Sand Del Lee National | Race Recap

By Billy Rainford

Let’s go to the note pad and recap what happened at Round 5 of the Rockstar Triple Crown MX Tour at Sand Del Lee in Ottawa, Ontario.

The ridiculous heatwave finally broke the day before the racing, so the riders had to be happy about that. It was sunny and warm, but without the oppressive humidity the area had been suffering through the previous 7 days.

The Sand Del Lee crew always knows what it takes to keep the sandy track perfectly prepped, and they did it again this time. We haven’t been at the track for a National in a couple years, so it was nice to get back to our nation’s capital for some racing.

Some riders commented that the track became pretty one-lined through some sections and so maybe we need to go back to placing hay bales in main lines during first qualifying, but now that they both count for times, it’s difficult to mess around like that.

250 Moto 1

#12 Dylan Wright flinched and then smashed his way through the start gate while the rest of the field headed out, not sure if the race would be red flagged or not.

It was determined that he would be black flagged and given a stop-and-go penalty. #1 Shawn Maffenbeier admitted on the podium he wasn’t able to get focused for the first few laps of the race because he wasn’t really sure what the ruling would be on the infraction.

Wright led the pack around the first lap with #335 Joey Crown and #27 Tanner Ward in tow followed by #66 Marco Cannella, #19 Hayden Halstead, #18 Josh Osby, Intermediate #527 Jake Tricco, #55 Jack Wright, #15 Jess Pettis, and #33 Chris Fortier rounding out the top 10.

#491 Gabe Gutierres was up from Massachusetts and was fastest in unseeded qualifying. He sat 12th on the first lap, but his moto wouldn’t go his way as he fell early and would take a DNF after lap 9.

Pettis also suffered bike issues and was out of the race on the second lap, as his bike was pushed back to the pits.

Crown took the lead on lap 2 and never looked back for the win. Behind him, Wright sat in 8th after his penalty but was making a charge on his home track (he’s from just down the road).

Ward would run up in 2nd until lap 8 while Wright was up to 3rd by lap 7 and then 2nd by lap 9, but Crown had gapped everyone by this time.

At one point, Crown’s lead was up to over 13 seconds while Wright moved his way forward. Dylan was actually able to close in to within 2 seconds at the checkered flag, and had the fastest lap of the moto.

Defending champion, Maffenbeier, made things difficult on himself and had to come from outside the top 10 to claim 3rd spot at the flag ahead of Ward, Halstead, Osby, Cannella, Fortier, Tricco (who fell right in front of me), and #43 Jared Petruska, who rounded out the top 10.

450 Moto 1

When the gate dropped for the first 450 moto, it was #26 Kaven Benoit who found himself out front. Not to ruin the suspense, but Kaven would lead this one wire-to-wire while everyone else was left to sort themselves out.

#5 Tyler Medaglia was up in 2nd place early with #45 Colton Facciotti, #16 Cole Thompson, #1 Matt Goerke, #4 Jeremy Medaglia, #9 Cade Clason, #10 Keylan Meston, #7 Dillan Epstein, and #21 Ryan Lalonde in 10th.

#46 Ryan Dowd was up from New England and sat just outside the top 10 in 11th after 1 lap.

At the halfway mark, the top 5 were in a heated battle that included Benoit, T. Medaglia, Facciotti, Thompson, and Goerke.

J. Medaglia, Epstein, and Clason had some space for themselves followed by Dowd and Meston then #72 Kyle Keast and a good battle between Lalonde and #63 Graham Scott.

Thompson would mess up and lose some time on the top 4 while everyonespread out, except the battle for the lead between the remaining 4 riders.

At the flag, it was Benoit who held on for the lead, just 1.5 seconds ahead of Facciotti. 3rd would go to Goerke, who had Medaglia 5 seconds behind him in 4th.

Women’s Moto 1

When the gate dropped for their first moto, it was close between #2 Eve Brodeur, #198 Julia Krzemien, #31 Megan Brodeur, and #517 Taylor Miller.

When they completed the first lap, it was clear this would be a battle between the 2 Brodeurs (not related) and Miller for the top 3 spots.

Megan was out front and had Eve breathing down her neck from start to finish in this one. It was a great race to watch.

They managed to put some time on Miller in 3rd, who was just getting back to racing for the first time at this level in 7 year. She’ll practice jumping some more and get herself closer to the top 2 ladies as we move on, I’m sure.

After lap 1, Krzemien was 4th followed by #138 Mariah Gauthier, #10 Isabelle Thibault, #4 Liz Burke, #5 Emilie-Jade Leveille, #818 Cindy Trudel, and #728 Gemma Pope in 10th.

Thibault would have troubles that would take her out of competition on lap 3 and wouldn’t line up for the second moto.

