Some Photos from McNabb Valley MX

By Billy Rainford

As we get set to leave the Rocky Mountains in our rearview mirrors and head east, the gang at McNabb Valley MX in Minnedosa, Manitoba, has been busy preparing for their first Canadian National.

Brad McNabb is the father of potential future champion, Ryder McNabb, and sent over a few shots the other day. Josh Snider from the Redemption Racing Club MX team has made it to the track north of Brandon and sent over a few shots from Tuesday evening.

It’s always a bittersweet time of the year when we say farewell to the Rockies and head east.

I spent one last day enjoying the scenery and the mountain biking at Kananaskis in Canmore, AB Tuesday as I called the mountain town ‘DMX HQ’ for the day.

Parking will NOT be an issue this week in Manitoba. One thing they don’t lack in the prairies is s p a c e .

We’re back to a dirt starting gate this week.

The track sits in and on the edge of what they’re calling “McNabb Valley.” They’ve added a lot of sand and it looks like it should be a fun track to ride.

Josh said the track is nice and wide everywhere and should make for some great racing.

Thanks for sending these over, Josh. Everyone is anxious to get a closer look at what we’ve got for the final round of the western swing.

We’ll see everyone Friday.