SCOTT Vision Series 2 – Episode 2

Follow our top US athlete Andrew Short and go behind the scenes to see his vision of life with and without SCOTT optics.

Each of us has our own way of looking at life. The way in which we approach all facets of our day is unique to the eye of the beholder. What one rider perceives as trivial, another may view as crucial. SCOTT’s Vision series is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse into a few of our rider’s lives and how they view it, with and without SCOTT optics. Join us as we discover these exclusive viewpoints.
Vision Series Episode 2 with Andrew Short
Andrew Short loves racing since he was a kid and it has always been his biggest passion. He feels very blessed about his long career of 17 years, racing motocross and supercross. After his retirement, Andrew started doing offroad and trail riding which he describes as “passion without pressure”. The new hobby brought him straight to Rally which gives him a totally different feeling than racing. It only took a year until Andrew signed a contract with the factory Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rally team and that he showed up at the Dakar Rally.
Andrew Short: “I started riding when I was 5 and turned pro at the age of 17. At 18, I packed my bag and decided to race for a living. I enjoyed an amazing career. After that I fell in love with off-road racing when I came to see the Sonora Rally and I decided to follow my heart. Riding is a passion. It was a dream to be on the Dakar.”
What is the idea behind the Vision Series?
The major aim of the Vision series is to show SCOTT US athletes in their daily life with our flagship goggle the Prospect in the focus.