It was a great battle at the front as the 2 went at it wheel-to-wheel as they hit lapped traffic.

At the flag, Megan held off the multi-time champion for the win (by less than a second) followed by Miller, a distant 3rd, 50 seconds behind them.

4th went to Burke followed by Krzemien.

250 Moto 2

When the gate dropped for the final 250 moto, it was Maffenbeier out front with Tanner Ward right with him. Ward would mess up on lap 1 and drop all the way to the back of the pack.

When they crossed the line to complete lap 1, Maffenbeier led, followed by Pettis, Crown, Wright, Osby, Cannella, Petruska, Gutierres, #41 Vincent Lauzon, and #51 William Crete.

Pettis would make his way to the front on lap 4 and start to pull away from the rest of the pack. Wright was up into 2nd on lap 7 and pushing hard but knew that Pettis was now 7.5 seconds ahead out front but had a DNF in the first moto and wasn’t going to factor into the overall on the day.

Crown was up in 2nd early but started to suffer in the heat and would move backwards to 4th at the flag.

At the halfway mark, the lead 10 were all spaced out and racing to the finish.

At the flag, it was Pettis then Wright, 15 seconds behind him, followed by Maffenbeier, Crown, Osby, Cannella, Halstead, #36 Taylor Arsenault ( moved his way up from outside the top 15), #196 Jyile Mitchell from Bermuda, and #278 Westen Wrozyna, who was way back after lap 1.

250 Overall

1. 12 Dylan Wright HON 2-2
2. 335 Joey Crown KTM 1-4
3. 1 Shawn Maffenbeier KAW 3-3
4. 18 Josh Osby KTM 6-5
5. 19 Hayden Halstead YAM 5-7
6. 66 Marco Cannella YAM 7-6
7. 27 Tanner Ward KTM 4-15
8. 36 Taylor Arsenault KTM 12-8
9. 196 Jyile Mitchell YAM 11-9
10. 43 Jared Petruska HON 10-11
11. 15 Jess Pettis YAM DNF-1

Women’s Moto 2

#2 Eve Brodeur took this one from start to finish. Megan Brodeur was up in 2nd with Miller in 3rd, and that’s the way they would finish.

Up in 4th early was Krzemien and then #15 Eden Netelkos, Burke, Pope, Gauthier, Leveille, and #470 Charity Bachman in 10th.

At the flag, it was Eve with the win, 10 seconds ahead of Megan, then came Miller, 12 seconds behind her.

Women’s Overall

    1. 2 Eve Brodeur KTM 2-1
    2. 31 Megan Brodeur YAM 1-2
    3.  517 Taylor Miller HON 3-3
    4. 4 Liz Burke KAW 4-5
    5. 198 Julie Krzemien KTM 5-6
    6. 15 Eden Netelkos KAW 9-4
    7. 728 Gemma Pope YAM 7-7
    8. 241 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve SUZ 6-8
    9. 138 Mariah Gauthier YAM 8-9
    10. 5 Emilie-Jade Leveille KTM 10-10

450 Moto 2

This time, it was the Medaglia Brothers who got out front off the start with Tyler leading Jeremy.

At the end of lap 1, it was Tyler, then Facciotti, Jeremy, Thompson, Goerke, Meston, Scott, Dowd, #52 Yannick Boucher, and #20 Davey Fraser in 10th.

Moto 1 winner, Kaven Benoit, was dead last off the start and would have to charge his way through the pack the entire moto.

By lap 2, the lead 5 had already separated themselves from the Meston, Dowd, Scott, Boucher, Fraser battle for 6th.

Benoit was up to 17th on lap 2.

Facciotti would grab the lead from Tyler on lap 8 as Medaglia had some issues and ran off the track, collecting some rope in his rear brake causing it to go away on him for the remaining laps.

Facciotti never looked back and took the win, 13 seconds ahead of Medaglia, who had Goerke all over his rear wheel at the flag.

Thompson seemed to settle into that 4th place spot and was 15 seconds back. Benpoit continued to close and made it up to 8th, less than a second behind Meston in 7th at the flag.

Epstein was 5th, followed by a good battle between Dowd and Clason.

Of note, Keast was a DNF-DNS and #645 Cheyenne Harmon was a DNF-DNF.

450 Overall

1. 45 Colton Facciotti HON 2-1
2. 5 Tyler Medaglia KAW 4-2
3. 1 Matt Goerke YAM 3-3
4. 26 Kaven Benoit KTM 1-8
5. 16 Cole Thompson KTM 5-4
6. 7 Dillan Epstein YAM 6-5
7. 46 Ryan Dowd KTM 9-6
8. 9 Cade Clason HON 8-7
9. 4 Jeremy Medaglia KAW 7-9
10. 10 Keylan Meston HSK 10-10