got lots of new riders joining the tour for the eastern swing, so that’s who I went looking for after the presentation.

The heat and humidity disappeared with the rain storm that went through last night, so the riders have got to be thankful for that. It’s supposed to heat back up a bit Saturday, but nothing like this latest heatwave we’ve suffered through.

Here’s a look at some of what was going on today at Sand Del Lee for round 5 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour.

Joey Crown and the Redemption Racing team have a new sponsor for this week. Welcome aboard, Monalco Contracting.

Mitch McColl makes his return to racing this weekend.

#36 Taylor Arsenault tried to downplay the amount of seat time he’s had, but I heard from someone else that he’s flying!

Check out this throwback colour combo for Tyler Medaglia that harkens back to his 1995 year on a KX80. Nice job, guys.

Jeremy Medaglia’s ride wasn’t ready when I first walked by, so here’s a front plate close-up.

John Wernsdorfer setting up camp in the pits.

He’s here with 2011 Women’s East champ, Taylor Miller. Apparently, she’s been at a few smaller races and still has the speed. She should make the WOmen’s class interesting this season.

Eve Brodeur and Robin Hutchinson hanging out in the pits.

Jeff and Tanner Ward walking through the pits.

Word on the street is that #55 Jack Wright is flying. He’s also traveling in style with a really sweet RV.

#164 Mitch Goheen is back in action. Here he is with an injured Ethan Stevenson.

Mitch just spent 5 months training with the Masterpools and has grown another 5 inches…

Westen Wrozyna returns to action this week, too. I left that front space empty because he was anxiously waiting for Julien to deliver team race bikes.

Westen was starting to sweat a little, but the bikes arrived with lots of time to spare.

It was good to see Steph Leblanc back. He was set to wrench for Mike Brown, but, apparently, Brownie has bronchitis or something and will not be here this week.

Matt Deroy tries to hide his secret settings on me.

Oh, you know polishing a red number plate feels good, eh, Josh Cox?

Ryan Dowd is making an appearance this week. I saw quite a few other Americans lurking around, so be ready to see a few new names tomorrow.

Kevin Tyler and Johnny Grant will have the place looking great by morning. Oh, and Johnny seems to be getting younger, or some damn thing!

Then it was time for the FXR presentation. Ryan Gauld played MC and FXR founder, Milt Reimer, gave a really nice speech to the crowd that had gathered.

Cade Clason got his turn on the mic.

2nd in 250 points, Jess Pettis, also got up and said a few words.

I can’t tell if #66 Marco Cannella is a throwback or if he’s returned from the future!

Hayden Halstead is a throwback. That one is easy.

These guys ARE small, but the mannequins are actually like 6’5″!.

Kevin Tyler admitted holding the national is a love/hate relationship, but doesn’t want it to go anywhere.

Greg Small turns a vowel…

Not one of these guys is looking at my camera. Classic. Of course I’m using it!

A few people wandered over to see what was going on.

I can’t remember what was so funny to Marco Dube.

Andy White got up last to say a few things.

We tried to get a nice shot of the Bulldog Training guys and, what do you know, Mike Smith ruined it…

There we go.

Kevin took me around on a Yamaha side-by-side to check out the changes to the track. Cade’s actual words here were, “Hello, friend.”

There weren’t a whole lot of changes made to the track, gut there were a few. ‘Kiniry Korner’ is still there. Anyone remember that?

The dreaded #69 makes an appearance, starting in Ottawa.

Brandon Gourlay gets the honour and couldn’t even show his face.

Peter Derry and his son, Ryan Derry, are here.

Watch out for #33 Chris Fortier in the 250 class.

#117 Michael Dasilva (left) will race 450’s and younger brother, Chris Dasilva, will race the 250 class.

Mike’s bikes.

Chris’s bike.

There it is! Nick puts the finishing touches on Jeremy’s bike.

Oh, this is a keeper! Is Shawn wearing one of those display teeth and jaw things? That’s a nice bite.

And then Julien turned around and drove back to Montreal! There really is a lot of driving in this sport.

Quinn and Bennet Amyotte (I think he also goes by something else…) chilling in the pits.

If you follow your nose around dinner time, it will always lead you to the great cooking in the Jim Roberts pit.

Nailed it…

#58 Teren Gerber will have a lot of eastern fans flipping through their programs tomorrow.

#28 JC Bujold hopes to be up in the mix tomorrow. I haven’t seen him in a while, so it will be interesting to see where he stacks up.

I, literally, have this photo from every round, and I love it! For some reason, I find it relaxing knowing Kevin is sitting cross-legged in his pits. See you at the races…

Riders meeting is at 7:30am and practice/qualifying starts at 8. See you there!