SMB Vision Series Ep. 1 – Kalle Johansson
SCOTT Snowmobile Vision Series

Follow our top SMB athletes and go behind the scenes to see their vision of life with and without SCOTT optics.

Each of us has our own way of looking at life. The way in which we approach all facets of our day is unique to the eye of the beholder. What one rider perceives as trivial, another may view as crucial. These are the perceptions that define us as individuals and competitors. SCOTT’s Snowmobile Vision Series is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse into a few of our rider’s lives and how they view it, with and without SCOTT optics. Join us as we discover these exclusive viewpoints.

What is the idea behind the Vision Series?

The major aim of the Snowmobile Vision series is to show SMB athletes in their daily life with our flagship goggle the Prospect Snowcross in the focus.

Snowmobile Vision Series Episode1

In the first episode we follow Kalle Johansson to get more insights in his life and experiences in snowmobiling. The 37-year-old rider is originally from Sweden but got internationally recognized by filming in North America with Slednecks. He was filming with them for 8 years and lived in Whistler/Canada during most of that time. Currently Kalle is back in Sweden and enjoys riding in his home territories. His vision of life is pretty simple: As long as he is surrounded by good people on his sled, he is happy.